Monday, 17 November 2008

Another trip to the doctors

Took Marina to the doctor's this morning - there goes my man cold theory. She had a rough night last night with a clogged system. Had to bring her down stairs at eleven as she was in danger of waking Shou with her coughing and snorting and carry on. I was on the computer while she played with Shou's cars. I hear a throw up noise and turn round and she has vommitted up one of the tyres off Shou's fire engine. Bad mothering tip 1265 - let your child play with toys with small parts that can be sucked off or wedged between two big front teeth. She was fine afterwards though and slept for four hours after that - followed by a wee grizzle followed by another two hours.

Every woman and snotty nosed baby was at the doctors. With two sets of twins and a big headed foreign baby there was quite a lot for the other mothers to look at. Our doctor sucked her snot out with the electric snot sucker machine and then gave us prescription for more drugs. Picked those up and then went to friends house for cuppa and English goss. Yay for english goss sessions. Thankyou friend.

Spent afternoon finding my sofa again through the masses of washing that had piled up. In my attempts to put all the washing away I first had to declutter the kids clothes drawers. My god, the amount of clothes these kids have. Found a couple of things I didn't even know I had and now they are too small so have gone in the bun's box.

When hub came home Shou was in the middle of feeding himself dinner in Marina's highchair and I was in the middle of feeding Marina in Shou's chair. It was all going quite peacefully. Hub must have had a shitty day because within about five minutes he had told Shou off, slurped back his misoshiru and almost thrown the bowel in the sink and very rudely shoved aside the spuds - Granny K brought in some freshly dug red spuds while I was making dinner - so I made jagabutter (potatoes with butter). They were yum. We don't often have spuds like that. I told him that if was going to behave worse than Shou then could he please vacate the lounge. He did.

I didn't ask him to help with the baths. I did however ask Granny K to get Marina out for me. By the time Shou and I were out hub was back downstairs and in a much better mood. Shou had a wee major meltdown when I wouldn't let him try and paint the walls with toothpaste. He was wailing on the mat in the lounge. I was beside him, trying to get through to him (hopeless) when Granny K came in and just stood at the door. I asked her to leave because if Shou saw her he would want to go to her and that WOULD NOT help things. She didn't budge. Hub asked her to leave. She didn't budge - said it wasn't good Shou was crying so much (go figure). Hub then told her to 'Get out'. She left the door open half way and stood round the corner in the hallway for five minutes.

Anyway, am sick of ranting about the silly woman.

I didn't get anything ticked off my list of things to do before we go home - which means I need to try and tick two things off tomorrow. Hmmmmm. Plant the tulips perhaps... Might have to write a new list with some smaller tasks on it so I can feel more accomplished.

Watch this space.



thefukases said...

What a day!

And the list? You could always do what I do and backdate it. Like put 'Take Marina to doctor' on the list just so you can cross it out. ;P Doesn't achieve anything but you do get to cross stuff out. :)

Rachel said...

Beat you on the Bad Mother stakes this weekend. Car tires? pshaw, that's nothing! Erica ate paint this weekend. Still hasn't come out the other end, we are waiting for an explosion of blue in her nappy.