Saturday, 22 November 2008

You'll Never Guess...

What I did today...

hehehe, don't be silly. I don't do that kind of thing in the middle of the day. Guess again...

My god no. She still lives. Try again.

I wanted to do that but well, he's famous and I'm fat and pregnant so doubt he'd have a go of it.

No, No, No. I planted the friggin tulips - all forty of them. Granny K and I had a discussion about where to plant them while looking and pointing at the garden. I thought we had reached common agreement on where I could plant them. However, she comes trotting over while I am weeding my patch of garden and claims that I have just pulled out a whole lot of spring blooming flowers she planted a few weeks back. I very nearly had to take a photo of the 'flowers' because, and I am not even a green thumb, they looked suspiciously like weeds to me. Anyway, she sucked back the tears and then said if 'that' was where I was going to plant the tulips then I would need to take a few bucketloads of dirt from the side of the tambo (field) next to the shed. I am surprised she let me carry the buckets in my state. Obviously what pregnant women should and shouldn't be doing is Granny K selective.

So, fresh dirt is down and tulips are a planted. If they ever bloom I will take a photo. I am surprised I aren't more of a green thumb really, seeing as both my mum and dad are quite into gardening and cultivating. Maybe my one and a half hours of gardening every six months will start to increase as I get older.

After the tulips I hung out a couple of loads of washing and vaccuumed. Granny K then announced that hub's brother and his wife would be arriving after lunch. That started off some serious bench shining, floor waxing and general child-decluttering. Hub arrived home and started cleaning the windows and then the car.

The rellies arrived with piles of goodies. My sister in law always brings yummies from their local Tokiwa food department. She had brought enough dinner type things so I wouldn't have to cook tea tonight. Yay. They also brought some gifts for me to take home to my parents - some very elaborate looking Japanese hard boiled sweets and some 'sembei' crackers. I joked with my sister in law about the amount of vegies Granny K would give her when they left. She didn't think it was as funny when she ended up with a trunk full of daikon, hakusai and kabu (raddishes and chinese cabbage). We picked Shou up from kindy early so he could come home and run havoc and show them what their grandson would be like in a few years. Unfortunately Shou was angelic and they left with the impression that we have two beautiful well behaved children. The beautiful part I agree with but the well-behaved part ....

Hub is out with the lads tomorrow - they are making a new big white twisted rope thing (for lack of a better explanation) to hang in front of the local shrine. Granny K is off to the city for a pottery exhibition so it will be the kids and me left to our own devices. Excellent.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I should probably put on a bit of lippy and rouge and pull hub upstairs to put a knotch on the shagometer. God, it's cold though....



Lulu said...

Hey gardening is supposed to be good exercise- at least that is what I tell myself when I go pick some herbs and a lettuce from our vegie patch!

Loved the start of the post- cracked me up!

Look forward to seeing the blooming tulips (in six months time!)


Sara said...

Ohhhh gardening sounds wonderful!! And those tulips will be lovely in the summer... spring..(?) sorry I'm completely adept at plants!

I'm all alone tonight as well.. :( Hubs is in Tokyo for a wedding.

I'll raise my glass of fake wine to you!

Have a good night!

Gina said...

Yay you finally got those tulips planted, now you can offically cross those off your list now! Ha ha ha. : )

I have been wishing and wanting to plant some tulips but you know, I have been procrastinating on that for a whole month so far. I'm so bad. LOL. : )