Sunday, 4 January 2009

Oh Dear

Japanese doctor going to have fit when get back to Japan. Hope he suddenly finds another bub in there to account for scale reading - actually don't hope that at all. Will have to list newly acquired bling on trade me and re-mortgage house if going from four to six person family - six and a half if count Granny K. She is very short.

We had a yum yum civilised dinner last night - bar my brother's girlfriend who displayed some shocking table manners. I felt bad for my sister who had made fab dinner of feta and rocket stuffed chiken breasts with yoghurt sauce, garden salad and roast spuds. My brother made a valiant effort to recover on her behalf but should he have to? Anyway, I have given myself a blog ban on any grumpy tart bitching of non relatives. If she ever becomes related (god (insert anything) help me) then I will back track and bring all this goss back up.

We came back to Granny A's this morning and then sister and famdam came round for swim and play this arvo. All very civilised, with Shou running round carefree and naked - watering Granny A's herb garden and I do believe even doing a deposit in behind the rosemary bush. To his credit he didn't try and crawl into the deserted dog house but perhaps it would have been more akin to his behaviour! Oh well, probably saved self about three dollars on nappies.

Got kids to sleep and came out to find Ame's parents propped on bench eating pizza - all organized of course, I just thought I would have the kids asleep a bit sooner. Loved the pizza and the garlic bread. Wonder if Antonio wants to open a chain in Kunimi. They left about half an hour ago after three hours of natter natter natter. Ame's mum I have known since primary school and dad since first year uni so there is always a lot to talk about and catch up on.

Granny A sent me a text message from their holiday - in romaji. She has been learning Japanese for a couple of years on and off and obviously decided to send me three sentence message after, what I can only presume, was a few decanters of sav. The first sentence was definately meant to be 'we are sitting around talking' and the last bit was 'how are you guys and are you ready for bed' - I think meaning are the kids in bed. The middle bit however just has to be left to the imagination. Am at complete loss. Will have to text her back when I go out in car next - the only time I can recharge my phone.

I should get to bed. Granny K Rocks T-shirt boy's mum and dad coming for coffee tomorrow morning and then maybe a play date with Ame and Co, in the afternoon. I will of course make any necessary trips to the jewelers in between should it be required to pick up re-sized bling.

Oooh - hub's pachinko extravaganza was not a success and he is now down a hundred dollars in his secret squirell pachinko caribbean slush fund account. Oh well, my account is down a bit more than that so who am I to start the budget wars. He was also going off today to car yard to purchase new sewing machine engine Honda Vamos / second car / firewood transporter / ... / ... Purchase will ensure a 2009 of no yaikiniku, okonomiyaki dates, revolving sushi outings or any family occassions that require excess of 500 yen. Am well looking forward to this year. Thank god I started it with something shiney as definately wouldn't be able to justify such a selfish purchase this time in twelve months.



illahee said...

well, i hope 2009 is a good year, even with pachinko losses. *sigh* i love hearing about your family, and though i would love to hear the goss on your brother's GF, i hope she doesn't join the family! lol

anchan said...

We wanna hear it!! Fancy teasing us like that...