Monday, 5 January 2009

The Wrong Look

How can one look completely shit your whole day up? Actually not whole day. Had nice chat with Granny K Rocks T-shirt boys parents, but did have to put Shou in time out for last five minutes of their visit as he was overtired and throwing toys across the room. Marina was already in bed.

After they left I decided would try and get Shou down for a nap if either of us were going to be able to make it through the afternoon. He had just, as in I think his eyes might still have been fluttering a bit, gone down when I heard my sister calling my name as she came round the side of the house. It wasn't shouting and it wasn't whispering - it was just general calling. I disentangled (???) myself from Shou as quick as could cause was not sure had left lounge door open - it was though.

Sister had forgotton her glasses and was there to pick them up on way back to Auckland. Marina started crying so got her up and took her out to say good bye to Auntie - the second I walked into the hallway Shou started to cry and I said 'Shit, Shou's awake' - from which the following conversation and things followed...

Me: Shit Shou's awake
Sister: Are you angry at me for waking him up / Are you angry because you think I woke him up (or something similar)
Me: what. No, I'm not angry
Sister: you looked just then as if you were blaming me (or something similar)
Me: what. well I appologise, I didn't mean to look angry.
Sister: well that was an angry look and all I was doing was coming to get my glasses.
Me: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look at you that way, I was just saying that Shou had woken up.

yaddy yaddi yah rah rah rah

I wish the wind had stopped so I could see my 'angry' look. Must stand in front of mirror and practice looks. I would think it would have been more a look of dispair or frustration - but not at sister just in general for wanting the two kids to be asleep at the same time. Ah well.

She left thinking I was angry at her and I went and got Shou and together with Marina the three of us just sat there and had big cry - well, actually Marina started with some laughing but switched to crying when realised was just easier to join in. I ended with some hysterical laughing and then put Marina in her cot for twenty minutes while I got Shou to sleep properly. Marina then sat in bathroom while I had shower. Have you ever pressed youself up against glass shower door - not whole body, just tum and boobs?? I make very impressive outline of micky mouse. Marina was most impressed.

Anyway, the lunch thing got sorted and the afternoon was spent with me trying to keep Shou from running away and crapping in Granny A's garden. Sorry Granny, but don't think you should weed over under the pohutekawa tree. The afternoon seemed to consist of a lot of me shouting at the kids and I was going to flag the play date with Ame but we got loaded in the car and met them down at the park. Think I needed the fresh sea air.

They went down without much fuss tonight and I think it is time for some tea and some Maeve.


Afterthought - what is it with family and fighting. Not that this mornings episode was a fight so to speak more than a complete misunderstanding - that not even an appology would fix. I don't get it. I have spent lots of time with friends and havent had anything close to this. Do we feel we have to try that bit harder with friends and let more things slide or don't say things as outright as we would with family?

Anyway - Sister, I didn't mean to look at you with an angry look. Call it sleep deprivation, call it hormones, call it the changing bloody winds, I don't care, but don't think it was because I was angry at you.


illahee said...

(((gaijin wife))) oh, i have so been there. maybe not with my sister, more with yoshi, but i have done that. or, with the doorbell. thankfully i can make the nasty face without being seen, and can usually make the waker-upper go away through the intercom, but with yoshi? *sigh* it's so frustrating because you're just looking for that peaceful (and rare?) time when both (or all) children are sleeping. also, i get angry with myself for leaving the darn doorbell turned on in the first place.

i hope your sister understands and isn't angry or hurt about it any longer.

Sara said...

sounds like a rough afternoon. hoping your 3-some crying session left you feeling a bit better - sometimes it just helps.

family if difficult i don't have any sisters but fight with my mom pretty much all the time that i am home - lots of issues there.

and if you need a hormonal buddy i'm right there with you. between the tears, "densha rage" (annoyingly pushing the obachans and high school kids to walk faster so you can get off the train before the doors shut on your face) and the fun of discovering the tops of my thighs are covered in tons of brand new strechmarks and varicose veins.. (eww)

sorry I'm going off on a tangent - but anyways hope that sister realizes you werent angry and that you have a peaceful rest of trip

Anonymous said...

LOL at your Mickey Mouse impression! Very Impressive indeed! Also, funny about Shou fertilizing Granny A's garden! Some family members are just more touchy than others, I find. Best thing to do is try and make peace, then at least you know you tried. xxoo Aussie Katie