Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Twas the night before Christmas...

I miss the days when Christmas was so much fun and we would try and go to bed at half six in the hope we would get to sleep earlier than normal. I am sure the excitement will come back next year and the years after that when the kids are older and getting excited - probably a bit of which will be about getting a day off school no doubt. The 23rd of December is a public holiday in Japan - the emperor's birthday. Pity his mum couldn't cross her legs for another two days but what can you do. If the emperor wants out I guess he wants out.

Marina threw up a couple of times yesterday but was in such good spirits otherwise that I just thought it was something she ate - you know, all this foreign food I've been feeding her and all. She threw up again this morning though so, in between putting the washing machine on it's second and third cycles Granny A and I took the kids to the doctors. In Japan the last hospital day before some public holidays would equal a waiting room full of frantic mothers with kids with 38 degree temps, a few coughs and no doubt a few already hooked up to an hour or so drip - to deal with the severe symptoms.

The doctors here was quiet as. Shou had free reign of the kiddies corner while Marina and I saw the doctor. Due to her history the doctor suggested we take a pee sample pack home and bring it down later to test for a bladder infection. So, pee sample pack stuck in place (like pulling big plaster off your fanny when you take it off. Can't be pleasant) we headed off to the supermarket. Stupid idea. Who goes to the supermarket the day before Christmas? Absolute chaos and a surprising number of people who had obviously left there big Christmas and holiday shop until today - not just running in to get the odd punnet of strawberries or extra bottle of bubbly.

Two hungry children and a frazzled Granny and mother later and we get home. Marina has a post-lunch chunder before Shou and I head off to take her pee sample back to the docs and then head to Granny-K Rocks T-shirt boy's Granny's House for his little brother's first birthday party.

So, Marina does have a bladder infection but it obviously isn't too bad as the nurse wasn't too concerned that sending it to the labs for further tests would probably take a day or two. I had a one hour time limit to get to the docs, pick up a prescription, get to the birthday party in time to sing Happy Birthday and blow at the candle and get back home. The cake by the way was fabulous and I wish I had my camera. Although having a record of it on my blog will just show me up in years to come when none of my cakes look that good. The candle got lit enough times so that all kids of candle blowing age were allowed a go.

We made a hasty exit and went home via the chemist to get Marina's meddy. A quiet evening followed of no more chunders, dinner and a bath. They are both now asleep - Shou with his arms wrapped round a concrete mixer and Marina on top of a freshly washed change of sheets - in what is so far a chunder smell free room.

I am on puddings for tomorrow so I need to get to it and sort out what I can tonight. The less I have to do tomorrow morning with kids wrapped round my legs the better. Everyone is arriving at half twelve for a sit down propper Chrissy dinner at one. My plan is to keep the kids up in the morning, put Shou outside on his leash for an hour or so to run round a bit, so that they are very sleepy and ready to crash just before people start arriving. It will of course mean mummy has to do a five minute wardrobe change into her frock but nevermind. It could well turned pearshaped - as the best laid plans often do - and end up with me and two screaming children down the other end of the house, the end that come about three will be noisy and party central as everyone congregates there with champers and chocolate for the prezzie opening session.

I hope everyone gets want they want from Santa.


Fingers Crossed.


Gina said...

Happy holidays and I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Gaijin wife and family! : )

Nay said...

Merry Christmas Gaijin Wife - I hope that everything works out the way you want it to and you end up having a wonderful day tomorrow. Happy holidays!!

illahee said...

merry christmas. i hope the plans go your way instead of pear way!!

Lulu said...

Merry Christmas GW & family- I do hope your Christmas is lovely.

Poor Marina getting sick!! Hope she gets better quickly.

Have a wonderful time.

Violet said...

Merry Christmas GW! I hope Marina gets better soon and they both get tuckered out tomorrow and crash out just before the guests arrive.

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. It was getting lonely over there and I was wondering whether to pack the whole thing in. But perhaps I will persist. Still not sure about this whole blogging thing - like to read others but not sure about writing my own.

Have a great day tomorrow! Shame you won't be able to partake in the champers...