Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Abode

This morning we vacated Granny A's and moved to my sister's house around the road for four nights. Grandad was looking like he was on a slippery slope and me and the kids, or rather the noise and just being of a one and two year old, were going to be the brunt of a bit of a meltdown. We decided to head to quieter pastures for a few days to give the granparents and us a break. My sister and family left today for ten days camping so we have their house to ourselves until my other sister comes down on the 2nd.

It was a bit of packing up stuff and the kids will have to get used to a new bed again but so far so good. They are both asleep.... long may it last.

The last few days have been pretty full on with lots of people, Christmas, boxing day rah rah. Having your house taken over must be a bit of a test - and Shou, Marina and I have been there for going on five weeks. So that is five weeks that Grandad and Granny A can't do their usual routine. I can see myself and my temper in my dad and it does scare me a bit. Am wondering if I should stock up on some chill pills now in preparation for Shou and Marina and the bun bringing their kids over in thirty years time!! Or really I should just sort the issues out now so I am just one big chill pill all on my own. Quite a lot of sorting to do ;)

Tomorrow we are heading to a farmyard zoo with Granny K Rocks T-shirt boy and family. We are going to feed the animals, maybe strap Shou onto a Pony and generally just get out of our respective houses and get some fresh air, a strong coffee or two and no doubt some good old bitching and gossiping about our past, present and probably future situations. Not many issues a good bit of bitching and gossiping can't fix.

Had big chat to hub last night seeing as Granny A put a ban on the computer. I know, I know. He is planning a pachinko expedition on the 3rd. Nice to be informed. I have enquired about pachinko location (unspecified) and budget (about the cost of the nice box my yet to purchase bling will come in) He also listed off the nights he would be otherwise engaged - ie intoxicated so don't bother trying to contact him. His brother and family aren't coming home for New Years so it will be just him and Granny K rocking the toshi-koshi soba and osechi ryori - New Years noodles and the set of special dishes you have the first few days of the New Year. No doubt they will be up at the crack of dawn on the 31st pounding away at enough mochi (rice cakes) to feed the entire neighbourhood.

Well, I might have a shower, fold some towels, see to the animals (and I mean animals in the real sense of the word, not kiddlie winks) and get an early night.



illahee said...

wow, has it really been that long? seems like last week when you left!

have fun in your sister's house!

gaijin wife said...

Thanks Illahee. My sister's computer has an authorised access area and I need a password - which I don't have. It won't let me open your blog :(

But I can open all the other usuals. What have you been posting that needs authorising?? :0

illahee said...

probably photographs. you never know when they might be pornographic!! lol

too bad about that. and when i go to the PIL's, i'll probably do picture posts from the keitai.

don't worry, life's pretty boring in the illahee home!!