Thursday, 22 January 2009

Photo Shoot

Up in Auckland ... blogging from Lucy's mummy's house :)

Flight up from Napier yesterday was good considering it was me with Shou in window seat beside me and Marina on my knee. Only an hour flight and we had nobody sitting behind us which was a blessing as quite a bit of stuff mysteriously found it's way back there. Thank God Shou hasn't mastered the forward throw.

We had an afternoon at home playing with new toys and trashing a new lounge. Good fun. A roast chicken dinner and a three kids at the same time bath later and we were ready for bed. Marina started out in our room but wasn't too happy about being in the same room and not in the same bed so we moved her cot to the only available space - the genkan (entrance way) - or one of them. Not the main door so we could leave her cot there without causing too much inconvenience. She was far enough away to be out of the action and able to get to sleep but still in the can-hear-the-nut-out vicinity. She got a good sleep and so did Shou - and mummy for that matter. Shou woke up a couple of times laughing in his sleep so would be interested in finding out what he was dreaming about - the fact that mummy can't even break a plastic cup perhaps?

They both had a morning nap this morning which was good because today was photo shoot day. S2 picked us up after lunch and off we went. We were both under the impression that the kids would be taken away while the makeup and hair thing was going on but no - kids hanging off my legs and swinging the chair at the crucial eyeliner moment... all fun and games and I nearly did lose an eye. I got asked what kind of makeup I wanted. Considering I haven't really even worn a full face of makeup for about three years I had to bypass the drag queen mummy look for the can't-tell-this-lady-hasn't-had-good-sleep-for-three-years look. It was all very natural and my hair didn't end up looking too boof - even though it was clipped very strangely at the back and looked like I had a comb-over.

Marina had on angel wings for the Marina and Shou shots - which I didn't get to see but sounded like fun, and then we all had on white tops and darker bottoms for the fresh family shots. Shou was told to hug mummy from the side, which ended in a photo that could probably grace the cover of a wrestling mag. Enough shots were taken though so am sure there will be a nice one in there somewhere. S2 is going in next Friday - the day we leave - to choose her pics and the lady said they don't send out thumbnails by email for customers to choose which is a bit crap. They may have to make an exception though as refuse to pay price of small nation for photos I have never seen - even if sister thinks they are good.

After the pics we headed back to sister's house for BBQ with Lucy and Co, Grandad, Grandad's sister and a cousin and his wife and child who I had never met. There were six kids with Shou being the oldest and nine adults (with Grandad's sister being the oldest :) ) It was extremely fun chaos that started early and ended early. We were back here by half seven for bath and bed. Everything quiet by half eight.

Weather permitting we are off to the Auckland zoo tomorrow. Yay yay. Mummy very excited about this. Gates open at half nine and we intend to be there waiting - like a pachinko-holic lining up for their favorite machine from eight in the morning.

Hub rang and said the weather forecast for Saturday (the day he leaves Fukuoka) is snow :( He is contemplating going up tomorrow night and staying so that he definitely gets there OK - he is of course worried that if he missed the flight for some reason his wife and two kids may not get on the plane home!! He now has a list of possible questions for immigration that he can practice on the way over. He is still worried that they might be suspicious that he has a big suitcase with only a pair of socks and undies in it. Told him just to tell immigration officer that wife has been shopping. Must happen all the time.

Well, I need to take my face off before bed.



thefukases said...

can't wait to see the studio shots. :)

Tell your DH they'll understand on the suitcase thing- my dad has travelled with a suitcase inside a suitcase before for the same reason. :)

Sara said...

Ohhh!!! I want to see the shots as well! Esp. you!! hehe and Angel Marina would be adorable as well!

Hope DH makes it safely there! So cute that he is rehersing the questions. I bet all 3 of you can not wait to see him!

Gina said...

True true true, they'll totally understand about the empty suitcase thing for sure. We travel all the time with empty suitcases inside of other suitcases. Sorta like those wooden dolls inside the other dolls, ha ha ha you know what I mean? : ) We're travelling that way on Saturday in fact. I think he'll be fine with that. : )

And I can't wait to see how your family photos came out, I bet they came out wonderful!

In case I don't get a chance to say so before I head out on Saturday myself, I wanted to say I hope your hubs has a wonderful flight over and I hope your flight back to Japan is a good one!!! : )

Nay said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the photos as well!! I bet they will all look gorgeous! My sister always seems to spend a small fortune after going to a photo studio with her kids, lol!!

I bet you and shou and marina are excited to be able to see your DH again!!

Jo Tomooka said...

Another big snowfall here last night. I hope DH made it safetly to Fukuoka in plenty of time! Are you really sure you don't want to stay in nice, warm NZ for a few more months?