Thursday, 11 December 2008

Missing Granny K ??

Yet again I thought I would try to have an early night and yet again I am no where near the sleepy stage. My friend (mother of Granny K Rocks T-shirt boy) has let me borrow her bed-side-gate-fence-fall-out-stopperer-thingy to put on Shou's bed so that hopefully he doesn't fall out of bed tonight and will therefore sleep all night - which would be a bloody miracle.

Granny A and I took the kids to the park this morning where Shou tried out every piece of play equipment in the space of about three minutes. Forty minutes later and he had utterly exhausted his park play enthusiasm and we headed for the pond, where about two hundred ducks waddle over for some cracker crumbs. Cheeky little buggers. It was mummy that had to put an end to the fun cause one duck was eating my hand and another was trying to munch on my top. We went home via the garden center which had another play area and a cafe so we could replenish our energy levels on frapps and sammies. The afternoon was quiet with Marina having an OK nap and Shou only forty minutes, followed by two hours outside playing with the sprinkler and picking prickles out of his feet.

So, to the title. Missing Granny K. I'm not missing her in the sense that I wish she was here... that would just be being silly. But, I am starting to realise that I don't appreciate the woman enough. Christ, I bet that is going to come back and bite me in the ass. Granny K, despite her crap advice and the fact that I despise living under the same roof as my husband's mother, is a 'granny granny'. She looks after the kids a lot - when I have English, when I need to take one or the other somewhere and even sometimes when I just ask her for no reason except that hub and I would like to go out for lunch on our own - or dinner after the kids are asleep. And she seems to actually really enjoy it, although Shou tires her out a bit too much now. Granny A isn't as much of a granny granny as Granny K. I am going to have a wee pathetic vent here, which I probably shouldn't because Granny A will read this...

Marina turned one on October 26. We didn't really celebrate it because she was going in for her operation the next day. I didn't expect that my whole family in New Zealand would decide to 'miss' the occassion as well. "You're coming home in a month, we can celebrate it, give prezzies to Marina, then" i can understand not sending prezzies when they will be seeing us so soon, but Marina didn't get one single card from her New Zealand family. She did however get a lovely card and package of goodies from the mother of my friend in Ireland, whom I have never met. Granny A asked me what Marina would want for her birthday. I suggested a card would be a good start as it is the first birthday cards you want to keep. Shou has loads. Marina has three. I almost feel the need to buy some and send them to her just so when she's older she wont wonder why everybody sent them to Shou and not her.

Anyway, after suggesting that Granny A start with a card Marina did infact get one - two days ago. It was an arty card of some dragon flies - which I can understand why Granny A chose after spending a couple of weeks in our summer fighting off the numerous swarms of dragon flies, but for a one year old!! Bring on the cutesy and the bling cards. So mum, that's that said. Marina loves her brithday clothes you got her but she has said to tell you that she thinks it is only fair that her younger brother or sister gets a birthday card actually on their first birthday. You can forget two, three, four and five but she thinks that one is a bit of a biggy.

That said though I do have it cruisy while I am here. I haven't had to cook a single meal for myself, clean or do any washing. A cleaning lady comes in once a week and Granny A does everything else. I thought I would be doing my share and I know I should but for the moment I am just enjoying it.

Grandad I is going away for the weekend. He needs time away every now and then when the house has small kids in it again. Don't really want the kids to be running screaming through the hallway and kitchen at 6 in the morning - which inevitably is what happens. I am trying to teach my two year old how to whisper (yeah right) and to my utter discredit and shame as a mother I have told him that Grandad is scary when he gets angry so he better eat his vegemite on toast in silence or else. So far so good.

Tomorrow I am walking the kids down on a big circuit of town that involves going past the Napier port - which has lots of boats and at the moment a lot of construction work. Brownie points for mummy for taking Shou to see diggers and cranes. Might have to bypass starbucs for a fix before struggling up the hill with the pram. If Granny A joins us it means at least I won't be pushing the double pram up the hill and drive, which could well cause me to pass out.

Well, I might watch a bit of telly - apart from an American, Spanish hola version of Bob The Builder (which has talking spanners and screwdrivers and hammers instead of diggers and bulldozers) I haven't watched much TV at all.

Hub emails every morning asking how the kiddies and the bump (and his lovely gaijin wifey) are. He transferred some of his bonus to my account today - yay. All the less money for him to use at the big 'P' on the way home from his end of year work do tomorrow!


Shit, nearly forgot about this pic from the girls weekend. Friend of baby on left sent it through today. Classic. Babies are (from left) Alix (8 months), Marina (14 months) & Olivia (14 weeks)


illahee said...

oh, cute babies.

and, you nearly had me fainting with the title here!! my MIL is so not a granny granny. i think my mom is, though. sadly, guess which one lives closer (ok, i guess you don't really have to guess...)

anchan said...

Fab photo - Olivia looks so concerned for Marina!

Grannys, eh? Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Angela, aka anchan

Jo Tomooka said...

Hi Katy,
It sounds like you are having a nice mixed holiday... at least when you get back to Japan you will appreciate Granny K for at least the first week. Our chickens arrived tonight and my Mum arrives on Monday so things are all go here now!
Enjoy the rest of your "holiday".

Sara said...

Pi pa pi pa! (best japanese kyukyusha imitation) That New Zealand sun shine must be warping your brain!

Hehe just kidding.

Glad you are having fun!! Wow Marina is big... well in comparision to an 8 month old and 14 week old!

Are you going to get Granny K some omiyage? And awww to the hubby for being in close contact I'm sure he misses you all.

tj-injapan said...

so Granny K really does rock, hey?

I so know what you mean about not lifting a finger - I felt bad about it about a week into being here, but figure hey, WE need a break too right, so I am rolling with it now, haha.

As for scary granddads, all the other 3 grandkids (and me actually) were shit scared of pop (my dad). But it seems that K has totally taken to him - she wakes up in the morning saying "pop, pop". This time, HE seems to shit scared to tell her off in case it will upset her (he doesn't want to be mean pop anymore, I guess) so we are looking for alternatives as we can't bribe her with the ol "Pop's coming" trick.

have a great weekend