Monday, 16 February 2009

Shaguddling Up

We shaguddled up last night - and it is amazing that men really can change so much by something so primitive. Hub was a new man today. He e-mailed after lunch to say thankyou for his lunch and to say how nice it was. He commented on dinner - and how I had gotten it just right. I refrained from telling him that the 'oyakodon' used a packet that you just add water, onions and chicken and egg too and that the packet was three months past it's use by date. We are pulling purse strings and I am trying to go through all the stuff in the pantry before stocking up again. What he doesn't know... I guess I'll have to admit it if we all get the shits in the middle of the night.

When I came down from putting Shou to sleep he gave me a cuddle and said 'thank you' for all the hard work I put in with the raising the kids thing. This is a very rare comment - probably about as rare as me saying thank you to him for going out every day and working for money for the family.

It is funny how such very simple things can make you feel so good. I had to write it down to remind myself. I think I need to slip thankyou into more of my conversations with hub. I won't go so far as to slip it in with Granny K - not yet. I think I might need a few more years of blog therapy before I can manage that. And hopefully by then she will be that one step closer to having a place in a home.

Speaking of GK - and really just because I can't have a completely positive blog, she gets on my wick with the way she 'leaves the room'. How completely petty I know but sometimes I just can't help thinking what a silly little old woman she is. We were in here this afternoon - Granny K, Marina and I - playing happy child, mummy and mother in laws. Granny K got up to leave and Marina started to get a bit clingy. Granny K puts her on the mat and then leaves and closes the door. So far so good. Then she spends about five minutes playing peek a boo through the stein glass on the door - which really doesn't help in calming Marina down. Come on woman - just make a clean break. Close the door and walk away. WALK AWAY FROM THE DOOR. Ah well, I won Marina back by making silly farting noises with the stuffed caterpillar.

Well, early nights tonight I think. Shou left us in peaceful slumber until three am last night. I almost felt refreshed enough to get up and start the day when he woke up - making random statements about 'oni' and 'concrete mixers'.



sassymoo said...

I totally agree with you on the leaving thing! I just had the same thing happen with my MIL yesterday, just with me leaving. Poppy was in her highchair having breakfast when I had to leave for work. I told her that mummy had to go to work, have a fun day with daddy, love you, and headed out the door. Of course she started crying, but I knew she`d be over it in a minute. But MIL gets Poppy out of the chair, follows me out to the genkan, then out to the gate, and even down the driveway,Poppy crying the whole way! Freaking hell woman, don`t torture the poor kid. Goodbyes should be mater-of-fact and short. Why don`t MIL`s get that? But Granny K sounds much more difficult than mine. You`re a patient woman. Snaps for you!

Gina said...

That is so sweet of your hubby to say that. It does feel good to just be acknowledged sometimes by our DH's, I "get that", totally.

And my MIL does the same stuff too. The long drawn out torturous good byes. Everytime she leaves, she says it like 100 times. When they were younger they would be all crying, it was all very dramatic. *rolls eyes* :D Then she'd show her face again and it would start all over again from square one. LOL! I'd be thinking.... Okay..good bye already! ha ha ha. But not her, slow as possible, producing vast amounts of tears. Ahhh. And my hubby wants to go to Osaka within the next few month's, which I understand. But, I can just imagine our long long and painful good bye already and we've not even gotten there yet. LOL! You get nothing but tons of respect from me for living with your MIL. I don't think I could handle living with mine.: )

Gina said...

PS, better add, now my kids are older, they don't cry during her dramatic good bye stuff anymore, that stopped when they were little ones. Now though, they are respectful but after about 3 goodbyes each, they are sorta "over it" with all the goodbyes too. : ) Hang in there, I know how you feel though. : )

Slime said...

I've forever been in awe of the magic powers of even just a quick shag. And I've long since given up trying to figure it out, it makes absolutely no sense! Nothing in the world can completely change my husband's entire personality like a good romp!!!! He actually starts getting grumpy and snippy if it's been too long between "meetings"! But afterwards, I'm the queen of the universe!

Sara said...

Oddly enough the one whoses in a better mood after a shag is usually me... hmmm... nice that your hubby remember to say thank you! I try to do that a lot. Just now R did dishes and I remembered to say thanks!

WTF is up with MIL? Is R's going to transform into a scary demon lady over night?! Uggggg...