Sunday, 16 November 2008

Old People's Home

Really want Granny K to be in one sooner rather than later!

Minor Meltdown this evening when Shou, who was ready for bed with his teeth cleaned, went into Granny K's room. I went in about four minutes later and he was munching out on a huge sweet cracker thing - made out of puffed wheat with sugar shit all over the top of it. Stupid woman (restraint here) was also sitting there with her shower cap on over her newly dyed hair - so the room reaked of dye. When she saw me come in she just laughed and said wasn't it naughty that Shou was having something to eat. I said, in very restrained voice, that he was only two, of course he would take it, she on the other hand was supposed to be an adult and she was the one in the wrong - but then perhaps she wasn't much better than a two year old. I then took shou out of her room (with half cracker stuffed in mouth).

Christ the stupid woman really gets on my wick. I told hub and added a 'kusobaba' (stupid bitch) in a very loud voice directed at her room. Probably didn't hear through the hair dye and shower cap but it made me feel better! I must admit that living with my Japanese mother in law is really working wonders for my bad Japanese.

Other than that the day was normal - hub and I played some catchball on the lawn - in an effort to try and get Shou interested in his new baseball glove. Hub has visions of him being the next Matuzaka or Ichiro - and actually thinks he himself was quite a dab hand at pitching way back when - but that his coach just didn't pick up on it so he switched to basketball when he was eleven. Whatever!! He was semi impressed that I could both catch the ball and throw it. Maybe he'll look at me differently next time I'm holding a piece of crockery and looking like I might like to see how it flies across the room. Actually am quite suprised I haven't thrown anything yet. I wonder what year of marriage plate smashing comes in?

This time in two weeks we will be in peacefull slumber at my friend's house in Tauranga in NZ, after driving four hours in rent a car from Auckland airport, after getting through customs without a hitch, after having both kids sleeping the whole eleven hours on the flight from Korea, after the kids charming the people in the transit lounge in Seoul for four hours, after a nut-out free flight from Fukuoka, after an uneventful four hour car trip from our house, after saying goodbye to the BITCH for two whole months. Yippy Yi bloody Yippy Yay.

Sorry for negativity. Am sure the two months at home won't be without its blog bitch sessions, but for the time being the thought of two whole months without the sight, smell and presence of Granny K is a very exciting one. Enough to get me through the next two weeks of house cleaning (hate going away leaving messy house - or rather I like coming back to a tidy house. But then two months with Granny K being queen of the roost (arrrggghhhh) .... and the house will smell like miso soup, moth balls and lavender soap mixed with dried crusty vegetable remains and general vestling odors) Also have a list of things to do which I hate to admit still has 'plant tulips' on it. The forty bulbs are still in box under stairs. Says I should plant them during November. Have box of things am sending to NZ and should probably do that tomorrow although I was going to wrap some of the stuff up first but then I guess that can wait till we get home. In my state I could well forget what I've bought for who anyway.

Right you lot, get to bed.


PS - this is what happens when you leave a yoghurt in arms reach of a hungry one year old.


Brit said...

Glad to see Marina "eating" well after her little hospital stay and operation.

Ganbatte wih the next two weeks.

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Our last flight home went through Seoul, too. We had an 8-hour layover and I was by myself with four kids so I was really nervous, but the airport was awesome. They had two huge playstructures for kids to play on and a smaller play area for little kids near a LEGO store with free DUPLO play tables. There was a Starbucks and a Subway Sandwiches and I could pay in US dollars and most of the people in the airport could speak English. It was much better than my last flight through Taipei.

I hope you have an awesome time in NZ, especially after everything you put up with at your home.

Nay said...

After putting up with your MIL, you deserve more than a 2 month holiday away from her!! She sounds like she would drive anybody up the wall and back again for that matter, lol!

The next 2 weeks will fly by and soon you'll be home~!

Brenda said...

I can only take my MIL in very small doses, and she lives on the other side of the world! 4 out of the 5 times she calls *every* week, I make the kids talk to her and tell her I'm sleeping! I couldn't imagine even living in the same city with her, much less under the same roof!

And Wow! All that Japanese hospital food really did darken Marina's hair! LOL

gaijin wife said...

Sarah - by yourself with four kids!! My god. Here I am complaining about a trip with two adults and two kids. Last time I went home Shou was only six months so not into playing on things - but am sure he will like the playarea. There wasn't a starbucks last time either so that will be nice for mummy and marina to go for coffee break.

Jack said...

Glad to see Marina "eating" well after her little hospital stay and operation.Ganbatte wih the next two weeks.
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