Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Down on the Farm

Today the kiddies and I drove an hour into the middle of nowhere to see a friend whose hub is farm manager on a very large sheep and cattle farm. Shou managed to get to almost the end of the ride out there without pulling out the 'mummy I'm gonna be sick' call. He spent the last five minutes with his face inside an empty twistie chip bag - the only thing in the car, bar my very expensive nappy bag, that could double as something to throw up in. Luckily he lasted the distance and was immediately feeling a hundred percent better upon sighting a field full of very large and very curious cows.

We left Granny A's (mums) house just after eight this morning because she had people coming and things going on that wouldn't welcome a house of screaming mad kids. We arrived down on the farm an hour later. Marina almost immediately went down for a nap in their son's cot - the first woman in his bed apparantly. She didn't seem too plussed though and was snoring in about thirty seconds flat before doing a very offensive smelling load in her nappy and deciding she was too tired to wake up for mummy to change it. Shou decided he needed to be surrounded by all of their son's toys - well, the ones with wheels at least. My six months pregnant friend and I had a good catch up over a sugar and caffine fix for a couple of hours before getting lunch things organized.

Her hub, who had been out since five in the morning loading close to two hundred heffer cows in a truck, came home for a good farmers lunch of lamb chops, crusty warm bread and salad, followed by strawberries and meringues. I have since come home tonight and had pork, potatoes and vege for dinner - needless to say the bun is probably squashed up in what very little space is now left in there.

We left the farm about about two and about four minutes into our return trip I rounded a bend in the gravel road and was faced with about three or four hundred sheep coming straight for us. Not quite sure of the protocol in such situations I stopped the car in the middle of the road, turned off the engine and proceeded to get myself and Shou thoroughly excited. ten minutes later and we were off again. Shou slept the entire way home and I sang fifty million renditions of 'if your happy and you know it' to Marina to keep her from nutting out. We got home and Granny A joined us for a flying trip to the supermarket and chemist so I could get some PAMOL (god saviour of kiddy meddy) and some teething gel because I am suspicious that Marina is being pained by her upper second inscisors (????). That said, I completely forgot about giving her gel or meddy at bed time and she is now very happily in Marina dreamland.

We don't have anything planned for tomorrow so maybe a walk to the park so the kids can fall off more things and get more bruises. Shou did a spectacular fall off said farm friend's coffee table, had some air time, and landed on his big head. When Marina was in her highchair this evening Shou tried to move her in it and the whole thing fell sideways and her head and neck bended in a very strange way and she sconed it on the skirting board in the kitchen. Granny and I got a hell of a fright and Shou got a smack (ring 0800 badmother to report me) and taken to his room. Marina has marks on her head that look as if I have belted her over the head with a fish slice. She seems to be moving her shoulder and neck OK and her eyes haven't gone dongy and she can still clap and do peek a boo on demand.

Might just go in and check they are both still breathing though.



illahee said...

oh no, poor marina! i hope she's ok!! (and poor shou, too, for falling earlier in the day...)

Sara said...

Wow sounds like the farm was a blast and you had me drooling at the description of lunch!!

Hope Marina is ok!!!

Slime said...

Don't worry about those melons! Speaking from personal experience, and contrary to popular belief, the more times kids smash their heads (or get dropped on their heads) in the first 4 years of life, the smarter they become!!! LOL Both my girls earned the Presidential Award for Excellence in Acedemics last year, I can't begin to count the number of times they got their heads bashed as babies (someone DID call the bad mom hotline on me!!!). Poor E still has 3 more months before his 4th b-day, plenty of skull cracking still so going on at our house! LOL

Gina said...

Sounds like a fun time at the farm was had!!! : )

I hope Marina is okay too. : )