Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sayonara 2008

As predicted I am sitting here in a little black dress sipping some champers and trying to decide what shoes to wear as I slink out the door off to some fab parrttee.

Or rather, I am sitting here in black leggings that have so many food groups spilt on them I could chart the whole food pyramid. I am skulling back some diet coke - but what's the point really. In the diet part that is. It is shapping up to be a night on the couch with my friend Mr. TV remote and Mr. Sky remote.

Shou and Marina are asleep after a big day of playing with Ame, chasing ducks and generally acting like a two year old on speed - again. Marina, my princess, wasn't on speed though and was content to sit in her pram munching crackers while Ame and Shou ran round the park. She ate all of her hot chick and even Shou managed a bit even after grazing on crisps and dip for most of the afternoon.

Happy parties and festivities to those lucky enough to actually take part in such things this New Years. If you happen to still be single - then enjoy it while you can. Life as you now know it will come to a complete halt when the sproglets come along. Actually if you are a bloke you will probably still get away with about half the normal drinking quota - unless of course you have a gaijin wife, in which case kick back as much sake as you can now because the whip starts a cracking a lot harder when there are babies and small children (and mother in laws) in the house.

Happy New Year people.


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