Friday, 12 December 2008


Not sleepy in the sense that I would sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but sleepy in that, after the performances put on by Marina and Shou last night, I should damn well be sleepy now. Mummy was not in the mood for walking to see any silly diggers and forklifts this morning. Not a chance.

Marina woke up twice and Shou woke up three times - every time he got his arm or leg stuck down between the bed and the mesh of the bed-fall-out-stopperer thing. I have been a bit sleepy lately during the days and having been saying 'ahhh, tsukareta (I'm tired)' quite a lot. Shou now says it which, if I am really tired, pisses me off because he says it when he is being pushed in the pram or even sitting down having some quiet time with mummy.

The god's must have been smiling this morning though cause for a good hour all of us got some sleep, helping me get through the aftertoon of sprinkler fun and ... Shou seeing if he could pee along with the water from the sprinkler !!! He was running round nuddies for most of the day which has been good for the toilet training.

My sister's eldest daughter Georgina came around this evening. Her two sisters are at Karate camp and mum and dad are at a Chrissy party so she got stuck with Granny A and Auntie K and two mad kids. We had fish n chips for tea - yum yum yum. I can't believe we have been here for two weeks already and this was our first. Shou wasn't overly keen on anything but the tom sauce but Marina scoffed back a fair few number of chips. They were both asleep by quarter past seven and I took George with me to do some shopping.

On the bun front - I can still wear my jeans but wouldn't be able to run miles in them. Granny A bought me some fab preggy capri pants today which no doubt I will thrash while I am here. My doctor back in Japan is going to have a fit at my next appointment in February. I haven't felt bun move yet but then there are a few more layers than last time!

Hub is, as I type, probably knocking back beers at his end of year office party in the city. Actually no, he will be probably on the way there. Yay, a whole night of sex, drugs and rock and roll without my wife mailing me every half an hour warning me about not drinking too much and what time I have to come home at in the morning and to NOT have a hangover that will be so bad I can't do my share of the kid stuff all weekend.

Cheers hub, enjoy it while it lasts.



illahee said...

your niece is very pretty.

nekkid in the sprinklers, sounds like fun!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late getting over here = ) I sure hope you are well and got some much needed rest and sleep.. the little super man looks... awfully cute = )

Have a fab weekend.