Saturday, 24 January 2009

One More Sleep

Not sure how much blogging will be being done in the next few days so thought would get in now while I can.

Auckland Zoo was both a goer and a no-goer. The zoo itself was great. Love the giraffes and the phants and the humongous rhino. I hired a double buggy which was probably the only downside. Absolutely crap buggy (for anyone thinking of hiring one). The seats were like little cocoons so once in you really had to get out again to see anything. Also crap sun visor thing so sun in face nearly whole way round. Shou was most memorized by the rabbits (which he still thinks are small cats) and the box of American cockroaches! I told the buggy hire lady the buggy was a bit crap and she offered to reimburse half the hire money - but I was being too much of a stubborn bitch by then to accept :p

We hung out at home yesterday arvo and then spent an entertaining couple of hours watching the auditions of America's Next Top Idol. Extremely entertaining viewing, some of which I had to watch through my fingers out of embarrassment for contestants and what Simon was saying. There was more same quality entertainment tonight - gotta love it.

Today we ventured out to a kiddy-friendly cafe for lunch. Had superb kiddy play area where Shou and Marina happily played through half a cup of coffee and a bacon and egg panini. Time to leave and we were into prime nap time but ambitiously thought we could manage a stop at a toy and education center. Bad move. Supreme nut out by Shou who wanted everything and was not content playing in the very well set up play area the shop had. Had to rugby ball hold him down the main street back to the car, where it took friend and I, and a few wrestling moves, five minutes to get him into his carseat. This may sound like bad parenting to some of you - but in a busy street with your car parked on side of even busier road there is no calmly talking a two year old out of that kind of tantrum. Safer for everyone involved just to get buckled in and going. He, as you would expect, went to sleep for his nap in about thirty seconds flat. Marina too. Peace for a quality hour.

The afternoon was spent jumping through the sprinkler and various other water activities. but was topped off by Lucy's dad bringing out not only the weed eater but the lawn mower as well!! What more does a two year old boy need I ask? A naked two year old girl to run through a sprinkler with and a weed eater and a lawn mower! Fun fun fun and nobody lost an eye - although Marina (and this goes back to playing at cafe at lunchtime) did put one of her chompers through her bottom lip. No fat lip though and daddy will still be greeted at the airport with two immaculately turned out children, walking, possibly clapping, possible blowing spit bubbles, and speaking perfect English - the latest of which is hereyago (one word) and ohmigod (also one word).

Spoke to hub last night - there was forecast for some heavy snow in the mountains late last night so he decided to go home straight after work, pack his two pairs of socks and undies, and drive to Fukuoka instead of waiting until this morning. He emailed this morning saying he had made it and slept in the car - at the airport I am presuming. He is a can-sleep-anywhere person and people mover is actually quite comfy. He mailed again after he had checked in - no doubt relieved that his huge suitcase wasn't questioned despite it only weighing 1.75 kilos. Actually I don't know how much it weighed but how heavy can a couple of pairs of socks be?

So, the countdown has begun. I have a pretty pink dress for the princess to wear tomorrow and Shou is wearing his James Dean look of jeans and white T-shirt. I may even be able to find a small empty box to stick up his shoulder but then no doubt Social Welfare will be on my tail for thinking I let my two year old smoke.

We are having a family BBQ tomorrow night and then on Monday afternoon I am meeting with an independent lawyer to discuss the lending money to family thing. Not sure how that will go but the office is located between two quite trendy bars so either way ...
Must admit that when I rang up to make an appointment the secretary automatically asked if it was for a separation or divorce - which means that after seven weeks my phone manner has also gone down the path of grumpy tart bitch or I just sounded so tired there must be no other reason.

So, with all the huuha of tomorrow and the BBQ I doubt the blog will get a look in. That and the fact I haven't seen thy husband for seven weeks :p

Think we are in need of some international relations meetings...



illahee said...

lol that last line made me laugh. ;)

it is very cold and we actually had snow! am wishing winter was over...

Lulu said...

Shame about the buggy at the zoo cos Auckland Zoo is a really good zoo. It is one of the best I have been to although I haven`t been in about eight years.

Had to laugh about Shou thinking the rabbits are cats- Speak to T from TJKR as when she took K to Australia Zoo she thought the kangaroos were something else I believe. So funny!

I can totally picture your hub driving to the airport and sleeping in the car there. Shun is the same and can sleep anywhere.

Enjoy your time once hub arrives! Hope the kids go to sleep without issues so that you can have some international relations meetings! hehe!

tj-injapan said...

Oh, I was there last night with the rugby ball hold, wrestle into carseat thing. I swore I would never take K out of the house again!!

oh, and K thought that the kangaroos were hippos when we went to the zoo. go figure.

hope you guys have a fun with hubs this week.

Sara said...

hope you are having fun with hubs!! looking forward to hearing about your latest adventures when you get the time!!

enjoy your meeting ;)