Sunday, 22 February 2009


Sorry for the weeks hiatus. Nothing major to report really, just a continuation of days where time for sitting down at the computer didn't happen. There were a couple of nights I guess but getting an ankle rub seemed more important :p

Yesterday when I was thinking I would get the chance to blog I was contemplating a 'Bless Granny K' title. Not in the religious sense, as am not religious and don't really even know what is involved in an actually blessing - does it involve a lot of water like a baptism? or a sword to the shoulder like a knighthood? Today however, the only chance of giving Granny K the honor of such a blog title would be if blessing did in fact involve a lot of water that just happened to be in a bucket into which I could stick her in upside down.

Over the last few days (not counting today) she has been very good. Shou has been home from kindy a few days. Not with anything serious of course - just the standard kindy teachers lark of ringing parents up as soon as their child has a temperature of about 37.8 or more. I got a call on Tuesday morning so went to pick Shou up. Fair play though he was quite hot and that night was a bit of a nightmare and I think the bunster and I got about twenty minutes sleep all up - the bunster got all twisted in sympathy for his brother and I had a very sore tummy and a bashing bunster for a good couple of hours. If it had been my first pregnancy I probably would have scared myself into thinking the bunster had wrapped the cord round his neck and was fighting for a breath.

On Wednesday the kindy was having their annual photo shoot so I took Shou along just for that where he was extremely good and waited patiently for the entire ten minutes it took for the cameraman to set up (after all the kids were seated on their knees in tidy little rows on cushions on the floor) and a further ten minutes where they were told to look good but not smile too much as too many happy smiley faces would ruin the photo. Cue, gaijin mum to bash camera man on head.

After the pics I took him to the doctors. His temperature had gone down but he has been a very snotty nosed boy for the last week and his cough was getting worse - almost a pack a day smokers cough. Doctor gave him some meddy and declared him an otherwise fit and healthy spawn of the devil child.

I had to cancel my afternoon Wednesday classes - and again on Thursday as the kids were both at home again and Granny K doesn't do the looking after Shou and Marina thing. I did my Wednesday and Thursday night classes though.

I was never against co-sleeping (just to completely divert from things for a second) but have always been a firm believer that it is better for kids to have their own room and their own bed. That said though I do spend about twenty or thirty minutes every night in bed with Shou settling him down to sleep. And, for the most part (on nights when I don't have time restraints - like English teaching nights) I LOVE this time. That time before slumber when Shou is all cuddly and saying nice things. I get proper mummy cuddles and it gives me the chance to forget how spawn of the devil childish he has been during the day. I know it is the terrible twos but sometimes it is hard to be rational when he acts so ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH, like he is trying to annoy me on purpose. Must be frustrating for him too. He has so much energy to get out and after more days at home than at kindy he feels the strain too.

So anyway, Granny K did quite a bit of little bits of looking after Marina during the week - and usually at the drop of the hat. The biggy was on Saturday when again the kindy teacher rang up because Shou had a temperature. What did I want to do? Come and pick him up? He was otherwise fine!! Oooohhhh, I just don't understand. In New Zealand I think the routine is to ring the parent (take the temperature) after a child starts to look a bit under the weather. Here they take the temperatures after morning tea EVERY DAY - and keep a journal. Anything upwards of 38 and they get on the blower. So, hub went to pick him up at half nine. I took his temperature as soon as he got home - 36.9. And, yes our thermometer is the same one they use at the hopsitals - one of those damn things that take about two minutes to beep. I was very close to packing him back in the car and taking him back to kindy - in my pjs and not wearing a bra.

Instead we opted to get Granny K to look after Marina and we took Shou out with us. We were going to go out for lunch with Marina and go to the home centre. We switched kids and kept to the plan. Shou was for the most part very well behaved apart from when he kept yelling out 'urusai' (noisy) every time someone pushed the buzzer at the resteraunt.

What has pissed me off today about GK was something that annoys me to no end - giving Shou food in her room. He asked me for some barf natto beans at about half five this evening. I said no. Natto was on our breakfast menu and besides it was nearly dinner time, and as my mother always said, hungry is a great way to be at dinner time. He immediately took off to Granny K's room where I heard him ask for natto. I said in very loud voice into her room that Shou wasn't allowed any food right before dinner. Twenty mintues later and dinner is on the table. I go in to get Shou and find him with a nearly finished bowl of rice and natto. I told him to go into the lounge for dinner at which point Granny K tried to take the bowl off him. I put the devil gaijin wife voice on and said if you are going to be as stupid as to go against what I asked of you and give him food then the least you can do is let him take it and finish it. She tried to manhandle the bowl off him at which stage I manhandled Shou off her and took him out, muttering under my breath that I thought it was time we put another lock on her door. Don't be shocked. I am hormonal. I have a valid excuse for such petty stupidness and bitchiness for the next four months.

I told hub. I emphasised that this kind of behaviour is the underlying factor in the 'bakuhatsu' (exploding) gaijin wife. He went in and said something to her. I was too over it and too knackered to do the usual stand in the hall and listen trick.

Unfortunately because I am officially angry at the stupid woman I am unable to bring myself to go into her room to see if she will look after Marina while I drive to the immigration office tomorrow to collect my visa. I am contemplating taking Marina with me, and if it isn't raining and I get a semi-decent (anything over four hours) amount of sleep tonight then I will. Otherwise I think I will wait till after the cooling off period and book Granny K for Friday instead - by which time the kindy would have decided Shou has a rampant fever and can I please keep him home for at least a week.

Well, it is ankle rub time. Hub and I have had some squiffles this week and no doubt had I been blogging everyday I would have thought they were a lot more major than they were. As it turns out I can't think of one right off the top of my head.... which just goes to show I really do make mountains out of mole hills sometimes :)



illahee said...

oh, i remember those days. at least i didn't have my MIL under my roof!

Sara said...

AARRRGGGG - must be how you are feeling right now. I honestly can not believe how crazy that lady living under your roof is...

On the other hand - hope that Shou's temp is down enough that he can go back to kindy. I really find it interesting how paranoid they are about temps and spreading germs there when your average oyaji on the train doesn't bother to cover his mouth when he's sneezing or coughing up nasty oyaji germs all over the place. (food for thought?)

PS - glad you got the book! The delivery was surprisingly quick! Hope you enjoy it when you get some quite time.

anchan said...

My, my, my, you have amazing self control - I'm afraid I would have completely lost it! How about suggesting a 'family meeting' with hubby and Granny K and drawing up a list of rules which MUST be followed? I am soooo glad I do not have to live with my MIL...