Monday, 10 November 2008

Yes, Gaijin Wife Still Lives

Hurah, have finally found the computer under pile of shite that obviously accumulated on table while was away. Appologies for sudden blog relapse. Time for an update.

The day after last blog from the hospital was family visitation day. Hub, Shou and Granny K arrived at the hospital just before lunch. Granny K had agreed to Hub to watch Marina for three hours but when she got me alone in Marina's room she told me to come back as soon as possible. As it happened it was the Fukuoka city marathon that morning and every man, woman, child and beast was out and about so we only survived the crowds with Shou for an hour and a half. It was nice just to get out and have some fresh air again though.

On Monday Marina got the smaller of the two catheders completely taken out and then on Tuesday she got the last one out - which meant a couple of days of ouchy ouchy every time she went wees. That night was a bit of a right off as she would cry and scrunch her legs up every hour or so. Poor wee thing. Come home time on Friday though and she was all good. Just about fell off her bed when daddy came in she was so excited to see someone other than mummy.

Our lovely doctor said we could go home on Friday instead of waiting till the Tuesday like was originally planned. Love love love Marina's doctor. We have to go back in a couple of weeks and then again when we get back from New Zealand but only a few tests and no more overnight stays. Hopefully.

Got home on Friday arvo to the whole house smelling like Granny K's room - which the bun found extremely offensive and had to spend first five minutes opening all windows. A quick glance in the TV room showed a fire, rug and tv. All other furniture I thought we had was sneakily disguised as piles of crap, mail and washing. It has taken me until today to find the top of the table again. Needless to say I spent a good half an hour shining my lovely bench this morning too - and polishing the floors which involved a few obscenities while I spent a good ten minutes scraping and scrubing dried seaweed off the floor.

On the whole Granny K and Hub did well. The house still stands and Shou has only taken three days to get back to normal self. While was away it appears that Shou ran to Granny's room every time daddy got on his back to do something he didn't want to do. Bathtime Shou ..... run to Granny's room , Dinnertime Shou ..... run to Granny's room ....

The first night I was back I ended up taking Shou to his room three times for time out and having a serious bitch attack at Granny K. Shou had spectacular nut out right outside her door. He wanted to go in but I had locked the door. He was in the middle of dinner. I said in very loud voice that Granny would not open door to play with someone who was making such a racket. I pop to loo - leaving Shou to nut out. Two seconds later and Granny K has unlocked and opened the door and is dancing stupid vestling jig that involved two oranges and a fly swat (???) to try and calm Shou down.

On Saturday hub and I had a very lazy day with Marina. I think I contemplated starting to turn the house around but that was as far as I got. I had good intentions to blog but ended up snoring next to Shou in his bed by eight.

Shou was dancing in the local festival on Sunday morning. It was freezing day and he had to turn up at kindy in a white jumper and the borrowed kindy shorts. The dance was extremely boring and gutted the teachers didn't choose something that involved the kids moving round a bit. As it was they stood in a straight line at the front of the stage and did the odd sports move like a slam dunk, soccer kick, tennis serve rah rah. Shou managed about half and the rest of the time he was looking dead on at the video camera and smiling. Was very cute but not funny cute like last year when all he did was stomp and try and stop his doraemon hat from falling off. A lot more entertaining.

On the way home from the festival we had to go past a fork lift. Who in their right mind parks a fork lift in the direct path of two and three year old boys. Took twenty friggen minutes to try and convince Shou that Yes, the boogy man was going to come and get him if he didn't come with mummy RIGHT NOW.

Thank you all for comments and get well wishes. We are so glad the whole hospital thing is over and that it went well. Marina is her normal self and is able to do everything - bathing, jumping on the trampoline, leaping off the roof.

We just have a few more weeks to get through and then it is home to the land of the long white cloud, sun, BBQs, family, real shopping, real food, unfortunately no real wine, and good times.



Sara said...

welcome back!!

Glad to hear a post from you and that Marina is recovering!!

Nearly spit out my tea reading the buns reaction to a GrannyK fumated house.

I missed reading you!!!

illahee said...

i missed you too!! *sigh* i will miss you when you're back home. i'll also be very very jealous!

looking forward to many more posts!

thefukases said...

Great to hear you're back and all went well.

No pictures of Granny K's dance? ;P

Gina said...

I'm glad you're back as well! I missed ya too!

Loved the stories of the granny K smelling house and the granny K jig with oranges! LOL! : )

Lulu said...

Glad to see you back & that you all survived!!! I missed your posts...

Also very happy to hear Marina is doing well and that the painful peeing has now come to an end...

What date do you head home again?