Monday, 24 November 2008


I had a great pic of Marina to put up but am having technical difficulties so it will have to wait.

I didn't get round to the last part of my last blog - well not that night anyway :p
Happy frolicks with thy husband leads to happy families all round. I should really try and get in the mood more often!

Anyway, yesterday was a good day again - hub had the shrine rope twisting in the morning but was home by half ten. We took the kiddlie winks for a walk round the paddies, and to the shrine to show them daddies handiwork. It was a nice sunny day - but still a bit chilly so Marina was in three layers of fleecy stretch and grows!!

Hub took Shou to the park in the arvo and Marina and I hung out. I printed out the photo sides of all the nengajo too. Guess I can half cross 'nengajos' off my list.

Today we went to Park Place - a big shopping complex two hours away. Granny K said yes to looking after Marina for the day so it was just Shou out shopping with mummy and daddy. I bought my brothers christmas prezzie - he threw me sideways by saying he wanted some 'asian interior' for his house!! Also got a wee 'Japanesey' something for my eighty something year old great aunt who is coming to spend christmas at our house with her walking frame. Of course everything has to be non-breakable and ravel friendly.

I spent forty minutes sorting out kids clothes to take home. Have loads of things they have never even worn yet that are just right for a summer now. Think I can quarter tick 'packing' off list too!!

This week is busy - starting tomorrow morning by having to bake about forty christmas tree and stocking cookies for english parties. Have english at the primary school in the arvo and have no idea what to do for that yet. Solar panel man's wife is coming over for coffee sometime in between that and maybe the solar panel man himself - as hub rang him to ask about the solar panels - definately not selling the amount of electricity we were originally told we would be able to. And I don't mean a thousand yen out or so - I am talking 3000 yens worth a month when they should produce a max of 9000 in the good months - October and November and again in Spring.
We shouldn't have done it. But if we hadn't I would have had to come up for another name for Solar Panel Man!!

Hub and I are watching 'Scream 3'. Very comical. McDreamy off Grays Annatomy is in it.

Sorry for the very boring post. Granny K is only raking up the brownie points, no major standoffs with the hub and the kids aren't doing anything too beyond the realms of one and two year old kids. Am sure all will change tomorrow.



illahee said...

quiet peaceful days are nice, especially when rare!

Gina said...

I hear that, peaceful days are so awesome! :)