Saturday, 3 January 2009

Can't see through the bling.

Well, actually it isn't bling didda bling as in big fat meaty diamonds but it will still be the sparkliest and most expensive thing my fingers have ever seen - and will see for the next five years. Unless of course We decide a family trip to Europe will take the place of my ten year diamond. I may feel the need for a holiday more than bling by then. I can't post a pic of it as will take few days to get it sized.

Granny A and Grandad went away on their trip this morning - for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS. This is a good thing - for all of us. Granny A and I had our first real argument last night - there have been a few glips where I have been called a grumpy tart but certainly nothing that warrented the thoughts and tears last night - albeit behind closed doors after the angry words were spoken. I wonder what it is about fights with family - I think in this case it was the fight that was more upsetting as opposed to what was actually said. I knew I couldn't blog last night as would have had to delete it today, especially now as Granny A keeps an eye on the blog to see how much she stars in it. Which, I must admit, is less than she would had I been able to write the blog in a language other than English. Which is of course why Granny K gets so much bad press.

The fight was basically about how soft I was being in terms of Shou's sleeping routine - the waking in the night and going straight into his room and patting him back to sleep rah rah. This DOES NOT happen back in Kunimi and I am a bit more into the tough love thing. However, the situation we are in now on holiday is not ideal and I can't feel I can leave Shou to scream the house down at two in the morning as then would wake Grandad and most definately my parent's friends who have been sleeping in the room next door. A quick 'yoshi yoshi mummys here' and the whole thing is over within a minute. For me it's a no brainer but for Granny A... she thinks I am treating him like a 'little prince'. I can see her point but am by no means prepared to try and sort out the perfect sleeping routine when in a couple of weeks we will be in yet another bed and then a week later back in Japan.

I had my share of being a grumpy tart bitch to Granny A and told her that 'was she a more willing granny granny I would be more likely to take on board some of her crap advice' Ooops. Anyway, we said our appologies this morning thank god, as didn't want that hanging there for the next seven days.

So, was feeling a bit shite this morning when dropped Marina off with sister and Shou off with Ame's dad, but nothing a good gossip and some serious retail therapy couldn't fix. Ame's mum, as she herself admits, could sell ice to an eskimo. Not that I needed much convincing in the bling department. She did however give me the push I needed and stood beside me while I made the three automatic transfers with my bankcard - as my bank has a limit to how much you can do in one go. Obviously to stop people stealing your card and going out to buy expensive pieces of bling. Pointless if you can just break the sale up though. I did try and get the price down but I never have been very good at bargaining. That said though it still had twenty percent off. Have never spent that much New Zealand money in one go. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't hugely expensive but I would say it was a medium range price and still enough to warrent being a better than cheap bit of bling that should last the distance to give to Marina in years to come.

At the moment I am at Granny A's alone - Marina is asleep at sister's and Shou is drawing endless pictures of snakes - or he was when I left. I have about another twenty minutes or so and then I need to get back. My brother and his girlfirend are coming for dinner and we are hoping to get the two babies and two toddlers into bed and asleep by seven thirty so we can try and pretend to have some form of civilized dinner - something I haven't done for at least two years. We will probably stay there tonight and come round to start the week long party at Granny A's tomorrow. Nothing like having the parents away to run havoc, break some furniture and empty the booze cabinet.... if only....

There will be a pic of a piece of bling on about Tuesday I should think. I need to thank my Granny for that - as the money we inherited from her was used to pay for it. But is nice tribute I think - using some of that money to buy something that will be passed on. Better than the weekly pay offs from English.

I still haven't said a word to hub, and to be perfectly honest it didn't even enter my mind as I was making the decision this morning. He emailed and said he was off on his New Years pachinko extraverganza. Maybe I'll wait and see if he won or not before I tell him. Gotta love the double standards. He MUST tell me everything and all of his money he earns is OUR money, but I am allowed to withhold information at will and any money I earn or have been given is ALL MINE MINE MINE.



anchan said...

Good for you - that's real, proper retail therapy, that is! I'm still waiting for my 'otsukaresama deshita' bling for having 3rd baby. 10 year anniversary was last week. Maybe I should borrow his card...

Jo Tomooka said...

As I always tell Tom, "What I have to do and what you have to do is different".... It sounds like a good investment to me!
Our tenth anniversary is next month.... can't say I really want any bling, but something unrelated to the kitchen would be nice!
Keiko had her baby today - a few days late, but all seems to be well. A boy called Kai (not sure of the English spelling yet).
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ruthie said...

You have to treat yourself now and then and at least some bling will last longer than those Gucci boots I wanted to buy for 450 euros!! Can't wait to see the pic of it. Will be back to work on Monday so will send a long e-mail about my Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that...had the Japan vs. NZ kids' night-time routine argument with my Kiwi Mum 10 years' time, it won't matter one iota to you, your Mum, or your kids. Really.

And heck, if the worst thing you ever do to your kids is get up to them one too many times in the night...

Enjoy your kiwi summer! xx Dotmoll