Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Blogging on Christmas Day. Hopefully the last time this every happens!! By this time on a normal Christmas Day I would be asleep in a merry champers filled haze after a day of drink, food, drink, food, prezzies, drink, food and bed. The bun puts a few restrictions on the occassion and I have had to settle for food, food, food, prezzies, food, food and now a cuppa and a bit of Hugh Grant in Love Actually.

The best layed plans did indeed go pearshapped. Shou was past it by half eleven so he got bundled off for a nap early, lasting an hour and a half. Marina lasted the morning and was still up when people arrived but thankfully went to sleep just before Christmas dinner, leaving me with only Shou to entertain while I had my fill of ham, lamb, beef, roast veges, normal veges and of course lashings and lashings of gravy. I only get the chance at this kind of meal every few years so I have to make the most of it. The first serve was for the bun and the second serving for mummy. It is amazing how much one's tummy can expand on Christmas day. The bun is now surrounded in a warm layer of roast dinner and pavlova nests, cream and berries.

Prezzie time was a hit with the kids and Marina sat in the front of everyone getting showered with each new bit of wrapping paper. They got a stocking this morning and the prezzie of the day seemed to be a plastic toaster - that I got from the 'these have been sitting on our shelves for over ten years' bin at the local supermarket. Shou has been making me bits of toast all day and loving it. It even survived the bath but unfortunately didn't make the bedtime cut and was replaced by an elmo mobile phone and his trusty Air Korea plane - that mummy had to sneakily bash against the counter to stop from making its insistant take off and landing noise. It has since regained it's sound and may well need another bash tomorrow.

Tomorrow, boxing day, is another big day for the kids but not as important in terms of having a sit down dinner. Traditionally we have a pentanque (??) tournament on boxing day and other family occassions when mum deems it necessary to bring out the silver balls. The same congregation of people will be again congregating tomorrow for what has become quite a fierce competition. The lawn we play on out the back is so completely uneven that even the crappest of crap players can appear to be higly skilled just by having a lucky bounce. Every so often a ball ends up down the bank. Team partners are picked out of a hat and the winners get their name engraved on the tournament cup. If you win three tournaments in a row you get your own cup!! The prestige! My brother and I are the only two plebs never to have won over the years and tomorrow wont be my year either as we have uneven adult numbers and I have opted to not play - seeing as the games kick off and will resume over prime kiddy nap time and my hastey retreats to deal with the kids will no doubt piss off whoever my partner is.

Anyway, crap chick flick has started.

Hope everyone had lots of yummy goodies and enjoyed the company of the day.


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