Sunday, 11 January 2009

My Traumatised Children

Shou doing his cheeky look down at the park yesterday.

Shou 'watering' the buddha!

Marina at the park.

The kids are down for their nap - which isn't code for ignoring them. Quite happy to tell you when am ignoring them ;) They are actually asleep. Took them down to shoe shop because I brought home two left feet yesterday when bought some black sandles. I now have a left and a right :) On way back we got Uncle Dam and I a coffee and went to sisters - where he is babysitting. Gfr was having a bit of time out by the sounds of it. She had obviously overstepped some boundries. Something I guess we keep doing regardless of age.

Found Granny A's secret lollie stash - that she uses when teaching (she home teachers several children with dislexic problems). Note to self - replenish secret lollie stash. Sugar high will probably mean I won't need to resort to smacks and plastic cup throwing - although I imagine I could throw a bit further with this sugar high pent up energy. Calling all plastic cups....


illahee said...

the kids look great. i bet shou is gonna love that buddha picture in the future....

Lulu said...

hehehe, definitely a photo to bring out at Shou`s 21st!!! What a crack up.

The kids are so cute, seriously. If I wasn`t so far away I would offer to babysit them for free cos I think they are that damn cute.

Your hub arrives soon right? Bet you can`t wait.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Slime said...

Wow, I guess I hadn't notice how much your kids really look alike! At first, I thought all three pix were of Shou! They are so adorable! Glad you had a good day.

Ruth said...

When you mentioned the "lollie" stash I thought you were talking about money (just like Dad's stash!) It took me a while to work out where the sugar high was coming from!! Glad its a less controversial blog today, but really enjoyed reading the previous comments. I'll be happy to babysit the kids in Sept. so you can have an okonomiyaki date!

gaijin wife said...

Thankyou! I totally agree. very cuty children :)

Lulu - if you had said that a couple of weeks ago I may well have flagged the bling and sent you and Shun a couple of tickets to come and nanny for a week!!

Ruth - be careful! We may ditch you with the three kids and do a runner!

I wish the lollie stash had been dosh and not lollies.