Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Marina gets darker

The world according to Granny K part five hundred and ninety seven.


Marina's hair has gotten darker recently. This is no doubt because of the three Japanese meals a day she was eating in hospital for two weeks!!


I refrained from telling her that every third day breakfast was a spanish omlette and bread and that on the days when she spat out all the rice all over the bed and the floor I had to resort to feeding her bits of my sandwhich and pottles of yoghurt.
I wonder what she thinks will happen to Marina's hair after two months in New Zealand. Maybe she will go completely blonde and then due to obviously lack of any nutrients in Western food it will fall out.

Other than Granny K's words of wisdom today was a very normal day. Marina and the bun and I had a big morning sleep and then got up and made lemonade scones - recipe sent to me by NZ friend. Ingredients are flour, lemon rind, lemonade and cream. Due to lack of lemonade availability in Kunimi I had to substitute for Mitsuya Cider. They turned out quite well but think minus the lemon rind for next time. Tomorrow I will whip the rest of the cream so bun can scoff her face with scones, jam and cream - against my will of course :p

Solar panal man's wife came round this arvo for much needed catch up. Her mother in law has got her working mornings in the family business. She is bit gutted as thought she could free wheel it until next year - her son started kindy last month. We had a couple of shopping extraveganzas set up for before I go home (on Nov 29) but now that she only has afternoons free .... can't get anywhere decent and back from Kunimi in only four hours. Are going to try and organize a dinner here with them for next week. Nabe nabe nabe. First nabe of the season. Nabe as in communal pot dinner - with big pot on table and everyone just tucks in. Am thinking Kimuchi nabe - yum yum with camembert cheese in it!

God, its past nine already. The bun needs to sleep.

Nighty night.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living.

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Sara said...

Japanese "logic" never fails to surprise me. I get enough from my husband... Let us know the Granny K reaction when you do get back from NZ. Gosh you must be so excited to go back home.

I am really really missing "American Holiday Season" right now and due to work and other things I can't go back this year but DEF next year.