Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I ended up staying up until the New Year, mainly because the added noise that comes with everyone else staying up in the neighborhood and letting off fireworks and what not that a cuppa and an early night weren't going to happen.
Shou feeding a goat. Wish had got one withe the Alpacca cause was very cute but a goat will have to do. May well be heading out there again as now have Ame and Stella maybe wanting to go for visit and Shou would definately enjoy it a second time round I think.
Today Granny A and I went down and bought three bags of sand and a sand pit plastic play set - to go with his plastic rake and shovel. It was a hit and there are now an assortment of other toys burried in there too. Tonight his sleep toy of choice was a yellow plastic boat which I had to de-sand first. We only used two bags of sand so have an extra for when he has finished emptying the pit, shovel load at a time.

Cousin Stella (2) and Zoe (7 months) arrived in Napier this arvo and they all piled round to Granny A's for a BBQ dinner. We vacated my other sister's house this morning and Stella, Zoe and parents are staying there now - and we are back in the land of quiet breakfasts. Granny A had the high chair outside round the back for the BBQ and then suggested that I feed them breakfast out there too. May well find it has been moved to the bottom of the drive tomorrow with a very long extension cord for the toaster! We are stuck between a rock and a hard place because doing the breakfast thing at 6am at the end of the house we are sleeping in will inevitably wake the guests up (friends of mum and dads) and having it at the other end - in the kitchen, where normal people eat, will wake up the Grandparents.

When we first decided to come and stay - and sleep where we are one of the benefits was that the room Marina and I are in also has cooking facilities and a fridge - Marina however, the legend, has been sleeping most mornings until about seven. So, do I wake her up in the name of being able to sort out a breakfast sitting on the floor in our bedroom, where I can make toast and the kids won't have to whisper (which Shou still hasn't really got the hang of - shame on his two year old vocal chords) or do we go to the big kitchen and just try and be quiet - even though Granny A has strategically placed the high chair outside - and very openly suggested I feed them out there.

Bloody hell, McDonalds breakfast here I come. I could do a documentary on how four weeks of McDonalds breakfasts effects the growth in a one and two year old. How can one meal of the day turn into such a stress time - and then Granny A has the cheek to tell me just to do it how I want and to stop being a 'grumpy tart'. Oooohhhhh. She said she has being saying the word 'tart' quite a lot lately. I say the word bitch quite a lot too but I wouldn't call my own mum a grumpy bitch. Or wouldn't I...

Anyway, grumpy tart bitching aside, I think we are spending tomorrow arvo with the cousins and catching up with my sister which will be nice as havent seen her for a year. There is a very slight small perhaps maybe possibility that I have the maybe but not quite sure opportunity to go looking for bling on Saturday. Will keep you posted.

Marina just started doing her strangled cat inpersonation. Better be off.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry I missed so many of your posts = ( But I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and you know.. I have had MANY days of "MC Breakfast" here I come!!! I hear ya!!!

anchan said...

Takes me back to when I spent Christmas at my mum and dad's with a 3 year old and a 1 year old - we would spend the early hours (meaning until m & d came downstairs at around 9am) in the conservatory so as not to disturb or mess up the house!

Oooh, I think M just said her first word - cheese!

Happy New Year! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures - your blog really brightens my day!

thefukases said...

ha ha ha. We have six guests (all familyish) in OUR house at the moment and I'm getting comments on the noisy mornings thing. Give me a break!!