Saturday, 17 January 2009

Another Beautiful Day

And while it didn't end so beautifully because it took an hour to get the princeling off to sleep, it was still a very nice Napier day.

Granny A came down with us to the park this morning where Shou spent most of the time throwing his water bottle down the slide and Marina throwing bits of bark everywhere. Throwing must be in the genes?? :p Picked up some sushi and club sammies on the way home - the policeman sushi shop as Shou called it. The other day we were there and a policeman just happened to be in behind us getting his lunch. Shou was nearly in hungry meltdown mode so I tried a "there's a policeman behind you Shou, he doesn't look very happy", which he didn't but he walked in looking like that so more probably due to morning spent chasing baddies as opposed to noisy two year old meltdown. It worked. And he kept looking out for the policeman today too.

After naps we pooled it again and Shou actually spent a good half hour in his kiddy ring - loving it. Was highly entertaining and Granny and Grandad got in too. Marina was content sucking back water (from bottle not pool) and eating crackers in the her play pen.

Didn't get around to blogging last night as went round to S1's to talk business and drink tea. Got ultrasound pics yesterday - and they aren't like the actual photo pics you get in Japan they are like X-rays that need to be stuck up on a lighted panel. Loads of them that I will give to my doctor in Japan next month. Still no word on the blood results which the midwife thought would be through yesterday.

We were meant to be going to Granny K Rocks T-shirt boys house this weekend but after six weeks and as many trips away I voted for not doing the piling the kids and every possession we own in the car and doing the road trip. Grandad has been surprisingly good since getting back from their trip and maybe we are finally getting into some sort of groove - Murphy's law that it happens three days before we fly to Auckland and ten days before we fly home.

Well, my bid for some bob the builder plastic toys on Trade me is coming up to closing. Cheap at the price - if we won the auction.



Lulu said...

haha, had to laugh about the policeman. I am so totally going to tell my future children if they are not good then I will leave them at the koban with the big bad foreign hating policeman on the corner. I can not wait :P

I think it is great that Shou likes the water. I hated it when I was younger and despised swimming lessons that my mum made me go to from before I could talk (and yes I remeber it was that traumatising!) but my brother loved the water from before he could walk. He thought he could breathe under it though so while he could swim he was a little thick. hehe.

Enjoy your last couple of days with your parents in Napier. Hope all goes well!

Gina said...

I hope you won the auction!!! : )

Jo Tomooka said...

I'm glad that soon you will be back so you can no longer talk about how nice and hot it is there! The sun is finally shining here, but it is freezing....
Looking forward to seeing you again soon.