Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Bling.....

pic is still not a happening. Sorry. Still no call to say has finished being re-sized. Hopefully tomorrow. Still another 24 hours to grow beautifully long and manicured nails. As is they do not deserve being adorned with bling.

Went for big morning walk - as in all breakfasted and changed by seven thirty and back from walk by eight thirty. Marina had marathon nap and I fell asleep in Shou's bed for an hour and a half while he completely trashed his room with blocks, duplo and cars. After lunch we vacated the premises because the cleaning lady was coming and Shou has a love affair with vacuum cleaners so better to be gone than annoy the cleaning lady. Clean in Japanese is 'souji' and vacuum cleaner is 'soujiki' which really just translates to cleaning machine. Every time I tell Shou the 'souji' lady is coming he calls her the 'soujiki' lady :)

We were going to go straight to the ducks but town was going off - as in very busy and lazy summer day touristy looking with a live band playing in the street and generally just fun - so I parked up and we went walking for an hour, which included a wee sushi stop and just a few purchases in the 40% sale at kiddies shop. Had the kids been more into it I would have made may way to the other end of town and purchased some overpriced sunglasses - that I tried on the other day thinking they were only 51 dollars, the number on their tag. Not to be though which is probably good as any sunglasses I buy get completely trashed by self and kids. 15 dollars should be my limit.

After town we went to feed the ducks - some stale bread and left over banana cake. Shou spent five minutes trying to catch one and was greatly disappointed when I made him get in the car without a duck under his arm. Last stop was the supermarket and then home so Shou could spend an hour following the cleaning lady about her business.

Brother and his friends arrived early evening for a swim, including a gaijinwife and child. The gaijinwife is from Denmark and their son is one month older than Marina. So while Shou ran naked round the pool while the big boys were on life saving duties, Marina had a playmate. To his credit he even ate the rice and miso soup I had made for the kids. Marina scoffed back two plates and Shou just about fell off his seat he was so excited to see some furikake rice sprinkles. All three kids then had a bath and then brother and friends left for dinner and the house was silent once again - well as silent as it can be with Shou and Marina bashing away on the piano.

Brother said we should catch up again tomorrow night and that he would call up with his girlfriend. I asked him if he wanted to come up for dinner on his own this time - seeing as I haven't actually seen him without her glued to his side or with her feet round his waist (or sitting on his lap or with her tongue down his throat or ... ) He said he would ring tomorrow arvo so we could synchronize watches. His diet I think will probably only allow him to have a chicken salad but me thinks that would be good for me too.

My big book reading session didn't happen last night as other sister, back from camping, came over for catch up. Other sister also rang today and we got over yesterday's misunderstanding which has made me feel lot better as even though was very trivial thing was very unusual way for this sister to react. She is so not the confrontational type. Other sister said when they got home their house was very tidy and dinner for that night had been made so is no wonder really that sister thought I looked angry at her - she had been cleaning and cooking and sorting out luggage, packing car and of course organizing a hub and two kiddies all morning. I probably would have acted same way. Maybe I should say sister 1 and sister 2. S1 can be the older one - who is five years older than me, lives round the round from Granny A's, has three daughters aged 12, 10 and 8 and who has just been away for a week camping - hence why we and then sister 2 were allowed to stay at her house. S2 lives in Auckland and is 14 months older than me. She has two daughters who are a little bit younger than Shou and Marina. She is the one I had the misunderstanding with and S1 is the one who came round last night for catch up. Right, easier to understand? Probably not

Anyway, here's hoping I get to upload some bling pics tomorrow.



Jo Tomooka said...

You can tell Shou that he can come and catch a chicken when you get back. They are a little easier to catch than ducks!
Sounds like you are having your ups and downs there. I found it hard to be living in someone else's house with nothing that I "had" to do for 3 months... Great though....
Strange request, but if there was a small bottle of sherry at duty free and you could be bothered carrying it then it would be great - no matter how much I search here there seems to be none! PLEASE DON'T WORRY about it though - I totally understand that duty free shopping then duty free carrying is not fun with 2 kids!
Enjoy your last weeks. They will fly!

illahee said...

i got it straight, i think. so you have two brothers and two sisters? or just one brother?

...but i got the sister thing sorted. :D

am looking forward to bling pic!