Monday, 12 January 2009

Corn Fritters

A good old Kiwi favorite. For some reason I felt a sudden corn fritter craving - and had to take the kids to the supermarket to get self raising flour, corn and eggs. The only ingredients Granny A had stocked was the quarter of a can of beer and pinch of salt and pepper.

They worked out pretty well - a lot better than the time I made them for hub. I mean come on, how hard can it be to stuff up a bloody fritter. Me thinks the secret ingredient is the beer. I am presuming that the alcohol in the beer gets cooked off as Shou had one and a half, Marina a half and the floor about two thirds.

Trying very hard thinking what we did today. Our play date got cancelled which was a shame but will be rescheduled. I did ring my dentist - and asked for copies of my latest x-rays so that I can show dentist in Japan. A root canal (what my dentist here suggested I would need) would cost in the vacinity of 700 dollars - which I may be inclined to just pay if it meant getting gassed out for the whole thing. The dentist has told me all I would get was a local anaesthetic but I hate the dentist and I want the serious drugs - which I also am thinking maybe they don't give you if you are pregnant?? I am pretty sure my insurance will cover a lot of the costs in Japan.

I also rang a local independant midwife place and was planning on booking an appointment for Thursday morning so that Granny A would be back (they get back tomorrow) and could look after Shou and Marina while I go. But, the midwife said she was good for half one tomorrow afternoon so she would see me then. Rightio. Half one tomorrow it is then. As long as I am a NZ citizen and I sign something to say that I am receiving regular midwifery (??) care from them then I can get it all for free - and possibly a scan. I told her I wanted one anyway. So, this time tomorrow I may well know whether the bun is a bunster or a bunette.

In other news - Marina took two steps on three separate occassions today. Was highly exciting. If I say 'kiss' she also comes in for the big pash with her mouth wide open. Very cute but I wonder how I get her to close it.

No afternoon naps meant they both went down pretty early tonight. Tomorrow morning is our last make-as-much-noise-as-we-want breakfast :( I am looking forward to Gradad and Granny A getting home tomorrow afternoon because it will mean some more adult talking for me - but on the other hand it has been nice having the freedom to trash the house with toys and run riot.


PS - I didn't even go near the plastic cup cupboard today. Progress??


Anonymous said...

Someone said on the comments that it was just one miserable day. Reality check? According to this blog every day is a miserable day...and there are plenty of archives to prove the point.

The author's got a $2k ring on her finger and she's still not happy. Still angry and throwing cups.

Still whingeing about the kids and her miserable life.

The funny thing is that all you commentors must tune in just to hear her daily misery too must be as sad as she is. What is this, the cup throwing club? You all seem to say your children act as bad as hers do...must be the new way of parenting. Let your kids run amok, throw cups and complain later on a blog to anyone who'll listen and/or comment and moan in sympathy.

No wonder the husband stayed in Japan, he was probably glad to get into the glaring lights of the pachinko parlor for a few hours of sanity.

And yes, i did read this blog of my own volition, and someone shot me down for saying "hey think positive about your could be worse, think of your kids, some people don't have them blah blah" but that fell on deaf ears because sometimes misery loves company, and sometimes it's easier to be miserable than happy.

I bid you goodbye and enjoy your sorry life.

anchan said...

Could be an exciting day tomorrow then - any inkling as to what you think bun might be?

Anonymous (all though you've said your goodbyes, I've no doubt you'll be back reading this), can't you just give it a rest? You're beginning to sound very bitter - are you sure your life is so rosey? I love reading this blog. I enjoy Gaijin Wife's sense of humour, her writing style, her honesty, but that doesn't mean we are the same! If you don't like it, then please move on. Really, please! We don't need your judgemental comments, assuptions and sweeping generalisations. Save those for someone you've actually met. And for the record, my children (yes 'half', not purebred) are fab, they have manners, and are not out of control. Neither do I throw cups or beat them. But they and I all have our 'moments', we are human and not run by a manual.

gaijin wife said...

OK - Just getting silly now.

Lots to say to this but I seriously think you are just after a bite now. I am presuming your last sentence means you wont be back!

But for the record - love the kids, everyday is not miserable, love the bling, and if a few hours at pachinko is all it takes to regain some sanity then maybe I will go too!!

Do you have a blog? I don't post anonymously because I think it's chicken shit but I wouldn't mind making an anonymous comment or two on yours :p

gaijin wife said...

anchan - no idea what bun might be. Prepared for both so either or...

thankyou for nice comments :)

illahee said...

wow, some people seem to forget that a blog usually only represents a very small fraction of a person's life.

for the most part, my children are a joy, a pleasure and so wonderful to spend time with. once in a while, though, i get overwhelmed and well, i just lose it. doesn't make me a bad parent. nor does it make my children demons. just a mommy, just children. that's all. GW just writes about it in a funnier (than me) way. i vastly enjoy this blog.

so does my mom... LOL

Sara said...

GW - Sorry to just be centered on the pregnancy part but thats so exciting!! Hope the bun is cooperative and shows you all they've got!

I think your fritters look yummy too! And doesn't seem so difficult to make! Would you mind posting a recipe or would repeating the feat in Japan be difficult.

Anonymous - I hope that you come back and read this because "comment and run" is really ridiculous. I'm assuming you must be of an adult age but your maturity is appaling. If you aren't interested in the blog don't make this stupid comment which has no point but to irriate both the writer and her readers who enjoy her blog for its humor and insight of life and living abroad with children and foreign relatives etcetra. Most of us in the same position completely understand her statements.

Your opinions are your own but you have no write to think that the anonymous button is your golden ticket to saying your piece and then riding off in to the sunset.

Anyways you are in for a bit of flaming because I as well as many others enjoy this blog quite a bit. I have chosen to block anynomous comments on my blog due to "haters" like you but some people receive comments from family or friends who do not blog and this is the only way to comment on lives of people living half way around the world... but you knew that already right.. since it seems you have such a good grip on reality.

Lulu said...

Oh I want to know if it is a bunster or bunette! Very exciting. So will it be free in NZ?? I don`t think it is free in oz but a lot comes back on medicare.

Very exciting that Marina is up and about and walking a bit- won`t be long til she is up and running. Hub sure will be surprised! I think we need a video!

Anonymous, honestly, you are obviously a very lonely small-minded person who has nothing better to do than complain about others. I hope you really are gone for good because honestly posting anonymously like this is such a cowards thing to do.

GW,you can turn of anonymous comments in blogger I think- perhaps that will get rid of the pests.

kuri & ping said...

How exciting about tomorrow! I'll be waiting to see the updates.

And FWIW, I've actually gotten to meet GW IRL! and her children are wonderful, well-behaved, happily adjusted kids. I hope we can meet up again at Rachel's when you get back and things are a bit more calm.

Looking forward to tomorrow's update!

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous should 'surround herself with positive people' that is the perfect remedy for such a autocritical comment.

A blog is just the thing for doing just that!

Ps am anonymous as I don't blog and do have friends abroad but I might just be tempted to have a go. I fancy having a spot called 'Trussed and Obey' the blog of a full time mum and amateaur corsetiere.

Gina said...

Sorry a bit late in replying, I haven't been using the computer much this weekend. Gomen ne~ But I'm here now and....

I want to say, I think you are fabulous Gaijin wife!
Total support from me as always! I enjoy your blog because you are
honest, funny and really witty! Also, the time I've gotten to know you from your blog,
I can see you are indeed a good mom and you do love your kids a whole bunch! We've all had bad days. I've had bad days myself.

Anyway, on to the food..... I have to say. Those corn fritters look awesome! I love corn fritters! Now you have me wishing for corn fritters.

And yay, I can't wait to find out if you are having a baby boy or a baby girl too! Good luck on your visit my friend!!!

tj-injapan said...

way out of line, anonymous, not cool.

GW is a funny, happy, generous, intelligent and couragous woman and mum, and a fantastic friend to have in real life!

And those corn fritters do look nice (of course anything fried can't be bad for you!) Never had one before, but I might be tempted to fray into the fritter world too if you want to share your recipe.

Anonymous said...

First time reader here. Still trying to figure out how it all works. Interesting blog - how different life is in Japan.... Must say the perfect Anonymous wife and mother appears to have some angry problems herself. Why the need to continue to beat GW with her lovely soft broom (not). Perhaps she is one of those chilled out older mothers living the life of luxury? I have three kids and can say I have had worse days and mother trantrums than GW. My kids are a bit older now but I still remember those endless nights of no sleep and how crazy they make you! My dad said once "be happy with your sprited kids, they will grow up into sprited adults - far better than trained dodos that sit passively staring at the TV" How right he was.....