Monday, 2 February 2009

Settling Back In

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that two months away from your live-in mother-in-law is well.... just not long enough. I had naively thought that two months away would make me appreciate her in ways I had never imagined. To an extent I can admit that I do enjoy watching her with the kids for the most part. They just love her and she is almost as silly as they are so they have a great time laughing and making stupid sounds. But, not even 24 hours back and I had told her to 'detekudsai' (get out (please)) from our lounge.

I don't think I have actually said that to her before but she was seriously doing my head in - harping on to hub after I had left the room about how inadequately I had dressed Marina - the singlet, t-shirt and jumper didn't cut the mustard because the top of her nappy and lower back was still revealed when ever she did her infamous standing up pike position. Just for the record, we were in the tv room with the fire on and it wasn't like I was sending my princess dressed like that on a 10km hike to school through the blizzardy snow with only cow patties to warm her frozen feet.

Much to my relief this comment to Granny K meant I had a completely Granny K free rest of the day. This comment did however spark up a 'discussion' about me doubting that I could last the distance under the same roof as the woman until she turns senile. Hub pulled out the 'but you knew she would be living with us before we got married' line. Arrggghhhh. Our nice family trip to the revolving sushi place turned into a quick trip to the home centre store in the next town over so hub could buy sticky ferrit and rat trap stuff - because mummy was in meltdown and the kids picked up on it and it was all just getting a bit ridiculous.

Trap stuff is like big pot of glue that you smear over piece of wood or cardboard and leave to work it's magic. Hub wanted to leave a bit of meat on it as bait. I draw the line at leaving bits of meat in the ceiling though and convinced him that apple with cinamin (what my dad used to use to trap the possums in our roof) would be OK. Watch this space.

This glue shite was extremely super duper strong - so strong I had visions of putting the left overs on the bottoms of Granny K's slippers just for something fun to do. Hub decided to prepare his ferrit bait trap extravaganza on my bench. We all know the way I feel about my bench so you can imagine how happy I was when hub got some not just on my bench but on my floor as well. Couldn't really yell at him though as was doing best not to laugh at him trying to unstick his fingers together.

Altogether yesterday was pretty tiring and by bed time at nine o'clock I was almost asleep before my head hit the pillow. Hub suggested an 'international relations' meeting to which I replied 'how can you have the energy?', to which he replied that he was also tired but that international relations was sourced by a 'betsu-chikara' or different power source. Made me laugh so much I almost relented but stuck my ground and true to form was asleep about fifteen seconds later.

Today was a beautiful day. In terms of both the weather and the fact that Shou went back to kindy. Wahooo. He cried when I took him and wanted to come back home with me, but apparently it only took a box of old scummy plastic blocks to bring him back to form where he stayed for the rest of the day until I picked him up at five. Marina had a great morning nap during which I spent two hours sorting out about 50kgs of luggage in front of the sex and the city movie - which I had amazoned to myself for Christmas and which was waiting here when we got back.

We went on a wee excursion to the supermarket to stock up on supplies and then this afternoon Marina had another nap while I cleaned. Haven't cleaned so much in one go in two months. Was an almost religious out of body experience that left me on high. The bunster got a good workout, as did all surrounding bumps and wobbles.

Well, I think I hear my nice newly made up bed in my nice newly cleaned room in my nice newly cleaned house calling me.



anchan said...

heeheehee! Go on, I dare you to glue Granny K to the spot!! Perhaps you could glue her door closed... There is NO WAY that I could live under the same roof as my MIL, you really do have my sympathy.

Ruth said...

I love that betsu-chikara (like bestu-bara?)comment, 10 out of 10 for effort there. How did you like the SATC movie. I've only seen it once, but loved it. Glad you guys got back safe and sound!

Jo Tomooka said...

Great that you are back - looking forward to seeing you soon.
Masaki managed to stand on one of those mice sticky pad things once - fortunately in his socks. Needless to say the socks were thrown out along with the mouse pad!
Good luck with removing all the pests from your house!