Thursday, 4 December 2008

We Have Landed


Just a catch up...

The trip was, as expected, pretty horendous. The trip to the airport was doable, as was the flight to Korea. We ended up getting a room at the transit hotel in Incheon airport so the kids could run havoc without us having to chase them through duty free and hoards of shoppers. Shou convinced me to take him shopping which turned out to be an Air Korea plane and emergency vehicle set. As soon as he had expressed an interest in it I was almost WWF body slammed by a Korean sales woman and made (for lack of a better word) to buy it. Shou was chuffed and easily persuaded, with his new goodies under his arm, to accompany me to the clinique counter, where I was somehow again persuaded to buy the complete set because quite obviously I needed the night cream as well as the day cream!!

The flight to Auckland was a bit horriffic. Shou, to his credit, did sleep for about a full five hours. Thirty minutes on his chair before he kind of slinky dinky-ed himself onto the floor and slept there for four hours! Marina had a total of two hours during the night flight - all of which was in daddy's arms. I got nothing that resembled anything even close to sleep but somehow we managed to get through it.

The excitement of arriving in New Zealand again, plus a strong shot of coffee, got me through the balls up over the rent a car. We got a big holden that was nice to drive but needed a strong step on the gass to get moving. Shou wasn't used to going round corners at such speed so he got carsick and threw up twice, which in hindsight could have had something to do with the popscicle he chopped back.

Our few days in Tauranga was well worth it. Despite the chunders, it was an OK drive down and I only had to relenquish the steering wheel for the last twenty minutes - which unfortunately included hub having to go through about five round-a-bouts, something Japan has yet to discover the greatness of.

My friend has a daughter Amelie, who played with Shou and they had a great time.
We had a lazy day the next day with a trip to the beach for hubs and toddlers and coffee and muffins for the mums and Marina.

We arrived back in Napier, my home town, with three minutes to spare getting the rent a car back on time. There was a family dinner that night and all the excitement had Marina spewing her ring out all over the cot. She seemed OK after that though and got a relatively good sleep. Shou, who was sleeping in a normal bed, without rails, fell out three times and has every night since. We have a pilt of pillows stacked on the floor to soften the falls!!

Hub left this morning and was very sad to go. Shou and I went down to the airport to see him off and point at the planes and generally run round touching everything and making lots of noise. Shou has since wanted the plane to please 'give daddy back'.

We are off tomorrow to see some girlfriends from university, two out of three who also have sprogs they are bringing along. We are renting a big house and I imagine we will spend the weekend catching up and playing mummies and no doubt wishing I could join in on the vinos being had.

My mum just went past and said it was OK to write about her seeing as I haven't got Granny K to rubbish! Not that I plan on rubbishing my mum but fairs fair. Since I have been home my dad is THE ONLY person to say congratulations on the bump. My sister asked a few questions, as did my brother. Mum has had some advice about the amount and length of garments Shou and Marina are wearing to bed and did feel the need to go into detail about how much and the tons of different kinds of food my sisters toddler and baby eat. We have had a talk and decided to come to an agreement that will involve her still saying what she wants followed by me saying thankyou for the advice but I still plan on doing it my way, followed by her then not saying anything else - which was where we were getting worked up. We have also decided that dinners will be me sorting out Shou and Marina, mum cooking for her and dad to eat at their usual time of half six, and then me cooking whatever I feel like. She has made dinners since we got here but my dad can't handle the energy (!!) of having the kids at the dinner table (and half six is too late for them anyway), and I can't handle the pressure of feeling I need to have the kids in bed by half seven to eat with mum and dad - which they were willing to do but which went pearshapped tonight because I didn't have shou asleep until after eight.

Ah well, it is still nice to be home and, despite hub not being here, I think Shou, Marina and I will survive the next couple of weeks just fine.

Might be time for another cuppa before bed - Marina and I are sharing a room. She is the nosiest sleeper and last night I almost felt like taking her cot out to the shed. Tonight I need to be that little bit closer to sleep myself before I get into bed.



illahee said...

sounds like you're having a lovely time!

kasandora said...

so good to hear from your blog again! I am glad you are having a good time in NZ and hope your hub had a safe flight back!

Rachel said...

Glad you made it back okay (well, kind of okay!) What is it about cars after planes? Guaranteed to make Amy sick too,but we persist.

Amy also slept the first time in a bed when we went back when she was nearly 2. And she fell out too!

We put the pillows in the bed, going down the side under the blankets and tucked in to form a barrier. And a spare matress on the floor in case!

Have fun and eat lots of yummy food!

Gina said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time!!! Have fun!!! : )