Saturday, 15 November 2008

Two Weeks

This time in two weeks we will hopefully be just about to board our connecting flight in Korea. It has just hit me though that my much awaited NZ holiday does in fact mean no full time day care for the devil child. Am going to go insane me thinks - but hopefully nothing a nice lunch at a real cafe, vegemite on vogals toast, a cheese toastie with real tasty farmland cheese, or a bitch about life in Japan in English won't fix.

The blogging hasn't been happening lately because we had a mental few days with high temperatures, the runs, vomitting in the middle of the night on every piece of bedding possible, bum bullets, nut outs and bits of crap Granny K advice about how to deal with sick Shou. When Shou is nutting out at half seven in the morning with a temperature of nearly forty it is advisable to pack him into the car and take him to get some juice - anything to stop the crying as that will just get his temperature up more. Which I can understand a bit, but the going on an outing thing... for juice... which would no doubt lead to another nut out when Shou was told not able to have coffee (he likes pushing the buttons on the bottom row which in the closest vending machines is coffee) and another nutout at the other end when he gets home and decides he likes the car better than being inside. What got me really wound up though was that hub was going along with Granny K. I had to step in and tell hub that if he planned on taking the day off work and looking after Shou then fair play - he could take him to get juice - but otherwise piss off to work and take your stupid mother out of this room or someone is going to get hurt. I told GK that had it been me to mention taking Shou out when he was sick she would have given me a telling off and therefore she should keep her crap ideas to herself and go back to her room - which she did. Bugger off you stupid woman.

I was pretty hot myself after all that. Thankfully Marina - who had had her dose of the same cold the day before but very mild version due to whole strong female crap male cold equation which leaves all men knocked for six with a runny nose and cough. Poor bastards, must suck being so weak. I digress. Marina was angel all day and had two very long naps right when Shou was shivering and feverish and needed mummy. I hate to admit it but GK was a help, argh, I just about had to force my fingers onto the keys then.

Shou was slightly better on Friday but not well enough for kindy. Hub had his first of many end of year drinking things - this one was in the city and he was staying the night. He said he wouldn't go if I didn't want him to - what kind of crap man questioning is that?? I am a hormonal pregnant woman with a puking sick two year old and a one year old. Yes, please go out and get pissed with your mates and don't come back until tomorrow morning. He ended up going. I ended up doing a load of washing at midnight. That said though I did get endless cuddles with my boy. He did wake up a bit dilerious in the middle of the night though, wondering where dad was and saying that he was worried (papa shimpai) cause he wasn't there. While patting his brow with a cold facecloth I quietly said to him, in my nice motherly voice, not to worry about daddy who was probably knocking back sake in a small Japanese pub (sunaku)while a fifty year old woman with too much hair spray and a crap suit tried to coax him into singing Japanese boy band songs on kareoke.

To his credit hub was back, not smelling too much like a brewery, at half past nine this morning. I promptly left the premisis in the car, minus both children. Shou was well enough to go to kindy today and I felt Marina needed a day with daddy. I met a friend for sushi and a spot of shopping.

I thought the worst of the food wars with the bun were over. I was wrong. The bun is having a great time with this. Driving me crazy.

I'm sure there was more I had to write but the futon awaits.



illahee said...

sorry shou was feeling so bad. a pop on the nose for your husband for going drinking. and a bigger...something...for granny k.

two weeks, two weeks. you DEFINITELY deserve it!!

Rachel said...

Two weeks? We must meet up sometime before then, is it too hard to get here? We can come see you, when are you free?

Sara said...

Wow sounds like quite a couple of weeks.

Glad that Daddy took some duties over and you got to get a little time out with a friend.

Reading about your life makes my head spin, I can't imagine actually living it!!

Two weeks!!!! Not so bad!! You can do it lady!

Lulu said...

SOrry to hear Shou has been sick and that granny K has been a pain AGAIN!

2 weeks isn`t long!!! You can do it!

Hope Shou is feeling better soon and that you don`t end up coming down with what he has...hope that the bun also stops finding food so offensive as you will need it to be better for all the cheese you will want to eat in NZ (and icecream!)

Gina said...

Only two weeks left?!! : ) Yay, that's not too long, you can do it! I know you can! I am so excited for you, to be going home!!
: )