Friday, 27 February 2009


Actually my week is usually thank god it's any day but Sunday when a weekly typhoon comes rampaging through the house in the name of Shou. And this Sunday hub is working ALL DAY.

Don't worry though, ...

I may well do a gaijinwife drive by of the Jumbo Taihyo (Pachinko) in Kunimi if the kids are getting cabin fever and we need to get out. I have a feeling the work alibi is legit though as he had the same thing last year and the year before and the year before that, and what with being a man and all, I don't think he has it in him to make up something that elaborate. Far too much multitasking involved.

They have two Sunday's during tax season where they stay at the office and open it for people who work during the week and can't get help with their tax returns. I have seen a few adverts on TV for e-tax, doing your taxes online. Doubt that will be hitting Kunimi for another fifty years though, due to the majority of people who need help with their taxes being at that age where 'just put in your figures and push enter' would mean actually having to find a person called enta to push first. Hub spent today at the old people's home doing their returns. He must be a lot more patient than I give him credit for!! But then he does put up with me.

Granny K has been having a bit of a rough time today - sitting on the loo most of the day. Her new meds aren't agreeing with her - according to her. I would put it down to some old scungy vegetable she scrapped off her floor and deemed still edible. She has stoped her meds anyway so you never know, I may not need to find the perfect frying pan to whack her over the head with, she might shit herself to the next life...

She cornered hub just before and 'told' him he had to go to the next town over tomorrow to some shoyu (soya sauce) place to pick something up for her. Hub tried to say no but she bullied him into it - she must feel she needs to stand her ground with someone and seeing as she doesn't get anywhere with me she has to pick on hub. Honestly the way she spoke to him.

GK: .... ittekure yo (go to the ... (no please or thankyous))
Hub: basho wa? (where is it)
GK: shiran yo. shirabechottekure yo (dunno, look it up for me)
Hub: ashita jyanakute ii ya (Can it not be tomorrow?)
GK : mooooo (like a two year old (not a cow - although that could be debatable))

She isn't even going herself - just sending him on a mission for her. To some mystery soya sauce location. I offered to go on monday for her - but apparantly IT HAS to be tomorrow. I get stupidly protective of our days off - and is even sillier tomorrow as Marina and I won't even be here so hub has the whole day to bow down to Granny K's every whim.

Solar panel man's wife came over this arvo. She is having issues with her mother in law, who tends to take control and plan their life for them - even though they don't even live together. She stayed for three hours during which time we agreed on having a baking session next Friday. She wants me to teach her how to make some stuff. No doubt one of our collective kids will get sick on thursday night and we will have to postpone. It is Granny K's birthday on the Saturday so I thought I would save, if the bunster allows, some of the goodies to give to her. Although I did offer her some of our dinner tonight and she flat out said 'iran - geri dakara' (don't want it - got the shits). Rightio then, last offer of tastey Grandmas chicken stew for you you ungrateful bitch.






sassymoo said...

Tut tut Granny K. Where are your manners? Perhaps flushed down the toilet with the rest of your shit?

thefukases said...

I thought my MIL was the only one who spoke to her children like that.

And you could always send the kids and their bank accounts along to the tax office on Sunday? ;P

Girl Japan said...

Where is my MIL?

Sara said...


Sorry to hear about the "shitty" (hahahah) time with Granny K. Poor hubs as well.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday though!!

Lulu said...

OMG Sassymoo cracked me up!

Shun`s mum speaks to him and the boys okay in fact I think Shun is rude to her. If I spoke to my mother the way he speaks to his she would of slapped me by now.

Funny though because he is so polite to everyone else.

Hope hub find the mysterious soy sauce place that nobody knows where it is.