Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Early Birthday

Am trying to think what I have done this week... struggling... which goes to show how exciting it has been!

I think on Monday I went to the ladies clinic again - to see another friend who had her baby on Saturday afternoon. Shou's fav teacher from kindy had her baby the same day and so I popped in and saw her too. A baby boom at the moment :)

Yesterday Marina and I pottered around. I tried to give her room a bit of a doing over and while it did admittedly end up tidier than when I started I am not entirely sure how. In the process I remembered where I had put the 'hina dolls' and so they got taken out and put on display.

Today was 'health day' or whatever it is called in English. A public holiday so no work for hub and no kindy. It was like a Sunday with running rampage. Shite, can't believe I almost forgot. We caught a ferret in the trap last night - that we had borrowed from a neighbour. It was a big bugger and obviously the culprit behind the pile of disgusting smelling ferret poo that stunk the house out the week we got home. We had tempura as bait - just in case anyone else is wondering how to trap a ferret. We realised yesterday evening that we had something in the trap but hub decided not to venture into the roof until the daylight this morning. It was quite a production, but quite a fun one at that. Shou was highly entertained, especially as we went on a ferret mission to the mountains to let it go.

I took a photo of it and have just tried to find the cord to attach to the computer and think may have left it attached to Granny A's computer in New Zealand. SIGH. Speaking of things I haven't got... I have misplaced my drivers license. OK, lost. I thought I had put it in a safe place but it wasn't in any of the usual safe places so off I am going this Friday to the drivers license place two hours away to get a new one. I have to go and renew my Spouse visa anyway which is over that way-ish. Granny K has agreed to look after Marina, so if I can get everything over by lunch time (bloody miracle race through Japanese red tape) then I may even get time for a coffee ON MY OWN. Oh my god. I don't even know what that means any more.

Hub had a go at me for losing it and I had to remind him that I was pregnant - but then I am pretty forgetful anyway. An hour later and it was me having a go at him...

I had Shou's bob the builder's plastic pretend builder's set stashed away on top of the wardrobe in our room awaiting his birthday in June. It wasn't wrapped in anything but it wasn't totally obvious. Anyway, during the ten minutes I was at the supermarket this afternoon all three of the kids (Shou, Marina and hub) woke up from their afternoon naps. Shou somehow spotted the builders set (was sleeping in our room with hub) and hub relented and got it down for him. I had showed him the prezzie in New Zealand before I sent it back and again when it arrived and I put it away for Shou's birthday.... Oooh, I was a bit livid but we got over it by singing Shou happy birthday a few months early!! Now all he is getting is a card and cake - lucky he will only be three and he wont be traumatised for life by the birthday where he didn't get anything because dad was useless.

I had two English classes today - the usual two. We made valentine's day cards in the kids one and did real study for the junior high kids. A couple even brought class fees from last November which was a bonus as I had forgotten completely about them.

Well, nothing exciting to report on the Granny K or bunster front. She still exists and the bunster continues to grow and devour bread and cheese.



thefukases said...

I hear you on the Bday presents thing- MIL gives the girls their birthday presents whenever she finds something she likes- regardless of what month it is. Bizarre!

I had no idea there were wild ferrets in Japan. Something new to add to my fear list...

And I thought today was constitution day or is this another one that's changed names like Hirohito's B'day becoming Green Day? I can't keep up!

Gina said...

Am glad you caught the ferret! We have had a mole in our backyard for a few month's now. He leaves tiny little mole hills in our backyard and it's making my hubby quite upset. We've been researching online how to catch him. So far nothing. He's a crafty one, this mole! Ha ha ha. : )

Lulu said...

Wow I had no idea there were ferrets or moles in Japan?!? Crazy.

I thought it was foundation day yesterday? Kind of like Australia Day but for Japan? Who knows there seems to be a lot of crazy holidays but I don`t want to complain....

hehe- that is funny about Shou`s Birthday gift- silly hub! At least, like you say he will only be 3, and it doesn`t matter if he celebrates a little early. Plus June is going to be a busy month for you so I am sure having the birthday a bit early suits you!

gaijin wife said...

Gina - we used to have a resident mole digging holes in our new lawn. Was quite cute and a bit of a novelty until it started ruining our grass!! We tried EVERYTHING. I am not sure if it was the cold weather, the ground hardening up or the silly pet bottle windmill things that hub made that worked but we are no longer mole motel.

The inaka baachans swear by the pet bottle windmill things and so will I until we get the mole back and find out it was all an inaka baachan myth. Want a photo and instructions?

Sara said...

Happy Early Birthday Shou!
Actually like Lulu said.. maybe that works out well since you will have a mummy birthday and a bunster birthday all around the same time this coming June. How much fun is that going to be in another 2-3 years for all of you. :P

Hopefully no more ferret poop for you to deal with!!

Gina said...

Yes please. I'd love a photo with instructions. He (the mole) is starting to tear our grass we did by hand ourselves.: ( It's a bummer. Is your email on your blog? Let me go check. If it's not, you can go to my blog and I have...that comment moderation thing. If you leave a comment with your email. I won't publish it. I'll just keep it private. But it will get to me. : )

Nay said...

I can't believe you had a ferret in your house... I didn't even know that you could get those type of things here!!

I don't think Shou will even notice when he doesn't actually get a birthday present on his birthday. I mean as you said, he is only 3!! If he was a little older than you might have had a problem on your hands!