Friday, 26 December 2008

The Almost Champions

The Stocking!! Not much in it but that was probably a good thing as everything bar the plastic green toaster got discarded anyway!
At the kitchen bench with new toys. Shou with a piece of toast in mid-flight and Marina having more fun with the packet.
Granny A and Marina in her Christmas dress, that got covered in cherry juice but which Granny A managed to napisan clean again. I can't wait till Marina has some hair and I can have something to stick a pretty girlie clip or band in.

So today.... the pentanque competition.
My eighty plus great Aunt declined to play - what with having a walker and all. I therefore was thrown into the draw to keep numbers even. We ended up with five teams and my partner was Mike, my brother in law's brother.

Marina had a nap this morning but as the pentanque playing lawn is right outside her and Shou's bedroom windows the afternoon naps, after the competition was in full swing, was so not going to happen. And it didn't. Despite both being very tired Marina and Shou did a stella effort in keeping awake and in good form. I think Shou only removed a ball from play once. Granny A removed more than that - or rather got them removed because she had too much vino and forgot her game, obviously thinking she was an Australian cricket player and resorting to an underarm bowl. Definately not in the rules.

Mike and I did very well despite my having a child on hip half the time. I was also the most sober person on the green - something that usually works against you on a pitch that is so bumpy. Sometimes pays to not be able to see properly in these situations. It was a round robin tournament with each team playing three games and a final at the end. We won two out of our three and had to play Granny A and my brother in the final. Things didn't get too agro, although the tape measure did make a number of appearances.

The family tends to not be very PC when there is festive beverages on hand (actually not very PC when completely sober either) and have named the drop shops - where you go for a direct hit to knock someones ball out of play - the hiroshima or the kamikaze. I did a couple of fabulous ones and was hence knicknamed the kyushu bomber.

We lost the final but all in all it was a very entertaining afternoon that wound down at about half four. The kids, like everyone, grazed on food all day and so come dinner time I just tried to shove in as much as I could and then let them be. Shou just about fell asleep in the bath and was asleep in bed two minutes after we went there - at 6:02. Marina took a bit longer but is in peaceful slumber now and both will hopefully stay that way until tomorrow - yeah right.

Hub had his last day of work today and is now about two hours away from going on the lash in Kunimi with his office. The office has an official end of year party and then a not so official one on the last day of work - I usually make him pick one of the two and he usually picks the official one because it means going to the city and staying in a hotel - which of course equals a whole night of uninterrupted kiddy sleep. I have emailed and, to my credit, told him a big 'otsukare' for the last day and that I hope he enjoys the night on the lash with the office. I didn't even put any 'don't drink' too much' or 'be good's in there!! Ooooh, the restraint.

I was hoping too get to the jewlers for the start of their boxing day sale today but Granny A had too much to get ready this morning to look after a child for that long. I want Michael (Michael Hill Jewlers Michael) to get me a nice diamond on no deposit eighteen months interest free - the kind that I can pass on to Marina in years to come. If I had a nice bit of bling on my left hand I wouldn't bother but unfortunately I have to wait until our ten year anniversary for that and it is my belief that after three pregnancies, three births, and three years of sleepless nights and shitty nappies, that I deserve one of the following....

a) some sleep (might get my nights back in a few years)
b) a personal trainer (don't think Kunimi does those)
c) some time to go to a gym to get even half my body back (Kunimi doesn't do gyms either)
d) a nice coffee shop so I can regain some sanity on a regular basis (ditto)
e) some bling

So, for lack of actual viable choices I have decided on some bling. I could pay it off with an English lesson a week and when I think of it in those terms it doesn't seem so bad. It will mean however that I will have to pull my head in about hub going to the odd pachinko session - within reason of course and as long as it doesn't involves any 'woe is me, I work so hard / have to work overtime' lies.

So, boxing day sales didn't get a look in but hopefully I can convince Granny A tomorrow to look after the devil child for an hour or so while Marina and I go shopping for girlie bling. So.... is this the kind of thing one reports to one's husband about or do I just turn up with it on? Or do I wait until after the bun comes out as inevitably my fingers will expand and I definately don't want a bit of nice bling getting sawn off because some dishwashing liquid and force wouldn't cut the mustard.

Hmmmm, anyway. Watch this space for the bling pic.

I do believe there is a bit more grazing to be done before bed and even another chick flick tonight.



illahee said...

just show up with it on! be sure to take it off before swelling begins...


Lulu said...

I had to look up what pentanque was on wikipedia (love that thing!) but I am on par now with what it is- we call it boule!

Sounds like a fun afternoon!!!Although I can see that playing less than sober would of made it a little more interesting.

My father is also a very un PC person at times- he refers to Shun & our future kids as little kamaikaze`s.

Shou & Marina look so cute in their christmas pictures- Love Marina`s dress!

Look forward to the bling pic!