Thursday, 29 January 2009

Just Very Quickly

Because S1, S2 and brother are still here and I am being very anti-social. But then so are they because they are talking shop about the new business and that's all have been listening to for last four days and am over it. Is very exciting and all that - despite the lawyer guy I went to see telling me straight off the bat that you should never do business with family!! Nothing set in stone yet though...

Bloody hell S2 talks loud after a few glasses of wine - definitely drunk loud voice gene inherited from granny A.

Hub is knackered after four days of both kids - and with my family and the not fully understanding thing. I said was harder for him because was coming from seven weeks of good sleeps to sudden chaos, bum smacking, cup throwing mayhem. Shou played up the first couple of days and wanted daddy for everything. Marina was a bit unsure of the nice man at the airport at first but only took her five minutes to figure out it was daddy.

She has been a laugh lately with her walking, thriller type dance moves and head shaking. Extremely entertaining. Unfortunately they both have a case of the shits at the moment so am hoping that slows off a bit for the plane and that they don't get the vomit bug too - which S2's daughter has had today. Really wouldn't be fun trip if they were spewing out both ends for twelve hours of airplane confinement.

Rang Korean air to confirm luggage allowances before going out to buy a double buggy. The double attachment is in our luggage - which is to the absolute limit - and the main buggy is in the box. I still had to send a box home and I think when I get home and start sorting everything out I will be amazed at amount of stuff - most of which is kiddy clothes.

I best get back to the action. Won't be seeing them for another three years or so - what with now having to save for five of us to come.

Will write at the other end - after horrendous flight and night in Seoul - where hub will spend whole night worried going to be kidnapped and taken to North Korea.



illahee said...

safe journey!

my dad refuses to travel here through korea. lord knows the north wants a skinny-ass 60-year-old american guy...

Ruth said...

I think you have to be walking along a beach to be kidnapped, I don't think it happens at the airport! Hope you make it back safe and sound!

Sara said...

nice to hear an update from you!!

have a safe flight back!! granny k and a herd of vestling minions await your arrival!!!!!!!

thefukases said...

I hear you on the loud drunk thing. I used to moan that DH was no fun when drunk as he just nods off. But having had my family of raucous drunks here for 2 weeks? OMG!

Have a safe trip and remember as well as abduction you have to worry about dog meat, fake exotic crabs, avian flu and rotten kimchi. ;P

anchan said...

If you tell the airline they have v and d, they might not let you fly and you could be forced to spend an extra week in nz at the expense of your travel insurance company... just an idea!