Friday, 28 November 2008

Packing & Procrastinating

The house is a shambles! Apart from the damn tulips I haven't managed to tick anything else off 'the list'. Had I made a new and more practical list however I would have had a lot of that ticked off.

The past few days have been crazy with kids English christmas parties, throwing bits and pieces into the open suitcases in Marina's room, keeping the house from going into complete bomb site mode and trying, in vain, to wash and more importantly, get dry all the things I need to take with us. Despite it being a fairly nice sunny day today I did end up going to the laundromat this morning to dry a couple of loads of washing. Shou, or hub for that matter, could have written obscenities on the bottom of the washing basket and I would have been none the wiser - until this morning, when I finally got them both empty for the first time since the kids were sick and vomitty. Had I been super mummy I would have been more persistant but I draw the line at three loads of washing in any one given day.

I think I have most of the things we need organized for tomorrow. I really need to keep hand luggage down to a minimum cause if we end up with bags over shoulders and kids on hips .... easier said than done though when you wont be seeing your luggage for 24 hours and therefore need all the nappies, milk, change of clothes and bribe toys for Shou to last the distance. Who cares what hub and I look and smell like at the other end. As long as its not so bad the rent-a-car people won't rent us the car! I think the two big parts of the trip that could possibly be disasterous are the night flight from Korea to Auckland - where I am using my mummy guessing to presume Marina will fight the sleep for as long as she can - and the car trip from Auckland to my friend's house three hours away. I guess the bun is going to have to do some serious bouncing around in there from the copious amounts of caffine consumed by mummy, cause I'm not much of a plane sleeper anyway and getting straight into a car at the other end could be interesting. I so wish hub had sorted out his international license in time. Nevermind.

Granny K has been very helpful this week. I have had to do a lot of running round so she has been on Marina duties. She has had her moments though which included telling me to clean out my freezer, in my fridge, in my kitchen. This means that during the two months we are away she will become queen of my freezer, and my fridge, and my kitchen - an no doubt leave her door open for the entire eight weeks, treading bits of dead vegetable patch through the house. She will be cooking hub's dinner though so relenquishing power over my fridge is understandable - but having to clean the freezer, which according to her is full of foreign things she doesn't know how to cook, is a bit OTT. I did however, discard (chuck, hiff, biff, throw-out) a few things that wouldn't be good for using after I get back. She now only has to gasp in horror at a bag of hamburger patties (Japanese), a bag of deep friable shrimps (Japanese) and an assortment of ice packs and ice pillows.

I better get back to whatever it was I was doing. There is no way I am going to not forget something.

Happy weekend to you all and I guess I will blog again when the travels are over and we are safe and sound in New Zealand.



Ruth said...

Safe trip to NZ. I hope the trip is less painful than you're imagining!!

illahee said...

have a safe journey!! take care!

Rachel said...

Oh God, good luck! BE careful driving when you get there - you'll be exhausted, dont't get straight in the car! Oh well, it'll all be over soon! You'll see the sun rise in good old Godzone Sunday am! Lucky for some, think of us stuck back here in depressing winter

Brit said...

Good Luck.

Although you joke about S being naughty sometimes, I am sure that they will be complete angels compared to some of the children I have had the pleasure of flying in the near vicinity of in the past.

Lulu said...

Have a safe and lovely trip! Hope the kiddies sleep most of the way

ps: Are you sure hub needs an international licence to drive if he is just visiting??

Belinda said...

Are you there yet Katy? Hope all the travelling went well. Can't wait to hear all the news from there. Love, Belinda

Gina said...

I hope you had a safe trip getting there! Enjoy your time back home!!!! : )