Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Another Granny K

When hub came home last night I gave him the envelope with photos and letter. He had a peek at the photos too but didn't go to look at the letter (which by the way was in an unsealed envelope) - for oh about ten seconds and then he said 'do you think its bad to have look at letter?' I said no, no, not really - especially as was unsealed and gagging to be read. And to be perfectly honest it did happen to slip out into my direct line of sight about five minutes before hub got home. What he doesn't know though...

As someone commented it was in fact just like a CV. It had her family details and education and work history. Hub seems to think she is good catch for the lad.

Now, the interesting thing is is that the girls surname is the same as ours - which I think is originally why solar panal man's man rang hub - to see if maybe we were relatives of some sort. Hub says we aren't though. But, it gets more interesting because the girls mum has the same name as Granny K. Arrrrghhhh. There are two of them. The chinese characters are exactly the same too. This solves a bit of a puzzle though as we have had many a courier man arrive at the house with parcles for a mystery woman with the same name. The girls mum is originally from this part of Kunimi but got married and went to the next valley over.

Is all very interesting and am quite looking forward to seeing how things pan out - such is the excitement level of life in Kunimi.

I had quite a productive morning. Got all the bills and receipts that had pilled up by the telephone all sorted - and all english class and hospital related ones sorted separately so that hub can work his tax man magic on them. I packed up a box of Japanese goodies to send to New Zealand - mainly because sending foodstuffs is less hassle than declaring it and explaining it at customs. Started writing our travel insurance forms but stopped for a reason that I no longer remember. Maybe I was waiting until hub came home. He is at a workers union 'we want more pay' huha waste of time thing tonight that all the office workers have to go to. It has never resulted in a pay raise but he assures me it has stopped their pay from going down more. A couple of years a go it went down twice in one year. I also did four loads of washing as Marina threw up three times last night - within the space of two minutes. Only the first was done in her bed but she still managed to get bits on all blankets and her glow worm, again. Sigh. The lounge has been set up like a Chinese laundry all day in efforts to dry everything due to crap weather and bloody SNOW.

Had two english classes today too and three tomorrow. Only next weeks lessons and then none for two months. Yay. Although I do enjoy the pocket money. Next weeks lessons are all christmas parties which will no doubt keep me in gingerbread cookie making for most of Monday.

Hope everyone isn't as cold as we are. Am almost tempted to put the fire on tomorrow.



thefukases said...

Just think- if the matchmaking works out you and mystery bride can sit around bitching about your collective woes. :) You could start a club like the International Shirley Club!

Will you get to be official Nakodo if it goes well, I wonder? sweet job that, keep you in cakes for life!

Is Marina's throwing up a side effect or just gastro? whatever it is hope you're through the other side soon- nothing sucks more than mountains of washing on less than great drying days!

Sara said...

Do di do doo do di do doo(Twilight Zone Theme)
Two Granny Ks!!!!

Keep us updated on any further match making developments!

Gina said...

LOL, Sara, I was just thinking the same exact thing....2 Granny K's? Ha ha ha! : D

I hope Marina gets better, I have been through a sick vommity kid before myself. Kid vomits, switch clothes 2 seconds later, vomits again, switch clothes yet again and, it was like almost endless for a bit and like you said....a whole lot of washing.: ) Poor Marina and poor you. It's a bummer when our kiddos get sick.