Monday, 29 December 2008

The Zoo

I have some great pics of Shou feeding some goats, ostriches, alpacas, llamas... but our camera connection is at Granny A's so the pics will have to wait. The morning was a bit testing and despite being now able to make as much noise as they want at breakfast time I found myself just about having to put them in time out until they are 18. I went past the sushi shop on the way to our victor bravo meeting spot with Granny K Rocks T-shirt Boy's mum. The thing that saved me was a new cafe opened up beside the sushi shop that served ice lattes. It is HARD to find good ice coffee in New Zealand. And I don't mean ones with all the works, I just mean bog standard cold coffee. Sure, I could have made a hot one last night and left it on the bench and drunk it this morning but it's just not the same.

We arrived at the farmyard zoo at approximately the same time as the other half of Napier that weren't in town enjoying the sales (and no doubt buying up all my bling). Payed five dollars for Shou, who immediately ignored all the cute animals, lambs and peacocks roaming free and headed straight for the old tractor, where he stayed in farmland fantasy for about ten minutes.

Finally coaxed him away with a cup of corn to feed the goats and biggest pig have ever seen. It was still feeding it's eight or so piglets so is no wonder it had beefed up for the motherly months. My boobs have been getting a bit sore lately and I am only producing one. Imagine the state of them to get ready for eight - no nipple protectors and boob crack lotion for mother pig. Poor wee thing. No wonder she lives in a pit of mud and sleeps all day. A single mother to eight...

We walked around the wee farm and Shou (and me) were highly entertained. Granny K Rocks T-shirt boy's mum was pushing Marina in her pram so I forgot about her most of the time. She didn't seem too put out but was getting very sleepy by the time we hit the carpark to go home.

We had a wee visit with a friend this afternoon. I had good intentions of seeing her pics from recent trip to South America and hearing all about her antics with Spanish nurses and Peruvian doctors, but alas, Shou was on speed again and intent on not letting us get a good few words in. Needless to say the pics remained away for another day.

So, a releatively busy day and now the two sproglets are sleeping. I need a dose of crap TV or maybe a bath and a book.

Hub mailed and said he has spent the last two days doing 'osoji' the spring cleaning most Japanese people do before New Years. He listed everything he did and said how he wished I could see the sparkling house. I wish I could see it too. It has a whole month to get Granny K-ified before we get home. Don't be fooled. Granny K doesn't help with the osoji for the house - in fact I would be pushed to believe she even did her own room. Hub also did the garden and no doubt shined the hub caps to within an inch of their life. Shou and I did try to ring but to no avail - perhaps he was rewarding himself with a post spring clean pachinko outing, or was too busy cleaning the windows to get to the phone. Hmmmmmm. Shou left a very loud 'papa daisuki' (love you daddy) on the answer machine instead.

Right, off to enjoy some me time.


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Lulu said...

I hope he said papa daisuke with the emphasis on the SUKE with spiddle getting all over the phone. hehe.

I did some osoji yesterday, of our bedroom at least. It is just too damn hot to do much more unfortunately. 36 degrees today, bloody hell.

Probably pretty warm in NZ also- meeting up with T from TJKR tomorrow again & hope to hear some more funny stories about you :P

We will all have to meet up in the middle of Japan between us all sometime!

The zoo sounds good- NZ does good zoo`s. The one in Auckland, with the wooden walk through part with the African animals is just awesome. I loved it!

I think we all might need to see a picture of this Granny K rocks T-shirt- it is getting more than a little famous.

Glad you found the ice coffee this morning- Shun is the same and always has to say iced cofee please with no icecream, cream or sugar thank you!