Monday, 23 February 2009

Bahama Brown??

I noticed this morning as I was getting dressed that my calfs, ankles and feet are a lovely brown - as if they alone have had a holiday to the Bahamas without the rest of my body. I have of course put two and two together and had a good giggle - especially as hub's hands are also tanned nicely...

The culprit is my Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion, guaranteed to 'gradually build a beautiful, light tan.' I can vouch that this is true so if anyone is thinking of getting a self tanning lotion I definitely recommend this one :) I had on my pregnant woman radar when getting hub to use this for my ankle rubs. To begin with I was using a normal body lotion but this ran out so I hunted the cupboards and found this one - I didn't really read anything except the Holiday Skin Body Lotion bit.

For fear of scaring the doctor and midwives with my nice tanned feet I will either have to go in search of a normal moisturiser or get hub to gradually massage the rest of my body. Hmmmmmmm. I know which I would prefer. I'm just scared hub would agree with me and then we would be in a compromising position for half an hour every evening. One way to scare Granny K into moving out I guess!

Marina and I did the drive to the city this morning - two hours each way. Getting my new visa sticker in my passport at the immigration office took about seven and a half minutes. We then went to get some goodies, and some chocs for hub to give back to the girls in his office on March 14th - unfortunately there wasn't a huge selection out this early so I flagged it and hub will have to fend for himself in this department. I got some things for Marina's lunch and then we went to my sister in law's house for a pitstop. I wasn't expecting to be fed but fed I was. We had a good goss in between which I casually asked if they had any spare room for Granny K - a cupboard, a garden shed, anything would suffice really. Unfortunately they don't. What a surprise!

Marina, who hadn't napped during the morning, fell asleep within about five minutes of the drive home and slept the whole way which was a bonus. I got to drive full tit (well, as full tit as you drive with a baby on board and a seat belt sticking into your seven month pregnant belly), singing unashamedly loud to mainly the cayote ugly soundtrack - again.

I am going through several hot spells where it seems I am the only one to feel any of the heat. Being in the lounge with the fire pumped up can get me in a sweat and I can only presume the bunster is inside sweating in his sauna, with a white towel draped over his midriff, pouring more water on the coals. I can't remember these hot flushes with the first two pregnancies so am attributing it to the extra padding I had at the start of this one!

I have got everything that can be crossed crossed in the hope that hub doesn't work late tonight. I am bit knackered after all the driving and would love to curl up in bed with a cuppa and my latest read after the kids are in bed.

Hence the blogging now and not later.

Right, off to pick Shou up from kindy.


Edit - hub came home tonight and expressed a bit of concern over the color of his hands. He was extremely releived to hear it was my attempt at spreading some summer into our winter. He thought he was getting sick :p


Lulu said...

hahahaha that is so funny about the lotion- I would demand a full body massage! hehe! His hands will just get browner and browner though...

Glad to hear you got your visa all sorted- that is good!!!

Ruthie said...

Thats hilarious, did he think he had jaundice? In fact you should have told him that he did and that he should not go drinking with the office until he had thoroughly de-toxed!!