Sunday, 7 December 2008

Single Mum

I've only been doing this single mum lark since hub left on Thursday and already I can see how if I was a real single mother, I would have noticeably less hair and more wine stocked in the fridge. Actually I take that back. I would probably be on the tequillas most mornings by about eleven.

I'm sure Shou, Marina and I will get into more of a routines as the days tick by but as of today.... it's hard bloody yacker. My temper, which was not particularly well paced anyway, has been shot to shreds and I am surprised the social welfare hasn't come and arrested me yet - now that New Zealand has a no smacking law. Whatever. Who made that up?? Some prat who never had to look after two or more toddlers for more than an hour at a time.

Me and the kiddlie winks went down for a girls weekend (plus Shou) in Palmerston North. The house that we had rented had quite exceptional decor which actually made it less scary when the kids (read as Shou all on his own) started to trash the place - which began approximately five seconds after we walked in the door. I was the first to arrive on Friday so I got first choice of rooms. I chose a room with a double bed I could push against the wall so Shou wouldn't fall out when he shared the bed with me - or perhaps more importantly so I couldn't push him out after him sconing me in the face with his foot in the middle of the night. What is so fun about sleeping horizontally across ALL the pillows and mum's face?

The room also had a large wardrobe that had two doors that, when Marina's portacot was put in there, could almost close. So yes, you read that correctly. Marina slept in the wardrobe. And by cricky what a fantastic idea that turned out to be. After realising that she did indeed get enough air and wasn't going to suffocate, I got two very good night sleeps and afternoons of semi-peace when she was napping. She couldn't stand up and look out at the room - only blackness with a 10cm slit of light where the doors didn't quite shut. Think I might need hub to whack up a wardrobe like that when we get home! And maybe another down stairs that shuts all the way with a lock - so I can give Granny K some time out.

Speaking of Granny K. We stopped in at another friends house on the way home today. My friend has a four year old son who was modelling a t-shirt that read 'Granny K Rocks'. I WANT ONE!! Her hub had made it when he found out we were coming to play. I really should have taken a pic.

The girls catch up weekend was great though and we reminisced about university and laughed at the sight of us all pushing our designer buggies down the footpaths that ten years ago we had probably stumbled down and chucked all over after a hard friday or saturday (or sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday) night out. We gossiped and ate too much chocolate and turkish kababs - not together, and spent last night playing slutty scrabble, which is scrabble but with naughty words. I think the best, and most correctly spelt words we came up with were tart, smut and grunt. There were a few that I can't repeat and all in all it was quite a laugh.

One of my girlfriends has a 13 week old baby. In fact we have since worked out that while she was in labour with her first child hub and I were having the international relations meeting that resulted in the bun. Ahem. Anyway, said friend is breast feeding her beautiful bubs and in order to enjoy a glass of wine with the girls she was expressing some milk. Shou, being a typical male, found the sight of her very large boobies to be almost hypnotic. He promtply walked over to her and started helping her with her hand pump. Together they expressed a good 200ml. I do have a pic of this which I did contemplate sharing. Really it is only of expressing pump and too big round things - one being her boob and the other being Shou's head. I decided against posting it though as not too keen on having sudden influx of male readers interested in my 'shou&thebigboob.jpg'

Anyway, the kiddies are now asleep for tonight and I think I am heading that way too. We have a quiet day tomorrow and then on Tuesday mum would like us out of the house so we have made a play date with a friend.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too.



Lulu said...

OMG- That photo sounds hilarious! But hey at least Shou was been helpful!!!!

It sounds like you are enjoying your holiday though- how is the bun?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope the single motherdom is making you appreciate hub a bit!!!

Angela said...

Good thinking with the wardrobe! We once spent a night in a ryokan and made ds2 (aged around 1) sleep in the futon cupboard.

Make the most of your holiday - it's flippin' freezing here!

Sara said...

Wow sounds like you are having a great trip!!

Slutty Scrabble!! What a great idea!! Will have to give that a try some time.

OMG - how hilarious is the fact your friends made a T-shirt. I agree you need to get one. It was probably be a huge hit in Japan the land of Engrish without meaning. Every kid on the block would want one and you could snigger everytime!

BTW - if the bun is about 13 weeks now, that means your into the second trimester right?! Wow! That was quick!!! I can't wait to join you there!

illahee said...

lol @ the t-shirt. too bad no photo!

and yeah, i think she needs a wardrobe!!

pisceshanna said...

Thanks for your shout out to single moms! International Relations...yeah I died laughing.

Midori said...

As a single Mum, I have to say that while it isn't easy, there are lots of bonuses! I was in a shop recently while a couple basically shouted at each other about what their child was going to wear to a party of some description and they just couldn't agree because the husband thought what the wife wanted to buy was "f**king ridiculous". I remember thinking "yes my life is stressful but at least I get to make all my own decisions!!" LOL!! Course, I have a very warped idea anyway because I have found myself in this situation so have to do my best with it!

I also think that being a working single Mum is actually easier than being one who is at home with her kids all the time as you get to "escape" and hand your kids over to someone else for a bit! Obviously it isn't ideal but in reverse I have great respect for people with more than one child as I am not sure I could handle that full stop, let alone as a single mother!