Friday, 28 November 2008

Packing & Procrastinating

The house is a shambles! Apart from the damn tulips I haven't managed to tick anything else off 'the list'. Had I made a new and more practical list however I would have had a lot of that ticked off.

The past few days have been crazy with kids English christmas parties, throwing bits and pieces into the open suitcases in Marina's room, keeping the house from going into complete bomb site mode and trying, in vain, to wash and more importantly, get dry all the things I need to take with us. Despite it being a fairly nice sunny day today I did end up going to the laundromat this morning to dry a couple of loads of washing. Shou, or hub for that matter, could have written obscenities on the bottom of the washing basket and I would have been none the wiser - until this morning, when I finally got them both empty for the first time since the kids were sick and vomitty. Had I been super mummy I would have been more persistant but I draw the line at three loads of washing in any one given day.

I think I have most of the things we need organized for tomorrow. I really need to keep hand luggage down to a minimum cause if we end up with bags over shoulders and kids on hips .... easier said than done though when you wont be seeing your luggage for 24 hours and therefore need all the nappies, milk, change of clothes and bribe toys for Shou to last the distance. Who cares what hub and I look and smell like at the other end. As long as its not so bad the rent-a-car people won't rent us the car! I think the two big parts of the trip that could possibly be disasterous are the night flight from Korea to Auckland - where I am using my mummy guessing to presume Marina will fight the sleep for as long as she can - and the car trip from Auckland to my friend's house three hours away. I guess the bun is going to have to do some serious bouncing around in there from the copious amounts of caffine consumed by mummy, cause I'm not much of a plane sleeper anyway and getting straight into a car at the other end could be interesting. I so wish hub had sorted out his international license in time. Nevermind.

Granny K has been very helpful this week. I have had to do a lot of running round so she has been on Marina duties. She has had her moments though which included telling me to clean out my freezer, in my fridge, in my kitchen. This means that during the two months we are away she will become queen of my freezer, and my fridge, and my kitchen - an no doubt leave her door open for the entire eight weeks, treading bits of dead vegetable patch through the house. She will be cooking hub's dinner though so relenquishing power over my fridge is understandable - but having to clean the freezer, which according to her is full of foreign things she doesn't know how to cook, is a bit OTT. I did however, discard (chuck, hiff, biff, throw-out) a few things that wouldn't be good for using after I get back. She now only has to gasp in horror at a bag of hamburger patties (Japanese), a bag of deep friable shrimps (Japanese) and an assortment of ice packs and ice pillows.

I better get back to whatever it was I was doing. There is no way I am going to not forget something.

Happy weekend to you all and I guess I will blog again when the travels are over and we are safe and sound in New Zealand.


Monday, 24 November 2008


I had a great pic of Marina to put up but am having technical difficulties so it will have to wait.

I didn't get round to the last part of my last blog - well not that night anyway :p
Happy frolicks with thy husband leads to happy families all round. I should really try and get in the mood more often!

Anyway, yesterday was a good day again - hub had the shrine rope twisting in the morning but was home by half ten. We took the kiddlie winks for a walk round the paddies, and to the shrine to show them daddies handiwork. It was a nice sunny day - but still a bit chilly so Marina was in three layers of fleecy stretch and grows!!

Hub took Shou to the park in the arvo and Marina and I hung out. I printed out the photo sides of all the nengajo too. Guess I can half cross 'nengajos' off my list.

Today we went to Park Place - a big shopping complex two hours away. Granny K said yes to looking after Marina for the day so it was just Shou out shopping with mummy and daddy. I bought my brothers christmas prezzie - he threw me sideways by saying he wanted some 'asian interior' for his house!! Also got a wee 'Japanesey' something for my eighty something year old great aunt who is coming to spend christmas at our house with her walking frame. Of course everything has to be non-breakable and ravel friendly.

I spent forty minutes sorting out kids clothes to take home. Have loads of things they have never even worn yet that are just right for a summer now. Think I can quarter tick 'packing' off list too!!

This week is busy - starting tomorrow morning by having to bake about forty christmas tree and stocking cookies for english parties. Have english at the primary school in the arvo and have no idea what to do for that yet. Solar panel man's wife is coming over for coffee sometime in between that and maybe the solar panel man himself - as hub rang him to ask about the solar panels - definately not selling the amount of electricity we were originally told we would be able to. And I don't mean a thousand yen out or so - I am talking 3000 yens worth a month when they should produce a max of 9000 in the good months - October and November and again in Spring.
We shouldn't have done it. But if we hadn't I would have had to come up for another name for Solar Panel Man!!

Hub and I are watching 'Scream 3'. Very comical. McDreamy off Grays Annatomy is in it.

Sorry for the very boring post. Granny K is only raking up the brownie points, no major standoffs with the hub and the kids aren't doing anything too beyond the realms of one and two year old kids. Am sure all will change tomorrow.


Saturday, 22 November 2008

You'll Never Guess...

What I did today...

hehehe, don't be silly. I don't do that kind of thing in the middle of the day. Guess again...

My god no. She still lives. Try again.

I wanted to do that but well, he's famous and I'm fat and pregnant so doubt he'd have a go of it.

No, No, No. I planted the friggin tulips - all forty of them. Granny K and I had a discussion about where to plant them while looking and pointing at the garden. I thought we had reached common agreement on where I could plant them. However, she comes trotting over while I am weeding my patch of garden and claims that I have just pulled out a whole lot of spring blooming flowers she planted a few weeks back. I very nearly had to take a photo of the 'flowers' because, and I am not even a green thumb, they looked suspiciously like weeds to me. Anyway, she sucked back the tears and then said if 'that' was where I was going to plant the tulips then I would need to take a few bucketloads of dirt from the side of the tambo (field) next to the shed. I am surprised she let me carry the buckets in my state. Obviously what pregnant women should and shouldn't be doing is Granny K selective.

So, fresh dirt is down and tulips are a planted. If they ever bloom I will take a photo. I am surprised I aren't more of a green thumb really, seeing as both my mum and dad are quite into gardening and cultivating. Maybe my one and a half hours of gardening every six months will start to increase as I get older.

After the tulips I hung out a couple of loads of washing and vaccuumed. Granny K then announced that hub's brother and his wife would be arriving after lunch. That started off some serious bench shining, floor waxing and general child-decluttering. Hub arrived home and started cleaning the windows and then the car.

The rellies arrived with piles of goodies. My sister in law always brings yummies from their local Tokiwa food department. She had brought enough dinner type things so I wouldn't have to cook tea tonight. Yay. They also brought some gifts for me to take home to my parents - some very elaborate looking Japanese hard boiled sweets and some 'sembei' crackers. I joked with my sister in law about the amount of vegies Granny K would give her when they left. She didn't think it was as funny when she ended up with a trunk full of daikon, hakusai and kabu (raddishes and chinese cabbage). We picked Shou up from kindy early so he could come home and run havoc and show them what their grandson would be like in a few years. Unfortunately Shou was angelic and they left with the impression that we have two beautiful well behaved children. The beautiful part I agree with but the well-behaved part ....

Hub is out with the lads tomorrow - they are making a new big white twisted rope thing (for lack of a better explanation) to hang in front of the local shrine. Granny K is off to the city for a pottery exhibition so it will be the kids and me left to our own devices. Excellent.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I should probably put on a bit of lippy and rouge and pull hub upstairs to put a knotch on the shagometer. God, it's cold though....


Friday, 21 November 2008

Thanks Granny K

I know,harping praise for Granny K is very few and far between but today she really did out do herself.

Hub and I had to leave the house at 6 to take Marina for her check-up in Fukuoka. Shou was still asleep when we left - no doubt still tired after battling whatever or whoever he was dreaming about last night. When I rang Granny K at half seven Shou was sitting down eating his breakfast on his own - well that's what GK said anyway. He could have in fact been tied to his squeaky McQueen toddler chair and force feed but I should probably give her the benefit of the doubt. They got a taxi to kindy and again Shou was on his best behaviour and didn't even call the taxi driver 'scary' like last time.

Granny K then came home and hung out the washing I had put on and forgotten about and even did another load after that. To top it off all the washing was folded when we walked in the door at four.

Marina's check-up went well-ish. Our doctor got called away to an emergency surgery so in the end we drove three hours and waited two to get told by a doctor we had never met before that Marina's pee was just lovely and wasn't she doing well. Rightio, thanks for that. We had to make a few stops on the way home to get last minute supplies for the NZ trip. I don't want to have to venture out of Kunimi this week if I can help it. Too much to do and not enough time. The tulips are still calling to me from under the stairs.

We also made a stop at my ladies clinic. I got the man doctor - who saw me through both Shou and Marina's pregnancies. He was always very vocal about my weight so I was a bit gutted when I heard his voice over the loud speaker calling me into his parlor. To his credit though he didn't say anything. Well, apart from that according to the ultrasound measurements the bun is ten weeks and five days - and due on June the 14th. Hub would like me to cross my legs tightly for three days so that I can spend yet another birthday in the labor delivery room. Am not too sure how cool would be to have my, Shou and the bun's birthdays on the same day!! Working backwards from our expected due date hub worked out that it wasn't the 'time' I thought it was but was in fact the time before that, the time when I assured him it was safe because I had just finished my period. Arrrgghhh, how depressing to be able to count back the exact times on the shagometer. Hub obviously has super swimmers with excellent survival skills as one must have been waiting round the corner of the tube to catch one of my poor unsuspecting egg days later.

Anyway, blame aside, the bun appears to have fuzzy black limbs and a huge head. I got my first bun pic and it is stuck to the fridge to try and remind me to eat healthily. Yeah, like that's worked in the past.

I was hoping to start on the new years postcards tonight - and even brought the printer in here and set it up. I then found the postcards hub had bought and realised they are the standard inkjet ones and not the nice glossy photos ones like we have used for the last three years. I was tempted to just print them out anyway but have decided to wait until Tuesday when I can go and exchange them. Here is a pic of the end result.
I think it looks quite nice but no doubt hub will have a few words of advice tomorrow morning in which case I may end up hiffing the printer out the window. Depends what kind of mood he catches me in!!


Thursday, 20 November 2008

Just Very Quickly

Because it is nearly eleven and we have to be up at five tomorrow - with no doubt at least one trip during the night to Marina's room. Marina has her check up in Fukuoka tomorrow and we have to leave at six to arrive between nine and ten. Shouldn't be a big deal. Only a pee test and a look at how scar is healing I think. Granny K is doing the Shou thing in the morning and they will head off to kindy in a taxi - such are the joys of having a mother in law with no licence.

In between my three English classes today and tonight I have been working on this years Nengajo - New Years Postcard. We send out about 120 every year and without fail every year we have a huge fight about something - usually revolving around fact that husband always offers to do it but never gets round to it so I do it and inevitably, as am not Japanese, make a mistake or two with the kanji. We print our own ones with photos. This year I haven't got two photos of the kids that I think worthy of putting on the nengajo so I have taken their heads and stuck them on a couple of cartoon cows - next year is the year of the cow in case you were wondering. I spent a good couple of hours in paintshop erasing and shrinking and making it look right. Hub comes home and instead of first saying hey, that looks good, he asks where I am going to fit the 'happy new year 2009' rah rah. Ooooh he drives me insane sometimes.

Damn it. Have worked self up again. May as well watch some CSI before bed.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Another Granny K

When hub came home last night I gave him the envelope with photos and letter. He had a peek at the photos too but didn't go to look at the letter (which by the way was in an unsealed envelope) - for oh about ten seconds and then he said 'do you think its bad to have look at letter?' I said no, no, not really - especially as was unsealed and gagging to be read. And to be perfectly honest it did happen to slip out into my direct line of sight about five minutes before hub got home. What he doesn't know though...

As someone commented it was in fact just like a CV. It had her family details and education and work history. Hub seems to think she is good catch for the lad.

Now, the interesting thing is is that the girls surname is the same as ours - which I think is originally why solar panal man's man rang hub - to see if maybe we were relatives of some sort. Hub says we aren't though. But, it gets more interesting because the girls mum has the same name as Granny K. Arrrrghhhh. There are two of them. The chinese characters are exactly the same too. This solves a bit of a puzzle though as we have had many a courier man arrive at the house with parcles for a mystery woman with the same name. The girls mum is originally from this part of Kunimi but got married and went to the next valley over.

Is all very interesting and am quite looking forward to seeing how things pan out - such is the excitement level of life in Kunimi.

I had quite a productive morning. Got all the bills and receipts that had pilled up by the telephone all sorted - and all english class and hospital related ones sorted separately so that hub can work his tax man magic on them. I packed up a box of Japanese goodies to send to New Zealand - mainly because sending foodstuffs is less hassle than declaring it and explaining it at customs. Started writing our travel insurance forms but stopped for a reason that I no longer remember. Maybe I was waiting until hub came home. He is at a workers union 'we want more pay' huha waste of time thing tonight that all the office workers have to go to. It has never resulted in a pay raise but he assures me it has stopped their pay from going down more. A couple of years a go it went down twice in one year. I also did four loads of washing as Marina threw up three times last night - within the space of two minutes. Only the first was done in her bed but she still managed to get bits on all blankets and her glow worm, again. Sigh. The lounge has been set up like a Chinese laundry all day in efforts to dry everything due to crap weather and bloody SNOW.

Had two english classes today too and three tomorrow. Only next weeks lessons and then none for two months. Yay. Although I do enjoy the pocket money. Next weeks lessons are all christmas parties which will no doubt keep me in gingerbread cookie making for most of Monday.

Hope everyone isn't as cold as we are. Am almost tempted to put the fire on tomorrow.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

She knows!!

Well, actually I told her this morning in the car. I had to take her to the clinic to get her flu shot. I was having a rare 'Granny K isn't so bad' moment and made a very bad error in judgement by telling her about the bun. To her credit she didn't react as if I had told her had terminal illness, although I could see her thinking shit, if she's this much of a bitch now imagine what she'll be like with another baby on the loose. She then went on to impart some words of wisdom...

You shouldn't be picking Shou up like you did this morning because he weighs too much and he'll squash the baby. (Shou is a skinny little runt and only weighs three kilos more than Marina. Can't not pick up my little boy. What a stupid thing to expect me to do - I didn't say anything though as this wasn't a new piece of advice. She recycled it from when was pregnant with Marina.

You need to relax more (tell me about it) and not get so worked up all the time. Being angry throughout your pregnancy will mean an angry crying baby. I had to stop myself from saying that she was the cause of seventy percent of my getting worked up. I do in some part agree with this though. I think being a floaty free spirited genki woman who didn't get stressed over anything would probably lead to having a baby who just went with the flow. Too bad though. I can't expect to be not stressed throughout whole pregnancy - especially seeing as can't have copious amounts of white wine to aid with destressing self. (did I mention that a couple of weeks ago - infact the day Marina got out of hospital - hub was having a few beers in celebration that her operation went well. I had about a third of a small glass that hub had poured for me and when I went to have a sip of hub's about half an hour later he said, without pause, that he thought that the very occasional beer I had while pregnant with Marina was in part responsible for her having the condition she had. I think I was both too upset, and embarrassed, to blog about it at the time. I had a wild moment of visions of 'the papers' and how I would go about sneaking my kids out of the country :p)

Is lucky for me hub is away at work all day and doesn't see me chucking back tequilla slammers and smoking twenty cigarettes. Arrrgh, the bun just about sent me to the toilet just at the thought.

Anyway - I told Granny K that not many people in Kunimi knew about the bun so could she keep it to herself for a little while longer. That said, I took Marina to the supermarket in the next town over and was congratulated on my good news by the wife of the dentist I took Shou to a few weeks back. I was visible taken aback and said thankyou but it still wasn't really common knowledge (you people don't count). I then remembered I had mentioned it to a friend who is friends with this woman. Am bit pissed my friend has taken it upon her self to tell her friends but what can you do. I am now resigned to fact that whole town, and possibly whole of next town over, will know about the bun before we leave.

In other news, solar panal man's mum rang hub the other day to enquire about the relationship status of one of the lads in hub's office. She had a friend whose daughter was thinking about coming back to Kunimi (originally from here) but wanted to know if there were any hot prospects for her first. Hub was sent on mission to find out if lad was attached. He isn't. Today, solar panal man's mum comes round and gives me envelope to pass on to hub to be passed on to lad in question. Envelope has two photos of said daughter and letter introducing herself. I am only guessing about contents of letter. While the two photos did happen to fall out of the envelope and into my direct line of sight I am not brave enough to open letter and read it as that would just be rude. Is all very 'omia-poi'. In the olden days 'omia' meant arranged marrage but now it is more really just the introducing of two people who can't find anyone suitable on their own and need a bit of help. Photos are usually swapped and they can turn it all down at any time.

Granny K's marriage was an 'omia' and she said she only met hub's dad once before they got married - and I doubt very much that was for a quick shag in the back of someones car.

Anyway, I am picking that the lad at hub's office won't go for it. He seems to think he is a bit of all right and I think that he would think he could do better - of course this is very rude assumption based on very brief glance of pics. But honestly, the girl hasn't even got on any lippy or rouge people. Which, also makes me think maybe she doesn't know about the pics. Maybe it's all her mother's doing. Ooooh, the drama. Maybe I should shake the envelope a bit to see if the letter falls out...

into my direct line of sight.


Monday, 17 November 2008

Another trip to the doctors

Took Marina to the doctor's this morning - there goes my man cold theory. She had a rough night last night with a clogged system. Had to bring her down stairs at eleven as she was in danger of waking Shou with her coughing and snorting and carry on. I was on the computer while she played with Shou's cars. I hear a throw up noise and turn round and she has vommitted up one of the tyres off Shou's fire engine. Bad mothering tip 1265 - let your child play with toys with small parts that can be sucked off or wedged between two big front teeth. She was fine afterwards though and slept for four hours after that - followed by a wee grizzle followed by another two hours.

Every woman and snotty nosed baby was at the doctors. With two sets of twins and a big headed foreign baby there was quite a lot for the other mothers to look at. Our doctor sucked her snot out with the electric snot sucker machine and then gave us prescription for more drugs. Picked those up and then went to friends house for cuppa and English goss. Yay for english goss sessions. Thankyou friend.

Spent afternoon finding my sofa again through the masses of washing that had piled up. In my attempts to put all the washing away I first had to declutter the kids clothes drawers. My god, the amount of clothes these kids have. Found a couple of things I didn't even know I had and now they are too small so have gone in the bun's box.

When hub came home Shou was in the middle of feeding himself dinner in Marina's highchair and I was in the middle of feeding Marina in Shou's chair. It was all going quite peacefully. Hub must have had a shitty day because within about five minutes he had told Shou off, slurped back his misoshiru and almost thrown the bowel in the sink and very rudely shoved aside the spuds - Granny K brought in some freshly dug red spuds while I was making dinner - so I made jagabutter (potatoes with butter). They were yum. We don't often have spuds like that. I told him that if was going to behave worse than Shou then could he please vacate the lounge. He did.

I didn't ask him to help with the baths. I did however ask Granny K to get Marina out for me. By the time Shou and I were out hub was back downstairs and in a much better mood. Shou had a wee major meltdown when I wouldn't let him try and paint the walls with toothpaste. He was wailing on the mat in the lounge. I was beside him, trying to get through to him (hopeless) when Granny K came in and just stood at the door. I asked her to leave because if Shou saw her he would want to go to her and that WOULD NOT help things. She didn't budge. Hub asked her to leave. She didn't budge - said it wasn't good Shou was crying so much (go figure). Hub then told her to 'Get out'. She left the door open half way and stood round the corner in the hallway for five minutes.

Anyway, am sick of ranting about the silly woman.

I didn't get anything ticked off my list of things to do before we go home - which means I need to try and tick two things off tomorrow. Hmmmmm. Plant the tulips perhaps... Might have to write a new list with some smaller tasks on it so I can feel more accomplished.

Watch this space.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Old People's Home

Really want Granny K to be in one sooner rather than later!

Minor Meltdown this evening when Shou, who was ready for bed with his teeth cleaned, went into Granny K's room. I went in about four minutes later and he was munching out on a huge sweet cracker thing - made out of puffed wheat with sugar shit all over the top of it. Stupid woman (restraint here) was also sitting there with her shower cap on over her newly dyed hair - so the room reaked of dye. When she saw me come in she just laughed and said wasn't it naughty that Shou was having something to eat. I said, in very restrained voice, that he was only two, of course he would take it, she on the other hand was supposed to be an adult and she was the one in the wrong - but then perhaps she wasn't much better than a two year old. I then took shou out of her room (with half cracker stuffed in mouth).

Christ the stupid woman really gets on my wick. I told hub and added a 'kusobaba' (stupid bitch) in a very loud voice directed at her room. Probably didn't hear through the hair dye and shower cap but it made me feel better! I must admit that living with my Japanese mother in law is really working wonders for my bad Japanese.

Other than that the day was normal - hub and I played some catchball on the lawn - in an effort to try and get Shou interested in his new baseball glove. Hub has visions of him being the next Matuzaka or Ichiro - and actually thinks he himself was quite a dab hand at pitching way back when - but that his coach just didn't pick up on it so he switched to basketball when he was eleven. Whatever!! He was semi impressed that I could both catch the ball and throw it. Maybe he'll look at me differently next time I'm holding a piece of crockery and looking like I might like to see how it flies across the room. Actually am quite suprised I haven't thrown anything yet. I wonder what year of marriage plate smashing comes in?

This time in two weeks we will be in peacefull slumber at my friend's house in Tauranga in NZ, after driving four hours in rent a car from Auckland airport, after getting through customs without a hitch, after having both kids sleeping the whole eleven hours on the flight from Korea, after the kids charming the people in the transit lounge in Seoul for four hours, after a nut-out free flight from Fukuoka, after an uneventful four hour car trip from our house, after saying goodbye to the BITCH for two whole months. Yippy Yi bloody Yippy Yay.

Sorry for negativity. Am sure the two months at home won't be without its blog bitch sessions, but for the time being the thought of two whole months without the sight, smell and presence of Granny K is a very exciting one. Enough to get me through the next two weeks of house cleaning (hate going away leaving messy house - or rather I like coming back to a tidy house. But then two months with Granny K being queen of the roost (arrrggghhhh) .... and the house will smell like miso soup, moth balls and lavender soap mixed with dried crusty vegetable remains and general vestling odors) Also have a list of things to do which I hate to admit still has 'plant tulips' on it. The forty bulbs are still in box under stairs. Says I should plant them during November. Have box of things am sending to NZ and should probably do that tomorrow although I was going to wrap some of the stuff up first but then I guess that can wait till we get home. In my state I could well forget what I've bought for who anyway.

Right you lot, get to bed.


PS - this is what happens when you leave a yoghurt in arms reach of a hungry one year old.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Two Weeks

This time in two weeks we will hopefully be just about to board our connecting flight in Korea. It has just hit me though that my much awaited NZ holiday does in fact mean no full time day care for the devil child. Am going to go insane me thinks - but hopefully nothing a nice lunch at a real cafe, vegemite on vogals toast, a cheese toastie with real tasty farmland cheese, or a bitch about life in Japan in English won't fix.

The blogging hasn't been happening lately because we had a mental few days with high temperatures, the runs, vomitting in the middle of the night on every piece of bedding possible, bum bullets, nut outs and bits of crap Granny K advice about how to deal with sick Shou. When Shou is nutting out at half seven in the morning with a temperature of nearly forty it is advisable to pack him into the car and take him to get some juice - anything to stop the crying as that will just get his temperature up more. Which I can understand a bit, but the going on an outing thing... for juice... which would no doubt lead to another nut out when Shou was told not able to have coffee (he likes pushing the buttons on the bottom row which in the closest vending machines is coffee) and another nutout at the other end when he gets home and decides he likes the car better than being inside. What got me really wound up though was that hub was going along with Granny K. I had to step in and tell hub that if he planned on taking the day off work and looking after Shou then fair play - he could take him to get juice - but otherwise piss off to work and take your stupid mother out of this room or someone is going to get hurt. I told GK that had it been me to mention taking Shou out when he was sick she would have given me a telling off and therefore she should keep her crap ideas to herself and go back to her room - which she did. Bugger off you stupid woman.

I was pretty hot myself after all that. Thankfully Marina - who had had her dose of the same cold the day before but very mild version due to whole strong female crap male cold equation which leaves all men knocked for six with a runny nose and cough. Poor bastards, must suck being so weak. I digress. Marina was angel all day and had two very long naps right when Shou was shivering and feverish and needed mummy. I hate to admit it but GK was a help, argh, I just about had to force my fingers onto the keys then.

Shou was slightly better on Friday but not well enough for kindy. Hub had his first of many end of year drinking things - this one was in the city and he was staying the night. He said he wouldn't go if I didn't want him to - what kind of crap man questioning is that?? I am a hormonal pregnant woman with a puking sick two year old and a one year old. Yes, please go out and get pissed with your mates and don't come back until tomorrow morning. He ended up going. I ended up doing a load of washing at midnight. That said though I did get endless cuddles with my boy. He did wake up a bit dilerious in the middle of the night though, wondering where dad was and saying that he was worried (papa shimpai) cause he wasn't there. While patting his brow with a cold facecloth I quietly said to him, in my nice motherly voice, not to worry about daddy who was probably knocking back sake in a small Japanese pub (sunaku)while a fifty year old woman with too much hair spray and a crap suit tried to coax him into singing Japanese boy band songs on kareoke.

To his credit hub was back, not smelling too much like a brewery, at half past nine this morning. I promptly left the premisis in the car, minus both children. Shou was well enough to go to kindy today and I felt Marina needed a day with daddy. I met a friend for sushi and a spot of shopping.

I thought the worst of the food wars with the bun were over. I was wrong. The bun is having a great time with this. Driving me crazy.

I'm sure there was more I had to write but the futon awaits.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Marina gets darker

The world according to Granny K part five hundred and ninety seven.


Marina's hair has gotten darker recently. This is no doubt because of the three Japanese meals a day she was eating in hospital for two weeks!!


I refrained from telling her that every third day breakfast was a spanish omlette and bread and that on the days when she spat out all the rice all over the bed and the floor I had to resort to feeding her bits of my sandwhich and pottles of yoghurt.
I wonder what she thinks will happen to Marina's hair after two months in New Zealand. Maybe she will go completely blonde and then due to obviously lack of any nutrients in Western food it will fall out.

Other than Granny K's words of wisdom today was a very normal day. Marina and the bun and I had a big morning sleep and then got up and made lemonade scones - recipe sent to me by NZ friend. Ingredients are flour, lemon rind, lemonade and cream. Due to lack of lemonade availability in Kunimi I had to substitute for Mitsuya Cider. They turned out quite well but think minus the lemon rind for next time. Tomorrow I will whip the rest of the cream so bun can scoff her face with scones, jam and cream - against my will of course :p

Solar panal man's wife came round this arvo for much needed catch up. Her mother in law has got her working mornings in the family business. She is bit gutted as thought she could free wheel it until next year - her son started kindy last month. We had a couple of shopping extraveganzas set up for before I go home (on Nov 29) but now that she only has afternoons free .... can't get anywhere decent and back from Kunimi in only four hours. Are going to try and organize a dinner here with them for next week. Nabe nabe nabe. First nabe of the season. Nabe as in communal pot dinner - with big pot on table and everyone just tucks in. Am thinking Kimuchi nabe - yum yum with camembert cheese in it!

God, its past nine already. The bun needs to sleep.

Nighty night.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Yes, Gaijin Wife Still Lives

Hurah, have finally found the computer under pile of shite that obviously accumulated on table while was away. Appologies for sudden blog relapse. Time for an update.

The day after last blog from the hospital was family visitation day. Hub, Shou and Granny K arrived at the hospital just before lunch. Granny K had agreed to Hub to watch Marina for three hours but when she got me alone in Marina's room she told me to come back as soon as possible. As it happened it was the Fukuoka city marathon that morning and every man, woman, child and beast was out and about so we only survived the crowds with Shou for an hour and a half. It was nice just to get out and have some fresh air again though.

On Monday Marina got the smaller of the two catheders completely taken out and then on Tuesday she got the last one out - which meant a couple of days of ouchy ouchy every time she went wees. That night was a bit of a right off as she would cry and scrunch her legs up every hour or so. Poor wee thing. Come home time on Friday though and she was all good. Just about fell off her bed when daddy came in she was so excited to see someone other than mummy.

Our lovely doctor said we could go home on Friday instead of waiting till the Tuesday like was originally planned. Love love love Marina's doctor. We have to go back in a couple of weeks and then again when we get back from New Zealand but only a few tests and no more overnight stays. Hopefully.

Got home on Friday arvo to the whole house smelling like Granny K's room - which the bun found extremely offensive and had to spend first five minutes opening all windows. A quick glance in the TV room showed a fire, rug and tv. All other furniture I thought we had was sneakily disguised as piles of crap, mail and washing. It has taken me until today to find the top of the table again. Needless to say I spent a good half an hour shining my lovely bench this morning too - and polishing the floors which involved a few obscenities while I spent a good ten minutes scraping and scrubing dried seaweed off the floor.

On the whole Granny K and Hub did well. The house still stands and Shou has only taken three days to get back to normal self. While was away it appears that Shou ran to Granny's room every time daddy got on his back to do something he didn't want to do. Bathtime Shou ..... run to Granny's room , Dinnertime Shou ..... run to Granny's room ....

The first night I was back I ended up taking Shou to his room three times for time out and having a serious bitch attack at Granny K. Shou had spectacular nut out right outside her door. He wanted to go in but I had locked the door. He was in the middle of dinner. I said in very loud voice that Granny would not open door to play with someone who was making such a racket. I pop to loo - leaving Shou to nut out. Two seconds later and Granny K has unlocked and opened the door and is dancing stupid vestling jig that involved two oranges and a fly swat (???) to try and calm Shou down.

On Saturday hub and I had a very lazy day with Marina. I think I contemplated starting to turn the house around but that was as far as I got. I had good intentions to blog but ended up snoring next to Shou in his bed by eight.

Shou was dancing in the local festival on Sunday morning. It was freezing day and he had to turn up at kindy in a white jumper and the borrowed kindy shorts. The dance was extremely boring and gutted the teachers didn't choose something that involved the kids moving round a bit. As it was they stood in a straight line at the front of the stage and did the odd sports move like a slam dunk, soccer kick, tennis serve rah rah. Shou managed about half and the rest of the time he was looking dead on at the video camera and smiling. Was very cute but not funny cute like last year when all he did was stomp and try and stop his doraemon hat from falling off. A lot more entertaining.

On the way home from the festival we had to go past a fork lift. Who in their right mind parks a fork lift in the direct path of two and three year old boys. Took twenty friggen minutes to try and convince Shou that Yes, the boogy man was going to come and get him if he didn't come with mummy RIGHT NOW.

Thank you all for comments and get well wishes. We are so glad the whole hospital thing is over and that it went well. Marina is her normal self and is able to do everything - bathing, jumping on the trampoline, leaping off the roof.

We just have a few more weeks to get through and then it is home to the land of the long white cloud, sun, BBQs, family, real shopping, real food, unfortunately no real wine, and good times.


Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day 6

Marina went to sleep at half six tonight which doesnt bode well for a slumberful sleep for mummy. Yesterday was quite momentous. The drip and the cathedar (?) attachments got taken out. We have movement. The cathedas are still actually in but are now wrapped inside a second nappy so she doesnt have to be velcroed to bed twenty four seven. She was very excited to be up and about.

A friend from oita came to visit today which was a treat. Something to breakup the mundane hospital routine. Was nice to talk about things not to do with temperatures, wee color and the percentage of food Marina ate at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The famdam is coming to visit tomorrow. I have been trying to think of what want to eat during my two hours of freedom while granny K looks after Marina. The bun is very indecisive though.

Nurse is doing her rounds. She will want to check Marinas wee tube and take temp. Best be off