Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Helloo there.....

Mr. Bunster.

All bits, present and accounted for :)

Had a very lengthy anatomy scan this afternoon and everything got thoroughly checked out with a bit of extra time spent checking out kidneys and bladder per my request. Head was very low down so I got tipped backwards (head towards floor lying on back)to see if bun would cooperate and come down a bit. He did. She took loads of pics and I will get them all on Friday. Bunster was moving round like a mad thing - all of which I am still oblivious to. Hopefully soon though. All measurements are normal and her estimated due date was June 11.

Granny A has been being a lot more baby attentive since they got back from the holiday and I even got a couple of pats on the tum today. A bit perplexed as to the sudden change and jokingly suggested she could have a stand-by ticket waiting to fly over when I go into labour. No comment and probably not much of a joke at all :p

Friend came over this morning and we took our collective sproglets to the park and then for lunch where I do believe the pavement got more sushi and sandwiches than they did. She looked after Shou and Marina back here while I went and had scan - which was at a radiology clinic and the waiting room was pregnant woman X 1 (me) and old women reading back issues of readers digest X 5. A shame really as none of the those pregnant women knowing looks and sitting there wondering how far along other people are rah rah.

Brother brought yummy chicken korma and roti up for dinner and has just gone home now to pack for his weekend away, starting tomorrow, to a friend's wedding down South. Girlfriend obviously going too and no doubt fretting a bit at being put in a situation where she doesn't know anyone. Actually I do know what's that like but hey, she's my little brother's girlfriend so I get grumpy tart bitching rights over anything. She mailed brother at 9:30 with 'not to be a pain but how far away are you?' No comment.

Think I will take my new Lee Child book to bed. Jack Reacher is up to his neck in 'Bad Luck and Trouble'. I was reading my first one of them the other night when had big hairy man incident and I ended up sleeping with pair of scissors under pillow and fly spray beside bed. When i was little I remember setting up a string and spoon contraption across the door opening so that would clang if intruder came in. Granny A's house is quite big and very old which doesn't help me. Creaks all bloody night and where as I used to be OK at just shitting myself in bed thinking that someone was in the house now, that I am a responsible mother of two, I feel that I have to get up and check the house and the locks AGAIN. Armed of course with a pair of scissors and can of fly spray - because I am tough. Fat lot of good that would do me but hey, if it helps me sleep easier. Horse tranquillizers would also help me sleep easier but then I might be so deep in sleep that I could well be placed in ignoring kids category.

With that thought in mind - I am not going to block anonymous comments as thought I would. Will just delete any I don't feel are appropriate - like the one suggesting I go to a yoga ashram in India or whatever it was about. Obviously just picked up on the word yoga in my blog or comment from a few days ago.


PS - Marina took 8 steps today. In a row. Lots and lots of four steps and then a sixer and then an eighter. We may have some walkage going on before daddy gets here! Very exciting.


Sara said...

Ohhhhh congrats!!!! OMG - I did think it would be a boy for you (see my comment in your last post)... wonder if I'll be right for myself as well!

Thats so exciting with Marina!! I have a couple friends whoses babies just started walking and it is so adorable when they do the teetering steps and the "plop" on their bum!

Again congrats on finding out... can you send some of those cooperative vibes my way?

illahee said...

how exciting! (now you're like me...boy girl boy)

and congrats on marina walking! tommy's been walking more and more, even with 'footed' clothing on. sooo cute!

Lulu said...

Congratulations! Another little bunster! So you are about 18 weeks along now? I want to see your bump! hehe!

Any name ideas for boys? Did you have a reserve for Marina in case she was a boy that you liked.

Very exciting about Marina`s walking! She will be taking off in no time.

In Japan how long is it before they can tell you the sex of the baby? I guess once we decide to have kids that all my scans will be done over there. Also, what do you mean volume for heartbeat. Could you not hear it at all when you went in Japan?

anchan said...

Brilliant - Marina will have 2 brothers to look out for her when she's older!

Ruth said...

Congratulations! I either have no female intuition or my psychic ability doesn't work from this far away. At least now Mum will know what to clothes to stock up on. You should see the pile she bought during the sales. She's prepared for everyone who is having kids this yet. I think she needs some grandkids of her own but none of us are in a position to oblige just yet!!

Ruth said...

Sorry, also very exciting about Marina! I don't suppose you could get a video going on the blog??

Gina said...

A bunster, yay! Congratulations on finding out! I think a little boy sounds awesome! That is so exciting! : )

And congrats to Marina for taking some more steps! She'll get that walking stuff down in no time! : )

Slime said...

Congratulations! 2 boys and 1 walking princess! I know you must be anxious for the hub to get there!

tj-injapan said...

Yay Marina for taking those steps. I love seeing babies start to walk it is exciting, isn't it, and too cute. So now you will be bringing a toddler back to Japan, how cool (and think of the exercise you will get on the plane walking up and down the aisle with her...or maybe don't think about it?!?!)

Give Mr Bunster 2 an "hello there" pat from us.

medea said...

Congrats on your boy!! So exciting. As is Marina's steps. Go Marina!

Rachel said...

Go for it Marina! Yes, illahee, I love it when they toddle round in footed clothes! too cute. Oh boy, if we three get together now it will be hell! Could be fun hell though, how about it? Meet in the middle chez moi after Katy gets back and before I go? We can have a squiz at bunster's baby photos too.

Lulu, for some reason they don't turn up the volume in Japan, even though they give you a scan every month. You can see it beating though.