Friday, 6 February 2009

Bloody False Nails

I got some in NZ because I thought the least I could do for my newly acquired bling was to give it a nice finger to go on. I got the most 'active' ones I could get and the first time round it took a couple of days to get back into being able to change a nappy with one arm tied behind my back. I don't know how people who do it all the time cope...

I have on my second set (they are cheapy ones that you are only meant to wear for two weeks max anyway) and at the moment I am missing a nail off each hand. You get a few spares for the common sizes so one hand I will be able to fix but the thumb on my right hand... the only ones left are huge nails made for transvestites. Apologies to any women who actually have naturally huge thumb nails and wear the biggest size ;)

We took Marina for her post-operation three month check-up today. Three hours each way for a fifteen minute 'ECHO' (ultrasound) thing and wee check. She got the all clear anyway and the internal swelling from where they operated is going down at expected rate and her pee is as clear as a ... whatever I could compare beautiful clear wee to. A mountain stream??? A small pond in a glade found in a fairy tale book???

We got home in time to pick the son up from kindy. He was quite excited to have the whole family there to greet him. One of the older women (three and a half) had scratched him down the cheek, but after what I hear was a bit of a lover's spat where he got his own in and scratched her too. All's fair in love and war.

Hub had a union meeting (read as 'on the lash') that he had to be at by six so he was straight out the door again with instructions that I would do the good wifey thing and go and pick him up if I got the call before ten. He has twenty minutes. Was actually good him going out as I got some purely 'me' time - something I got a lot more of during trip to NZ. Shou, Marina and I all had a bath together which was fine now that I have decided Granny K doesn't need to be on call to get Marina out while I finish with Shou. Why ask her when however she does it will grate me and whatever I do will annoy her. Marina is pretty sturdy on her feet now though so I can leave her standing in the bath while dry self in doorway.

I am taking her to the docs with me tomorrow. Am hoping that her presence will take away from my ever expanding waist so that doctor forgets to harp on at me about diets and how hard my labour will be if I keep this pace up. I haven't taken her with me on my own before so I am presuming a nurse will be on hand to rugby ball hold her so I don't have to balance her on my boobs and face while the doctor does the ultrasound.

Hub is spending the best part of the day collecting wood - he has to chainsaw it all first and then load it. Should be almost half a winter's supply worth at the end of it, which will probably take a good few days to chainsaw through. I am seeing a friend near the ladies clinic too - and actually one in the clinic who gave birth on Wednesday. I will get more third child birthing goss without hub in tow and the other friend is a catch up all in English and hub probably wouldn't be too stoked about sitting there twiddling his thumbs for an hour or so.

I asked Granny K about keeping an ear open for the kids tomorrow night so we can go for dinner. She just went 'haaaaaaa' - you know with the intonation going up at the end. Told hub he would have to ask her as wasn't sure if that was a yes or a 'get stuffed' answer. Dinner isn't until nine anyway and I imagine we will be home by eleven which isn't past her usual bedtime. I really need to start injecting the babysitting concept into the heads of a couple my English students mothers. One in particular I would feel fine leaving the kids asleep with - and after a few times probably awake with!! Would that be a stab in Granny K's back or do you think I should just do it? Does Japan have any laws on age? In NZ it is fourteen I think. This girl will be fourteen this year.

Hub has just mailed to say 'mou sukoshi kakarimasu' (it will take a bit longer) - am not sure I am in total agreement with word choice considering he is now drinking shochu at the okonomiyaki place down the road from the original dinner and 'meeting' place. I'm just jealous I'm not the one out on the lash :)



Gina said...

I'm glad to hear Marina's post-operation three month check-up, went well! : )

And lol about the nails for the left hand! :D

Have a good night, oyasumi~ : )

Rachel said...

Glad to hear Marina's post-op check went okay - me too! Can't you get post-op checks done in Nakatsu?

Good luck with the babysitting, though I think you should take advantage of your built-in babysitter.

I tried to get Kanji's niece and cousin to babysit Amy but got me with a wall of 'does-not-compute'. They just didn't get it. "Oh you couldn't pay them, they wouldn't take it" and "what, you're not going to be there?". Suffice to say, it didn't happen.