Saturday, 28 February 2009

GK needs a suitcase!

The day started out as any other although with Shou not waking up during the night until 4am I got what I think was five hours of solid sleep in a row. Body still trying to figure out what went on. We had an early-ish night last night, finishing with a short but worthwhile international relations meeting - after which hub was trying to calculate about how many more meetings we need in order to make up for the few lost months post pushing the head and limbs out. Of course his mind is also going into overdrive as to what 'natsukashi' positions we will need to get in to as the bump just gets bigger. Must be fun being a man sometimes - being able to spend hours just thinking about sex and positions without distractions like did I put that last load of washing on, was that Marina coughing herself sick again, how big would that frypan have to be to really hit the spot... rah rah.

Speaking of frypans... may not need one if Granny K is true to her word. We had a falling out / argument / run in / bitch fight / whatever this morning. I got a bit 'what the fuck Granny K' pissed off when, after spilling a bit of kerosean she had gotten to refil her kerosene heater in her room and after Shou making a comment along the lines of how it stunk, she shoved her kerosene soaked hand in his face and said 'yes, isn't this stuff smelly'. ??? No aversion to her sitting in her room losing brain cells sniffing kerosene but not my two year old thanks. Stupid woman. She's obviously spilt a bit more kerosene in her seventy years to be behaving like that. Now, if only her room wasn't attached to the rest of the house and if only I could find a lighter with a nice juicy flame.

So anyway, I was in a Granny K induced baddish mood anyway. I went upstairs to get Marina up from her nap. At the same time as I picked her up and held her round her tummy she had a coughing fit. End result - chuck-up all down self and mummy. I stripped her outer layer off and brought her down stairs to where the fire was on and it was cosy and warm. Any person with a working nose could tell she also had a nappy that needed changing so I went off in pursuit of a new nappy and a change of clothes. In that thirty five and a half seconds Granny K came in to the lounge and first comments on how cold Marina was in her underwear and shouldn't I put some more clothes on her and then made approximately five consecutive comments about a smelly nappy and how kawaiso (poor her) it was that it hadn't been changed yet.

I know I know, I should just let these moments slide right on by but... I'm foreign... I'm pregnant... and I don't particularly favor the silly woman, so I couldn't let the moment go. Resulting conversation...

Gijinwife: I only need to hear it once.
Granny K: but poor Marina with her smelly nappy and oooh how cold she looks.
Gaijinwife: she just vommited all over her PJs and I am in the process of changing them. (said from hall where I was in transit collecting things)
Granny K: poor Marina
Gaijinwife: Christ, can you not just leave it alone. I'm sick of listening to you.
Granny K: Why do you go off the handle at the drop of a hat (said confrontational-like, which is quite unlike her)
Gaijinwife: (in shock) because you annoy the shit out of me with your endless carrying on.
Granny K: You shouldn't take it to heart
Gaijinwife: how can I not, you harp on at me everyday about trivial shite and it just gets to me. Once is enough.
Granny K: Your baby isn't going to be very cute/genki if you're always that angry and stressed.
Gaijinwife: YOU are the cause of most of my stress.
Granny K: Really? Then I'll leave.
Gaijinwife: yoroshiku onegiashimasu (go ahead please)

Actually, I didn't say the last line cause GK bolted out of the room before I could. As soon as she had gone I felt this weight had lifted. She wont move out but she finally knows that I really dislike having to live with her. My God what a nice way of putting it.

Marina was changed, dressed and we were out the door in about ten minutes - off for a playdate to meet up with 'Illahee' and her three beautiful kids, 'Kuri and Ping' and the infamous pinglet, and Rachel from 'Yokomatsu family blog'

I needed the hours drive to do some thinking and serious singing. We had a great afternoon. True to her word Rachel had custard, jelly and colored cream for the kids to eat (read as play with, spread in their hair and fling round the room). Actually it was very tame and I think I was the only one that ended up with any in their hair!

It was great to meet Illahee and see Kuri and the pinglet again. I was thinking it would be a bit strange as I tell so much of my life on here - and have never met someone before who knew so much about me before meeting me. It was exactly the afternoon I needed. Had I stayed at home I may well have thrown a suitcase in Granny K's room and started packing for her.

We picked up some things for yakiniku (BBQ) on the way home and arrived just as hub was pulling into the drive with Shou. There was a bit of a frenzy to get the dinner and bath thing over with so that we could go out and see all the fire engines - that were having some kind of patrol round the town. We got to the town office just as the head honcho was telling all the firemen (in their uniforms) whatever it was he was telling them. Then they all stood to attention and signed off, got in their noddy town fire engines, made sure the lights and sirens all worked and went off in procession down the road. Shou was in fire engine heaven. There was even an ambulance!! I was surprised we were the only family turning the event into a family outing. Hopefully it catches on and next year there will be twenty families with their two year olds boys and perhaps a takoyaki stand.

Marina and Shou in bed and hub and I had our dins. He is now watching CSI in Japanese - I forgive this only because I have seen this episode twice! I would love to stay up for Grays Anatomy and Project Runway but hub is working all day tomorrow and I don't think getting to bed at 2am is the best way to start a day of full on Shou and Marina.

Sorry for the rant.


PS - Hub found the shoyu place OK - completely not where Granny K had said it was but he found it none the less.


kuri & ping said...

It was great seeing you again today too! We ended up leaving about 6PM. Hopefully next time we can chat longer! Glad to hear that the rest of the day/night was good and somewhat GK free. :)

illahee said...

we had so much fun, too!

...and your husband is amazing, finding that shoyu place. wow! :D

Slime said...

Awwww, I want a bloggy friends meet-up :( How nice that you all live close enough to visit now and again!

Did you tell the hub about the GK blow-up? I think it was long overdue!

Did you taste the shoyu? Was it yummy enough for the special trip to find it?

Lulu said...

Good thing hub is a bit psychic when it comes to finding mysterious shoyu places...

I think now that you got to vent at granny K (a much overdue vent at that) that things may calm down a little. Hope so anyway. Otherwise I will send you a spare suitcase if you wish....for Granny K.

How luck you could meet up with Ilahee, Kuri, Rachel and assorted children- that must have been great. Jealous!

anchan said...


I just don't know how you can put up with her, I'm afraid I would have gone and rented an apartment somewhere else by now! Maybe this blow up was just what was needed...

Kelly said...

Having a MIL like that would do my head in! I don't know how you stay sane...