Tuesday, 30 December 2008

P Enlarger thingy

A bit worried that writing the whole P word followed by the Enlarger word would hit me a number of page loads from men looking for information to pump up their you know whats its. Not sure if this will be of any help to them if they do land here or not...

But more about that when I get to it...

We had a quiet morning which Shou spent vacuuming and then mopping the carpet - thanks for that Shou. Marina had a good morning sleep and after she awoke we went and picked up some sushi and had it down by the port watching the big cranes and forklifts.

We ALL had a nap this arvo and when Granny A popped round to drop some mail off she said the house was silent - with even the cat sprawled out and the dog snoring on the couch. We had a late afternoon play date with Amelie - where we stayed the first two nights we were in NZ but who is now back in Napier with her mummy and daddy staying at her Granny's house which is conveniently located just round the road. Both Shou and Ame somehow ended up in the pool with Marina on the side in the nude having a splash round. We got caught in a four minute torential downpour just as I was trying to manouver my hired and very hard to manouver off road double buggy down the five or so steps to my sisters place. The kids weren't going to be bathed after their swim but were now so wet I gave them one anyway.

Because we left all the bath toys round at Granny A's Shou raided the tuppaware drawer and plastic utensils for things to play with in the bath. Tonight he found a new one - the air sucker outerer thing that you use to suck the air out of an opened bottle of wine so that it keeps better. Quite a neat gadget that I also have but don't really use as back in my pre-sprog wino days I was at a loss as to exactly why you would go the trouble of opening a nice bottle of wine (any bottle for that matter) if you weren't going to empty it in one go. A hereditary fault I think we got passed on from our mother.

For those not in the know this gadget fits nicely over the top of the wine bottle - you then have to pump it a few times and well.... back to the title of the blog ;)
Shou had only been in the bath for about two minutes when he realised he could fit his you know whats it in and start pumping... Great laughs. Not quite fun for the whole family but I had to really try not to laugh. I had to get stern and tell him his chinchin (willy) would fall off. It did make me think instantly of all the spam emails you get with the words Enlarge your .... (insert with p**** / man**** or even perhaps bulging man****). I have never seen the real deal but wonder what that kind of pump actually looks like.

After the dinner and bath lark the kids looked so nice and clean in their PJs that I decided to take them down to show them off at the late night department store. My main mission was to buy the new 'Kiwi Favourites' cook book - a must for every kiwi overseas me thinks. It has the good olds like Anzac biscuits, lemon meringue pie, pav, lamb and beef roasts etc. It also has some interesting additions like sushi and moroccan carrot and cumin salad!! Some new kiwi favourites.

Shou managed to convince me he absolutely needed a plastic rake - which I do believe has replaced the concrete mixer or whatever it was he slept with last night. I also managed to convince myslef I needed a green stone (jade) necklace. I got a really nice one years ago from mum and dad but lost it. I probably wouldn't wear one much if I lived in New Zealand but living in Japan I think it is nice to have something that is so typically kiwi. Plus they were half price. Shite, have just remembered that you aren't meant to buy green stone for yourself, you are meant to be given it. Hmmmm. I wonder if solar panal man's wife would wear it and then I could give Shou some money and he could hand it over to the girl at the shop to buy me another.

Well, tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I have a case of Moet chilling and a slinky LBD hanging up ready to put on and parrrrrttttteeee. Would be what would want to be doing but in actual fact Ame is bringing her parents round here in the late arvo and we are going to have take away hot chic (which is not seedy takeaway stripper but tastey roasted chiken, spuds and gravy). I imagine that they will leave around kiddy bed time and I will be left to put Shou and Marina to bed before settling down to some TV and possibly a call to Hub. I don't think I have EVER spent a New Years on my own - as in not inebriated with group of equally inebriated friends or at least snuggling up to hub. Ah well, such is the reality of being a temporary single mum.

I will no doubt get time to blog tomorrow while all you lot are off squaffing bubbles. Do enjoy. And have one for me.



illahee said...

hot chic sounds good!!

we are going to yoshi's parents' house tomorrow so i am not sure how much i'll be drinking. either nothing at all, or everything in sight! happy new year to you!

gaijin wife said...

You too! I would opt for the everything in sight option with Yoshi and in-laws on kiddy duties in the morning.