Saturday, 14 February 2009

Barney Overload

The house is quiet. No valentines day antics. We were going to have valentine's day nabe nabe (hot pot) with the daikon and carrots cut into hearts... but the ingredients got glad wrapped and put in the fridge almost as soon as they had been cut!

Another barney that started with hub's 'everything would be just perfect if we won two million dollars' comment. Not quite sure how it got twisted into what it did but my hormones got the better of me again - SIGH, how very emotionally draining. At this rate the bunster is going to come out howling because his mum has to live with his granny - instead of just howling because of the shock of taking his first breath.

Hub seems to think that 'shouganai, gaijin dakara' is a fair comment to anything - 'you're a foreigner. That's just the way it is'. To any men reading this, a bit of advice...

When a women is obviously going off on a tangent and upset about somthing, regardless of whether or not this has anything to do with you and may well probably be something you have no control over, do not just dismiss her with a one liner. Commiserate with her a bit, even if that means just nodding your head and agreeing with her outlandish comments.

If the above happens to occur when your woman is pregnant and hormonal then just nod and make affirmative sounds. Don't go so far as to actually voice your opinion as no doubt anything you say to a pergnant woman on the rampage is going to be shot down.

Then, if the immediate above also happens to fall on valentine's day, or any anniversary of significance, and presuming that you have remembered (in your best interests to get all important dates concerning your woman tatooed onto your hand) then end the nodding and affirmative sounds with a cuddle and a gentle wiping of your woman's tears.

DO NOT try and talk sense into a woman in this state as it will only make matters worse.

So, hub and I went over the 'juminhyo' argument again. I did this long mad woman speal and got all heated and upset about it, as I was pounding the heart shaped cutter through bits of raddish and carrot, only to get the one liner gaijin comment. The glad wrap came out almost immediately and I got in the bath.

I will remember not to open this can of worms again - at least until the next hormonal crisis when hub pulls out some random comment that somehow gets twisted.

Just for the record, hub thought two million dollars would solve everything because then we could build Granny K a house next door. I said if we had two million dollars she could live here and we could build ourselves a house at least two kilometers away - and a house in New Zealand so that we could go between.

Speaking of the silly woman. Shou was in her room for ten minutes before bed. I took him up to bed and was trying to get him to sleep but he was restless as and obviously not tired. He then said he was going to be sick and that it was from the 'kusuri' (medicine) he had had in Granny's room. Hub poked his head up the stairs to ask why Shou wouldn't go to sleep and I asked him to ask Granny K what Shou had had. Granny K was asleep (very unusual for her at 8pm) so hub said he couldn't ask her. Wimp. I came downstairs all ready for action. Hub decided it was safer for him to try again. Turns out it was only a cough lolly but I still got the run down for getting him to wake Granny K up. Would you have not done the same thing? It wasn't like it was three o'clock in the morning - and if it had been I still wouldn't have done the 'OK, let her sleep then'.

It could have been fricken plant fertilizer (OK, so what the odds) or vestling sleeping meddicine or god knows what. Better to know then and there I reckon.

Anyway, dramas aside, shou finally got to sleep and here's hoping he stays that way. A bit more CSI and I might head that way myself. No cuddle, snuggle or shaguddle advancements tonight though.



illahee said...

someone, or make that TWO, need a kick. i volunteer!!

medicine?? is there any way to keep shou out of her room for the next ten years? *sigh*

thefukases said...

ooohhh cyberhugs. But I have to admit to liking the odd mummy-strike. You're on your own- I'm taking a bath and locking the door so don't even think of bothering me with anything. Childish, yes, but wonderful for stress relief

As for the medicine thing? Hell yeah, I would have woken her up!!

Hope you get lots of choccies today and put the valentine's nabe to use.

Jo Tomooka said...

I had a great "discussion" with Tom's mother the other day..... it ended up in me stomping away and screaming that if she can't leave my garden alone then I don't want to have anything to do with it! It was after she had so kindly done a whole lot of weeding (hard to get annoyed, but...) and managed to pull out half my vegetables in the process! Tom was standing beside me at the time and didn't say much. I haven't seen her since.... I wonder if she has taken the hint!
Hope it all works out for you. As far as the stupid juminhyo thing goes I just ignore it - it is such a stupid thing, but chances of changing it now are slim so I can't be bothered getting too worrried about it.
Hope to see you soon.

Slime said...

Big Valentine's hugs to you, I'm sorry your day was such a pisser!

You definitely did the right thing re: the medicine! There was no other way of knowing if GK had even given it to him, or if it was something he just picked up! Good grief, what if he'd found a pill of some sort on the floor, and popped it in his mouth? Definitely better safe than sorry where little ones are concerned!

Gina said...

About the medicine, I agree, I woulda woken her up too. Like the others said and I agree, you can never be too careful about that stuff.

I'm sorry your V Day went that way. (((hugs)))

Rachel said...

Absolutely would have woken her about the medicine! You had no idea what it was. it would be irresponsible NOT to check what it was, especially as he complained of pain!!!

I also take off to the bath! Especially during the last pregnancy.

There was an article in the Japan Times a few weeks ago that said that whatever ministry that was in charge of the juminhyou was considering changing it so that foreigners could be listed as families not as individuals. I'm not sure if that means mixed families get to be listed together finally, or just all foreign families, but it's a step in the right direction!

Change does happen in Japan, just takes a very, VERY long time. I also think you have every right to expect your husband to agree with you that the current system is prejudicial and unfair.

My DH also sometimes thinks I'm blaming him personally for the ills of Japan and expecting him to do something about it. Must be all that much harder when your dh working 'for them'.

If you are able to let it wash over you, fine, but nothing's worse than being told to just put up and shut up, when you are so bloody right!

Rachel said...

ps, I thought you were talking about the purple dinosaur when I read the title!

Ruth said...

Me too Rachel! I thought Bob the Builder had bitten the dust. Sometimes I wonder if Granny K is reading this or maybe you would like to invest in a copy:

Kelly said...

I'd tell him where to shove his "shougai gaijin" business! Ugh, how rude!