Thursday, 20 November 2008

Just Very Quickly

Because it is nearly eleven and we have to be up at five tomorrow - with no doubt at least one trip during the night to Marina's room. Marina has her check up in Fukuoka tomorrow and we have to leave at six to arrive between nine and ten. Shouldn't be a big deal. Only a pee test and a look at how scar is healing I think. Granny K is doing the Shou thing in the morning and they will head off to kindy in a taxi - such are the joys of having a mother in law with no licence.

In between my three English classes today and tonight I have been working on this years Nengajo - New Years Postcard. We send out about 120 every year and without fail every year we have a huge fight about something - usually revolving around fact that husband always offers to do it but never gets round to it so I do it and inevitably, as am not Japanese, make a mistake or two with the kanji. We print our own ones with photos. This year I haven't got two photos of the kids that I think worthy of putting on the nengajo so I have taken their heads and stuck them on a couple of cartoon cows - next year is the year of the cow in case you were wondering. I spent a good couple of hours in paintshop erasing and shrinking and making it look right. Hub comes home and instead of first saying hey, that looks good, he asks where I am going to fit the 'happy new year 2009' rah rah. Ooooh he drives me insane sometimes.

Damn it. Have worked self up again. May as well watch some CSI before bed.



illahee said...

hope all goes well today!

Sherry said...

That is exactly the reason why DH and I do completely different cards.

Sara said...

Good luck!!

Dh sounds like quite a bugger on the cards. We haven't ever bothered to send any out!

I suppose once the little one comes along we aren't going to have much of a choice tho...

Lulu said...

I was born in year of the cow.

I think the cards sound adorable and think you should write happy new year 2009 in a speech bubble coming out of Shou`s mouth or something!

I want to see a pic.

Hope all went well today at the docs

I attempted to make nengajyo last year bought cute little stamps and card and was already making a couple when Shun said " what you doing?" I replied " making nengajyo to send out instead of christmas cards" and he said " oh yeah we can`t cos grandma died this year"

bloody hell, why hadn`t someone told me about all these stupid rules!