Thursday, 8 January 2009

Diamonds much better in summer...

Note to self: always buy bling in summer as diamonds look lovely in sunlight. When you aren't used to wearing anything remotely blingy on your fingers it is hard to get used to the sparkle. How do bling lovers cope?

We went for a walk in the vacinity of the shop this morning but I felt like too much of a stalker going in there again after yesterday and they said they would ring when it was ready. So, I saved a bit of face and rang them when I got home and yes the ring was ready to pick up - so after lunch that's what we did, much to Shou's disappointment who thought we were going to buy fire engine shoes. When I tried the ring on the lady kind of looked at me as if and.... so I said "do I get a nice box with it" :). I was expecting some kind of velvet number but obviously two grand is not enough to pay to get a velvet box as well. Ah well, I don't intend on keeping it in the box anyway.

My brother came over last night and I had a lovely chicken kebab with sweet chilli sauce and garlic yoghurt. Yum yum. We had a good chat about things, the universe and quite surprisingly not about his girlfriend much at all. She did text him a few times though so at 10pm he made his departure with the final note... "girlfriend and I would like to offer to look after Shou and Marina some time so you can go out and have some you time. Maybe you and Granny A could go out for lunch just the two of you?"

We haven't set a date but will probably take them up on offer as quite surprisingly Marina has taken a liking to girlfriend and Shou thinks uncle Dam (not his name but Shou thinks it is) is quite cool so I imagine wouldn't be too upset about me leaving him with them. I think I will save my babysitting coupon for me time to use just like that - on me and only me - or maybe when hub is here so we can go out for brunch or lunch or dinner or something. I imagine a lunch out with Granny A could well run into the topic of raising kids and that would so not count as 'me time'.

Or, perhaps a coffee and a tint and pluck or two...

So, here go the double standards again. Girlfriend hasn't won me over and yet here I am, contemplating leaving my first born son (and possible only born sorn) and princess with her for a few hours. Perhaps she can feel the vibe and thinks this will help matters. Well... it definately won't hurt the ratings.

I do believe there are two back to back CSI programs on now.



thefukases said...

ba ba bling!!

That's gorgeous!!

Now you've just got to get your husband to take you places where you can wear it!

illahee said...

awesome bling!! so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awww that's lovely! Lucky you! Enjoy shite ne! Did you buy it at Michael Hill? I bought some $20 earings from there not too long ago and they came in a box just like it! You would think they would have some nice velvet boxes for purchases over a certain amount. Oh well! Like you said, you don't plan on leaving it in the box! Aussie Katie

gaijin wife said...

Kattie - your 'Enjoy shite ne' made me laugh because one of the junior high boys I used to teach would ask me every lesson if hub and I had 'Enjoy shita'ed the night before - and he was defiantely not refering to admiring bling. lol. Yes was from Michael Hill.

thefukases - if hub had any choices of bling takeable places in Kunimi I would make him. But alas, the greese splattered okonomiyaki place is about as good as it gets and that place may well be one place the bling doesn't get to see.

anchan said...

Bling-a-ling! It's gorgeous - and now you have the perfect excuse to indulge in a regular manicure, after all it needs to be shown off to it's best!

Gina said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ring!!!! Some definite bling!!! It truly dazzles! Great taste Gaijin wife! : )

Anonymous said...

ROTFL! What a cheeky kid! One of the Japanese teachers I used to work with once told me to "enjoy shite" a holiday or something! I guess that's where I got it from.

P.S Does your hub have any mates that would be intersted in an almost 28 Aussie sheila?

P.P.S I'm serious!

Aussie Katie

Sara said...

ohhhh pretty!!!

enjoy your "me time" while your bro and his gf take care of S and M

Lulu said...

Beautiful bling!!!!! Love it!

Uncle Dam, that cracked me up!

Hope you get some "me time" if bro & gf look after the kids!!

Ruth said...

That bling is fabulous!! I love it and if I were getting an engagemnet ring I'd get something like that. Can't wait to see it in real life. I'm also intrigued to find out more about the girlfriend in law!

kuri & ping said...

Be-youuuuu-ti-ful!!! So sparkly! BTW, bling lovers deal with it by wearing all our bling at the same time. I can very rarely tear away my eyes from my hands when I'm in direct sunlight. :)

Entertainment for toddlers (sorry, can't help with Shou!)...this is what worked for the Pinglet. Crayons were a big hit. She colored (in the coloring book, as well as on the food tray and walls, whoops) for about 30 minutes, but the biggest hit was giving her a little pencil case so she could put the crayons in and take them out...again and again and again.

She also like etch-a-sketch and the playing cards from the airline. The airline food was also great fun. :) Hope you don't have to drug hub to make sure he stays healthy for the return flight!

tj-injapan said...

(I thought I commented on this yesterday but am obviously losing my mind. anyway....) bling it on, girl!! veeeeeeeeeeeery nice!!
hope you get out with no false alarms when you pick hub up at airport.