Friday, 21 November 2008

Thanks Granny K

I know,harping praise for Granny K is very few and far between but today she really did out do herself.

Hub and I had to leave the house at 6 to take Marina for her check-up in Fukuoka. Shou was still asleep when we left - no doubt still tired after battling whatever or whoever he was dreaming about last night. When I rang Granny K at half seven Shou was sitting down eating his breakfast on his own - well that's what GK said anyway. He could have in fact been tied to his squeaky McQueen toddler chair and force feed but I should probably give her the benefit of the doubt. They got a taxi to kindy and again Shou was on his best behaviour and didn't even call the taxi driver 'scary' like last time.

Granny K then came home and hung out the washing I had put on and forgotten about and even did another load after that. To top it off all the washing was folded when we walked in the door at four.

Marina's check-up went well-ish. Our doctor got called away to an emergency surgery so in the end we drove three hours and waited two to get told by a doctor we had never met before that Marina's pee was just lovely and wasn't she doing well. Rightio, thanks for that. We had to make a few stops on the way home to get last minute supplies for the NZ trip. I don't want to have to venture out of Kunimi this week if I can help it. Too much to do and not enough time. The tulips are still calling to me from under the stairs.

We also made a stop at my ladies clinic. I got the man doctor - who saw me through both Shou and Marina's pregnancies. He was always very vocal about my weight so I was a bit gutted when I heard his voice over the loud speaker calling me into his parlor. To his credit though he didn't say anything. Well, apart from that according to the ultrasound measurements the bun is ten weeks and five days - and due on June the 14th. Hub would like me to cross my legs tightly for three days so that I can spend yet another birthday in the labor delivery room. Am not too sure how cool would be to have my, Shou and the bun's birthdays on the same day!! Working backwards from our expected due date hub worked out that it wasn't the 'time' I thought it was but was in fact the time before that, the time when I assured him it was safe because I had just finished my period. Arrrgghhh, how depressing to be able to count back the exact times on the shagometer. Hub obviously has super swimmers with excellent survival skills as one must have been waiting round the corner of the tube to catch one of my poor unsuspecting egg days later.

Anyway, blame aside, the bun appears to have fuzzy black limbs and a huge head. I got my first bun pic and it is stuck to the fridge to try and remind me to eat healthily. Yeah, like that's worked in the past.

I was hoping to start on the new years postcards tonight - and even brought the printer in here and set it up. I then found the postcards hub had bought and realised they are the standard inkjet ones and not the nice glossy photos ones like we have used for the last three years. I was tempted to just print them out anyway but have decided to wait until Tuesday when I can go and exchange them. Here is a pic of the end result.
I think it looks quite nice but no doubt hub will have a few words of advice tomorrow morning in which case I may end up hiffing the printer out the window. Depends what kind of mood he catches me in!!



Ruth said...

They are excellent nengajyo. I would have to say that that is your best design yet. My weekend will be spent doing Christmas cards, and mailing Christmas packages!!

illahee said...

wow, WTG granny k! haha

yeah, i think we could count back on our shagometer, too. i think i need to ravish my husband more often! ;)

glad to hear marina is doing well, sorry you had to go all that way and wait all that time for such a short consultation. *sigh* isn't that always the way?!

i like the card, very cute. every year yoshi says he's not going to do cards, but then two days before we go to his parents' house, he starts rushing around like a beheaded chicken. me? i don't even bother. and every year he gets a card from someone he didn't expect to receive one from and that stresses him out (which is why each year he vows not to do the damn cards!!) he thinks it's stupid and a waste of time & money and yet every year tradition gets him in the end. LOL

Gina said...

I really like those cards, I think they are VERY cute! You should use them if you can! : )

And right on for Granny K for being so helpful with Shou and for doing the washing! :D

I'm glad Marina's appointment went well, although for it being a short appointment though. And glad to hear the bun is well too.

Sounds like you are nearly ready to go back to NZ! I bet you are getting excited! Have a good weekend. : )

Lulu said...

Glad granny K was cooperating (grateful!) and also glad to hear the appointment for Marina went well even if you couldn`t see her normal doctor.

So I guess baby is coming early?!? Your and your hubs are the most fertile people I know! hehe!

Those negajyo are fab- so glad you posted a pic!!!! I think they are awesome and Shun was looking over my shoulder and thinks they are some of the best he has ever seen!

Angela said...

Not sure if I dare share this, but I know the exact date of our last encounter too... 11th January 2007! Yep, that's the date that our DD was conceived. Seems like every time we 'meet' we end up with another mouth to feed - hence the reluctance to let him anywhere near me! Actually, it's probably about time we did something about that. Bring on the alcohol.