Monday, 19 January 2009

De-grooved but Happy

Knew it was too good to last...

Minor meltdown at Granny A's when I overheard Grandad tell Granny A how noisy Shou was - not in a general 'god two year old's are quite noisy aren't they?' way. It was more of a 'Shou has got to be noisier than any other two year old '... which a pregnant mother obviously takes to mean as she has crap mothering skills. I don't think Shou is particularly naughtier or noisier than other kids his age. I do think though that Grandad (who was at boarding school throughout his education and raised to be seen and not heard (arrrgghhh - Anon II all over again) followed by a job that meant he was usually out of the house early and back late and therefore missing prime two year old nut out times when we were kids) has conveniently forgotten what two year old behavior is like.

It really was only a one liner and there were no raised voices but the hormones kicked in and after Grandad retired to his shed I got all upset and even more upset that Granny A was really all for just smoothing things over so Grandad was all right about everything. I packed the car and said was taking kids to S1's house, whereupon Granny A offered to look after Marina???? Why??? So she can nut out so that Grandad thinks I have not just one but two of the worst behaved kids in the world. I don't think so. Granny A had to be on her own to offer full support to Grandad and undertake any damage control - which would probably mean agreeing with Grandad that yes Shou was exceptionally noisy and that didn't I have some strange parenting ideas.

Arrrghhh, canninot deal with it captain. S1 suggested we drive straight back home to get Marina's cot so we could stay the night. Done.

S1 suggested today that we stay another night. Done.

Grandad going away by self tomorrow. Leaving tomorrow morning and then in arvo, as is Tuesday, cleaning lady will be there so we will be hanging out round here for best part of tomorrow too.

S1 did some very good damage control yesterday - with me, offering to look after both Marina and Shou for a couple of hours while I went down town with her eldest - Georgina. Was first time had been shopping (bar the bling extravaganza hour) in six weeks on own without kids. Was very muchly loads of fun and felt very revitalised upon return.

Even without the grandparents at home being here (at S1's) is so much more fun. No stress, no noise police, and I have S1 to goss with and she puts everything into perspective and I never come out of a conversation wishing I hadn't gone into it. The kids have been good - obviously - as whole stress bad behaviour thing is downhill spiral effect of me feeling pressured into having unreasonably well behaved kids so as not to upset world peace - which begins and ends at Granny A's, revolving around what kind of mood Grandad is in.

Soooo, that's the long version anyway. Short version would be...

Grandad grumpy tart stop run away to sister's stop lot's more fun stop

S1 and I had Indian for dinner - she uses different place to what had the other night. Compared Kormas and Roti and the bunster is now probably lying even lower as no room anywhere else. Bought couple of fab preggy tops that where less than half price - as in about a thousand yen each. Was one of those shopping expeditions mothers everywhere must have. Looks good, grab, buy, take home, try on. Both fit very well but of course loads of room for bunster expansion. Don't look like preggy preggy tops so might wear them for photo shoot on Thursday - did I mention that? Family portrait happening - minus hub of course but have got free shoot and no obligation to buy prints. Of course if the three of us look stunning, after being airbrushed and photoshopped to perfection, I will post a pic.

Everyone else in bed so best I head that way too.


PS - sorry for the grandparent rant. I know it gets old fast. These past six weeks have been a valuable learning experience - will make list tomorrow night of most valuable lessons learnt.


illahee said...

no need to apologize. this is the place to rant! the important thing is you got some time to de-stress and refresh!

anchan said...

Grandads are grumpy. They just are. I remember what my Grandad was like when I was little (terrifying), and now my own father has followed in his footsteps. He went with my mum to visit my sis in Oz when she had her baby - she has asked mum to visit alone next time! Definately not your kids, they are totally normal (from the sound of it). You have a fab sis! xxx

thefukases said...

You have no idea how reassuring this is- I thought my girls had done exceedingly badly in the grandpa lottery- not one but TWO grumpy grandpas. Now it seems like they will have others to moan with, too!

Glad you're getting more peace and fun at your sisters. :)

Sara said...

My Granpa is grumpy too!
No idea how my own Dad will be towards his grandkids since we aren't close (parents are divorced) and I barely ever see him + worried about my Step-dad and young kids since he's never had any of his own... he married my mom when we were all in high school...

and i agree no need to apologize. its your blog hun!! sounds like you got some good deals on maternity clothes! I'm looking forward to picking some up in the states in March!

Midori said...

My Mum kept telling me that she thought Joey had behavioural issues when he was 2 because she reckoned he was WAY naughtier than either me or my brother ever were. She kept going on about how he must have ADHD or something similar. Thankfully he was in full-time nursery so I got to ask his teachers for their take on him and the verdict was that Joey was perfectly normal. I know how much comments like that can hurt but you shouldn`t take it personally at all, grandparents just remember our childhoods differently to how they really were!! (((HUGS))) from me because I know how hard it is!