Monday, 15 December 2008


I think this is my 200th post. I'm sure that must entitle me to some chocolate bikkies and licorice. God, the amount of good (natsukashii) food I have been eating since I got back. I had to ask mum today if her digital scales were correct because I have weighed exactly the same morning, noon and night, fully clothed and naked, before food and after food, every weigh since I got here. It just doesn't make sense. The bun must be going hard out trying to work off my over indulgances. I have been doing a lot more walking than usual though and I can tell you, pushing a double buggy up the hill we live on makes me breathless and I have to remind self to keep stopping to inhale enough oxygen for the bun and me to keep on going. Thankfully Granny A comes on most of our walks and pushes a buggy and child too.

This morning we walked down to the water front to see the boats. We stopped via a small diary type shop that sold coffee on the way home - which was not as relaxing as it sounds. I spent most of the time convincing Shou that trying to pinch the big dog that was almost three times his size was probably not a good idea, and that no he could not take home the vast collection of shells that were in the shop's garden. We got home and Marina went straight to sleep so Shou and I went to the supermarket to stock up on bum wipes - and of course came home with a few extra supplies.

Lunch was a bit of a non event with both kids being fussy and Marina deciding to start the lady bite size thing and only opening her mouth a third of what I know she can open it. Shou went down for his nap straight after and Marina and I went to finish some stocking filler shopping. I am obviously going to have to groom her in the more refined skills of female shopping. Pulling anything within reach off the shelf, pulling all the cards out of my wallet and farting while we are waiting in line at the register are just going to have to go. I have decided that for Christmas for Marina I am going to get a second hand purse and fill it with old cards and monopoly money - and then let her see me pretending to use it for a good week or so. I will then keep it in my hand bag and pretend to get angry every time she pulls it out - but then be bloody thankful I have something that is harmless and that keeps her entertained for a good thirty minutes.

The dinner and bath thing went well. Shou was running round in his superman PJs while I was getting Marina dressed. Next thing I know and Granny A comes in with a naked Shou behind her saying that she found him half way down the concrete steps to the the drive, with his plastic concrete mixer... naked.

It only took twenty minutes to get them both asleep and then I had dinner - which Granny A leaves aside for me. I am now going to have a shower - I can honestly say that if I was a full time stay at home single mother I would be a very skanky one. Skanky in that personal hygeine seems to slip to somewhere very near the bottom of the list of things I need to survive and get my two children through the day safe and sound. I don't think I showered or bathed yesterday - unless Shou's watering me while he watered the plants counts??


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