Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Okonomiyaki

Hub got back on Friday night just before midnight. Needless to say the shochu brewery that walked in the door with him meant he got the futon down stairs treatment! He moved the futon into the lounge so he could sleep in front of the fire - which meant he got Shou jumping on him at half six yesterday morning :) No sympythy.

He had work ALL DAY yesterday - a last minute thing which I hate to admit I checked by doing a drive-by of the town office. Actually I had to drop him off in the morning because he had left his car there the night before - and everyone else from his office was already there and the lights were on and work was in full swing. A bit too elaborate of a fool-the-wife extravaganza if it really was all for the sake of a day at pachinko! His day of wood chopping and collecting will have to wait until next weekend I guess.

Our dinner at solar panel man's house got cancelled because their son Tyson got a temperature and they thought it was the flu, and therefore better we postpone dinner for a couple of weeks. We had had 'nabe' on the brain for a few days though so when I went out with Marina I got all the ingredients for 'kimuchi' nabe.

I took Marina to the clinic with me - for the bunster's check-up and to see my friend and her new baby. I was expecting a normal simple check-up but got told I should do my bloods (the tests I thought it would be too late to have) and the cancer check they do here - that is like having a smear test. I wasn't too happy about it all as I did have Marina with me and there weren't an abundance of nurses on hand to give her to. She came into the toilet with me, sat on my lap while I had my blood taken, played with the cords of the ultrasound machine while I was having that done, and sat on my boobs and face while I was in 'the chair' having the smear type swab taken - albeit behind the curtain with the nurse on the other side making baby noises. What a huuha but all in all it went better than was expecting.

After the check-up we went up stairs to the baby ward. The nurses there remembered Marina and just laughed when I said I would be back in four months. Haha - what a laugh, pushing out a 2000g head and 1000g body.

My friend was in good form and her baby was just lovely. 3600 grams ( 600 grams hair)
Her birthing story was a relief - bubs was out in just two hours. And I mean two hours of start of pain to end of pain. None of this fluffing round for twelve hours you do with child number one. Gives me hope for my slide right out dream birth.

Should probably mention that the bunster is all good - I didn't even get told off for expanding waistline but then I did have the nicer woman doctor and not the gum chewing straight talking man I usually have. Blood pressure OK, no protein in pee rah rah.

After the clinic Marina and I met up with Australian friend for lunch. Hadn't seen her since we got back so was good to catch up in person again. Marina didn't trash the restaurant too much despite being absolutely knackered. She was zonked out in her car seat within about thirty seconds of starting the drive home! AND, slept for a further hour at home in her bed.

Hub played with Shou all day today - well all morning anyway. We had visitors in the afternoon. The man who made all the doors in our house (hereinafter doorman) and his wife, seventeen years his junior (my age), and their one year old son. I used to teach the doorman English many many moons ago. Just for human interest sake I will tell you (and may have said before) that he has two sons from his first marriage, both of whom now have their own children who are all older than his son from his second marriage. Both Shou and Marina went straight for him for a cuddle so he must give off some kind of I love kids aura! Think I know who to try for babysitting now. He said the door industry wasn't too lucrative at the moment so maybe he will welcome a few bob babysitting!!

Oooh, I was naughty today (but in no fun fun sense of the word) and ordered a four draw tidy all toys in sight away stand, and a new rug for the lounge because the beige one we have is absolutely manky and I don't think another dry clean will cut the mustard this time.


PS - almost forgot about the title. Took Shou for Okonomiyaki tonight and he got a handful of goodies at the end because he kept calling the owner lady 'neechan' - a word you use for girls and young women not sixty year olds.


Gina said...

Ha ha ha, Shou sounds like quite the little charmer, that lady at the okonomiyaki place must have loved him for saying that! : )

Lulu said...

I am sure that lady loved Shou!! He better call me neechan if I ever meet him....would be terrible to be baasan!

Glad to hear the little bunster is doing okay in there- time is flying by and you will have another bub before you know it! Then you really might need doorman to come over and give you some babysitting!

What is the standard babysitting rate in Japan I wonder?

Nay said...

I'm glad to hear that your lastest appointment showed a healthy little bub!! Having to take Marina to the appointment with you sounds like a little bit of a handful. Well done to you for being able to manage her while having the pap smear like thing done!!

I think your going to have to watch out for Shou when he gets a little older... it sounds like the beginnings of a ladies man is being made, ROFL!!!

Sara said...

Hahahahaha... oh Shou, he sounds like he's already got quite the routine down.

Sounds like your appointment went well!! Yay bunster and yay no waistline expansion disapproval!

Sorry your dinner get cancelled... seems like so many people have the flu this time of year!

Wait.. whats this 12 hour labor thing you were talking about for first babies... I can't hearrrrr you!!

Bee said...

Glad you got home safe. I still think you should have bleached Marina's hair to really give Granny K something to complain about. Has she seen the Granny K rocks T shirt???

anchan said...

Okonomiyaki is my fav J-food, I had dreams of opening a shop in London when I left Japan the first time! You're sounding in good spirits today - can't believe you are 6 months gone already...