Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Daily UV Protection

The only thing in the cupboard that could replace the holiday sun moisturiser was the Johnson's baby lotion, daily UV protection. 180 degree change that hub hopes will make his hands look less sick very fast. I'm still enjoying my nice tanned feet.

We (predominantly 'I') have been having some rough nights lately. Marina still has a bit of a smokers cough but she isn't usually the problem. It is Shou and his night terrors and the 'papa to neran, mama ga ii' (I don't wanna sleep with daddy, I want mummy) thing. ARRGGHHH. I don't mind snuggling in in his bed for some of the night but he unfortunately doesn't sleep vertically up and down with his head on the pillow. He is all over the place, with his feet finding most of their warmth in the folds of my pregnant belly. His in-utero little brother is starting to protest, as is his mother who finds herself needing to whiz every time Shou changes positions!!

Fortunately hub is finding a bit of a routine in the mornings that starts with getting up with Shou at about six and going downstairs and having breakfast. This morning he came back upstairs and got Marina when she started making herself heard at half six and I got to sleep in until a glorious seven oh nine. I came downstairs, fed Marina, dressed Shou and cleaned his teeth and got his kindy bag ready. Hub took him out the door for kindy at ten to eight and Marina and I were left to dance to 'inainai ba' (peekaboo) in our jammies.

She is now having a nap and I am half way through the house stuff. When she wakes up we are off to the town office because they have to know about my new spouse visa and write something on my foreigners card, probably to effect of 'another foreigner we can't seem to get rid of in a hurry'.

Then we are off for a play date over the hills and then it's a spot of shopping - hub's hair shite (honestly, he spends more time than a girl getting ready in the mornings), his deodorant, and a kiddies umbrella for Shou - and probably something sweet for English class tonight. To of my junior high girls are stopping. I have been teaching them for three years so it's a bit sad. That said though, they are only first year junior high and the other three students are second year. It will be good to have all the same level again. When they were still in primary school it didn't make much difference but now that they are studying English at school every day and at different levels it is starting to show.

Really, I am just looking for an excuse to buy something sweet!



illahee said...

oh man, we are having sleeping issues, too. mainly, everyone wants to sleep with MOMMY! DON'T LIKE DADDY! (poor daddy...or is he??? *sigh*) and even tommy wants to co-sleep these days. MY BED ISN'T BIG ENOUGH!! wahhhh!

ok, ok, i'll stop whining when this is your blog. i hope shou gets over his 'only mommy' sleeping phase soon. :D hang in there!

Gina said...

Have fun at the play date today! And sorry about the rough night part. Hope it passes for you soon, hang in there. : ) And enjoy the sweet shopping and eating tonight with your students. Always a good time for some sweets, I think, ha ha ha. : )

Nay said...

Sweets... you don't need an excuse to buy sweets, never! Go and buy them girl! If you start to feel slightly guilty about buying them, then you could always send them my way, jk!!! LOL

I hope that Shou starts liking to sleep with his daddy soon so that it takes a little bit of pressure off you!

I hope you had a fun day at your play date!

Lulu said...

Shun spends more time on his hair than me as well!!

Buy Shou one of those big cuddle pillows and sleep on the other side of it...will give him something to cuddle and you wont need to wet the bed. haha

Hope it sorts it self out soon.

Tammy said...

We've never met, but I'm a faithful reader... and am curious as to what "SDGH&QL" means? Will you explain? Curious minds want to know... :)

gaijin wife said...

Tammy - SDGH&QL stands for Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living. My mum has been saying it to us for ever!